New: Our WordPress magazine to listen to - as audio contribution

New: Our WordPress Magazine as an Audio Article

The most popular contributions from our WordPress magazine wp unboxed are now also available for your ears. You are on the road? Or you prefer to listen to a WordPress podcast instead of reading for half an hour? Then use our knowledge about WordPress as an audio contribution. We'll also tell you why the audio track is becoming increasingly important for your marketing.

We have already integrated the first audio contributions. You can now listen directly to the following instructions for WordPress and WooCommerce :

Note on the current status

Overall, our audio contributions were not as successful as we had hoped. The effort required to create them is significantly higher than the effect of additional calls, and there is also a lack of multilingualism. Therefore, we decided not to continue the experiment. The marketing team at Raidboxes regularly tests new innovations. Therefore, it is possible that we will revive the audio contributions in the future, if the interest increases. Feel free to share your opinion in the comments.

You can find the audio player directly at the beginning of each article. Here as an example the comparison of Yoast SEO and Rank Math for WordPress :

How do you like the result? Can you imagine listening to our blog posts about WordPress instead of reading them in the future? We look forward to your comment at the end of this post.

WordPress -News on Spotify, SoundCloud, iTunes & Co.

We're always happy to have you read or listen directly wp unboxed or listen to our magazine. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date. At the same time, you can also stream our audio contributions on the following channels:

There you can also subscribe to them directly as an audio track.

WordPress  SoundCloud
Our WordPress magazine on SoundCloud

Cooperation with narando

Audio contributions and podcasts are much more complex to implement. After all, you don't just need the complete text contribution to record it. But also at the same time:

  • A suitable speaker in the team, with a pleasant and lively voice.
  • The necessary time for recording, correcting and editing
  • The technical equipment
  • If necessary, a quiet room for the recordings

You're putting out your own podcast? Then you know how much work it all takes. That's why we decided to partner with narando. The startup from Melle in Lower Saxony delivers high-quality audio content for companies.

The website of narando

The narando team takes care of the complete production. All you have to do is choose a suitable voice to breathe life into your audio contributions. "Real" speakers provide the necessary authenticity.

From a content marketing perspective, this point is extremely important. After all, the voice must also fit your company and your target group - just like your text content. This includes picking the right protagonists for each format and story.

Tip: Produce WordPress Podcast yourself

Are you a WordPress professional and thinking about starting your own podcast? Learn how to publish a podcast with WordPress - from equipment and production to distribution and marketing.

Audio post and podcast: The advantages

The needs of online target groups are becoming increasingly diverse. The following personas can be roughly distinguished when it comes to general access to media:

  • Visitors with an affinity for text and reading
  • Picture and video affine
  • Listening-affine

Of course, there are overlaps between these groups. But they are sometimes significantly smaller than you might think. For example, some people are incredibly happy to listen to a podcast, blogcast or audio post, while others are not interested in the soundtrack at all.

If you also embed the posts in your blog as an integrated YouTube video, then this effect can be measured well. About half of your visitors scroll through the text - and leave the video on the left. For the other half, it's the other way around. That's why you should always measure well which medium is accepted on your website and how well.

There are other reasons why you should keep a close eye on podcasts & co:

  • On the road and traveling: The number of commuters is constantly increasing - at least before Corona. Many of them have a button in their ear. But even in the home office, the opportunity to listen to contributions on the side is increasing.
  • Voice Search as a trend: The eavesdropping boxes from Amazon, Google, Apple & Co. are permanently changing our media behavior. If Voice Search becomes the standard in some areas, the market for audio content will also grow.
  • Limited space for visual content: At the same time, the displays on which you can still fit content and content marketing are getting smaller and smaller - see the Apple Watch.

In many of these cases, audio and similar formats are all that's left to reach certain parts of your target audiences. In addition, the audio track supports accessibility in the digital space.

Podcast & Co.: Calculate correctly

You will now get the most popular articles from our WordPress magazine

  • You can ensure a good quality per format despite the variety
  • In your team or with you the necessary time is available or
  • You have the financial means to leave the production for one or more channels to a service provider.

Because an orphaned channel on YouTube or a podcast series that quickly goes to sleep? That doesn't make a good impression in a professional context. Read Jan Tissler's articles on measuring content success and effective project planning.

Further sources

You want to address additional target groups with the soundtrack? Or make yourself less dependent on pure Google text SEO? Here are the most important instructions and sources that will help you get started:

Know of any other good tutorials and tips for aspiring podcasters? The comments are open.

Audio post and podcast: Your questions

What questions do you have about our audio contributions or the technology? Feel free to use the comment function. You want to be informed about new tips for agencies, freelancers and WP professionals? Then follow us on Twitter, Facebook or via our newsletter.

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