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Last updated on 15/06/2020

Managed WordPress hosting brings your websites a good boost. But what do you have to look out for as a freelancer, agency, blogger or company? How much performance do you actually need? We will show you what really matters.

Which WordPress hosting provider suits you?

With the success of WordPress and WooCommerce also increases the offer for suitable web hosting. Nearly every service provider writes itself "WordPress hosting" on the flags. But the packages do not always deliver what they promise. And we'll tell you what you need to consider when making your selection.

But before we get to the benefits of managed WordPress hosting: Which variants of web hosting are there anyway? And what are the differences?

Shared hosting for WordPress

In so-called shared web hosting, a large number of customers are accommodated on a single web server. Sometimes a large number of websites share one such server. You can use a Reverse IP Domain Check check which domains point to your IP.

Many private bloggers know such web spaces or homepage construction kits from Strato, 1&1 Ionos, ALL-INKL , GoDaddy (DomainFactory & HostEurope). However, some of them also offer managed web hosting. See our WordPress hosting comparison with test results on performance and website speed.

If you have to pay particular attention to the price, then you've come to the right place with the inexpensive packages. But this is at the expense of other things:

  • Performance: The speed is usually much lower than with a professional hosting package. More on this later.
  • Reliability: The performance of the package can also vary greatly. I know this from my earlier blogs: Sometimes they were loaded relatively quickly, but often also very slow. And there were longer outages. Your customers and Google rarely forgive you for this.
  • Scope: Many offers are very limited in their functions. Low webspace, limited databases, PHP restrictions, bad caching or lame CPU power make sure that you are slowed down quickly. Especially if the traffic on your website increases.
  • Security: Most web hosters have upgraded here. Nevertheless, it can be a safety hazardif a web page is hacked on the same server.
  • SEO: Does shared have a hosting negative effect on search engine optimization? This is very much discussed in professional circles much debated. Indirect factors, such as poorer performance, play a role here in any case. Google emphasizes this again and again.

Flexibility is another point. With a cheap package or even a homepage construction kit you can hardly adjust anything yourself. That gets back at you, especially if you use special functions and thus Plugins for WordPress or WooCommerce. Or if you want to build interfaces to third party providers (CRM, ERP, accounting etc.).

I myself owe some grey hair to the shared web hosting. This is mainly due to poor support. Sometimes I waited up to a week or more for an answer. Companies are dependent on their website. In the event of a failure, they need help within minutes.

You as a customer: King or calculated load?

Note: It is a simple arithmetic problem: If your hosting only costs a two digit amount per year, how is the web host supposed to pay good supporters of this? He calculates that, at best, you won't contact him at all. Or that the answer to your question can be assembled from existing text modules.

Large shared hosters often do not offer a specialized CMS Hosting in their standard tariffs. Instead, they focus on providing simple solutions for all systems. They are good at many things, but at nothing perfect. Most of them limit themselves to a 1-click installation of the CMS, for example of WordPress. Afterwards, the customer is left alone with the system instead of being supported with special WP tools for the ongoing operation.

WordPress hosting dashboard
A small part of the WordPress-Tools of RAIDBOXES

For these reasons such offers are usually frowned upon by WP professionals. For a purely private blog with very manageable numbers of visitors, shared hosting may work. For professional appearances and online shops you need a different approach. See the following tips and have a look at our article Factors for WooCommerce hosting.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

In this model, multiple virtual machines are located on a physical server. These each have their own operating system. The VPS can be individually adjusted via a so-called root access. In this case, you determine yourself which applications should run on the machine. This is especially useful if you are dependent on quite exotic systems or unusual configurations. Or if you are a hardcore coder and want to keep everything in your own control.

However, the operation of a VPS is time consuming. In addition, you must have very good technical knowledge and continuously check and update your system. Otherwise, individual components will play off each other. Or the virtual server may even become a security risk. Even if the web hosting providers lock one virtual machine from the others: The full responsibility lies here with you or your staff. In the event of damage, this can quickly threaten the company's existence.

For this reason, small and medium-sized enterprises shy away from the VPS model. Especially if they do not have a large internal IT department with sufficient resources. For them the Managed Server is a good alternative.

Tip: Substitution in an emergency

If someone in your company or a service provider is in charge of a VPS, make sure you have a substitute in case of emergency. This could be other employees or a suitable agency. There are always companies that lie idle for several days because access or passwords are not available.

Managed Server for WordPress

A managed server combines the advantages of the other two models. It is continuously maintained by the web host. This applies, for example, to the operating system as well as to the entire technology in the background. If required, also to components of your Content Management System (CMS). In most cases Managed Servers are designed in such a way that you hardly have any work to do with managing your web projects.

With RAIDBOXES you have all essential tools included. They can be used very simply. Such as server-side caching, automatic backups, free SSL or a 1-click staging environment (for testing new features and plugins). Also the administration of several WordPress sites is extremely efficient. This is particularly important for freelancers, WordPress professionals and agencies.

Tip: Additional income for agencies and WP professionals

You develop WordPress or WooCommerce-sites for customers? Then do it now for free - with our FREE DEV Program. Also receive up to €1,500 commission per new customer.

Managed servers are

  • Comparatively cheap
  • Protected against security vulnerabilities by managed updates from the operator
  • Flexible enough for most content management systems and applications
  • Offer you support

When you use a Managed vServer, you receive a precisely defined part of the hardware that is only available for your website. So you do not have to share it with anyone else. This means that you can always get the same performance.

Climate positive WordPress hosting

I'll come to the technical advantages - and what you should be looking out for - in a moment. Ideally, your managed server is specifically designed for the CMS of your website(s). Just like our special offers for WordPress , WooCommerce.

Managed hosting for Freelancers & Bloggers

As a freelancer, it depends on the area in which you work. Are you a developer or professional for WordPress and WooCommerce? Then it might not be difficult for you to set up and manage a server yourself. But do you have enough time for ongoing maintenance? You are deeply involved in a customer project and your web server is reporting with a critical update? Then it's nice when central tasks run automatically in the background. Or when the administration of your WP instances works at the push of a button. More on this later.

Freelancers and bloggers from more creative areas will work with a web hosting company from the very beginning, where they do not have to deal with technical details. And where they can always rely on excellent support, which answers all questions directly and quickly. Like via chat. Shared hosting with its anonymous call centres is not suitable for this.

Tip: On-site WordPress networking

Whether you come from the technical or the creative corner: It's very helpful if your hoster is deeply embedded in the WordPress scene. We from RAIDBOXES sponsor regularly WordCamps in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This means that you can always contact us directly on site.

RAIDBOXES  with Matt Mullenweg at the WCEU
WordPress-founder Matt Mullenweg at RAIDBOXES, at the WordCamp Europe in Berlin

Managed hosting for agencies

Be honest: Even agencies do not always have the expertise to manage a web server or dedicated server on their own. Or the know-how is there, but the relevant people are fully occupied with customer projects. Technical expertise is a rare and expensive commodity in agencies. The responsibility for this hosting can be easily outsourced.

The advantages of the model:

  • Everything from one source: With a suitable platform you can be much more efficient with your WordPress sites and work better with your clients. Finally, you seamlessly hand over the finished product to your customers.
  • Develop without risk: Use a free Account for agencies and WP professionals. Then you don't have to pay upfront for new clients.
  • Handover: Hand over your project to your customer with a few clicks as soon as it can go online. You don't have to write invoices, but you can still remain an administrator if necessary.
  • Commission: Receive a lucrative commission for your hosting-recommendation.

If you have a web hosting partner you can trust at all times, you will work with them regularly. For one thing, you won't have to constantly look for a new hosting recommendation for your customers. On the other hand, you work with a familiar interface and with a single account. You can even reuse existing projects with preconfigured plugins and themes.

All this saves you many hours of time per customer. Especially at the beginning of the development. If you conclude maintenance contracts with your customers, your service packages can be calculated especially well. With a Managed hosting, you know more precisely what work is still to come and how long it will take.

Managed hosting for companies

Companies often find it difficult to assess the quality of web hosting offers. Especially when they cannot fall back on an internal IT department. Requirements analysis is also difficult: How much memory and storage space does the booked server need? How many CPU cores are allowed? And what do I do if suddenly many visitors storm my website? I will deal with these questions in the further course of this article. See also our article on Measures for high WordPress load.

There are four ways for companies to get help here:

  • Search for suitable freelancers for WordPress and WooCommerce. The WP community is a good place to start, see our Sources and references on the subject.
  • Even specialized agencies are deep enough in the subject. However, make sure that WordPress and WooCommerce are part of their core business. Ask for references and contact them. Both systems are not just looked after on the side.
  • Interview befriended entrepreneurs: Do you put them on WordPress? Can they recommend a service provider or freelancer?
  • Use recommendation platforms like trusted shopsto find out more about the service quality of a hoster.

In addition, the new web host of your choice should offer you a non-binding test run with Performance check offer. And help you with the migration from WordPress & WooCommerce. This is a great opportunity to assess the quality of the support team.

Tip: Less stress migration

Copy your WordPress site directly with our free RAIDBOXES Migrator plugin. Or we will move your site free of charge within two working days. Your website will remain accessible during the migration.

Web hosting comparison
The evaluation of RAIDBOXES with Trusted Shops

Reasons for managed WordPress hosting

Speed, cost savings, support, security... Managed hosting for WordPress and WooCommerce offers several advantages. But only if you pay attention to the right features when choosing a webhoster. We explain the most important details step by step. You still have questions afterwards? Or do you have a different opinion? Then use the comments.

Performance & SEO

Websites and shops must be fast. Otherwise the dropout rate of your visitors will increase rapidly. But that's not all: A single second of additional charging time results in Reduction of the conversion by 7 percent and 11 percent fewer page views. A negative user experience not only causes more interruptions in the checkout process. It also lowers the recommendation rate.

In addition, speed is an important factor for search engine optimization (SEO). Google now mercilessly punishes slow portals. An optimized managed hosting system takes most of the performance optimization off your hands - without you having to do anything yourself. For that it should contain:

  • Server-side caching: A particularly efficient caching becomes active before WordPress takes over. This allows websites to be delivered extremely quickly. The advantage: You no longer need a separate caching plugin and you do not have to worry about complex settings.
  • Special WordPress-Infrastructure: Your hosting should be specifically coordinated with WordPress and WooCommerce, and not with other content management systems. More on that in a minute.
  • Powerful servers: An important optimization measure for this hosting is the increase of the CPU cores. After all, the server must be able to handle more load when there are many visitors and corresponding database queries. Here your webhoster should have enough flexibility and relevant packages provide.
  • PHP memory limit: A higher PHP memory limit is mandatory for more complex sites and online shops. This is the only way the server can withstand large and simultaneous processes. For example, with a high number of visitors. See our Notes on WordPress load.
  • SSD hard drives: Even with a large number of simultaneous accesses to your site, the access times for SSD hard drives are significantly lower. This makes SSD the ideal turbo boost for all your WordPress projects.
  • Resource compression: For even faster page views. Ideally with the latest compression standard Brotli.

About the CPU core factor: Imagine the server of your WordPress site or your WooShop is a chip shop. Each employee of the chip shop stands for a CPU core. If there is only one seller behind the counter, only one request can be processed at a time. With few visitors this is not a problem at first.

However, if the number of visitors becomes so high that the French fries seller is overwhelmed with the requests, more employees (i.e. more CPU cores) are needed. The more of them there are in the chip shop, the more orders can be processed simultaneously:

CPU cores WordPress
Not only important with WooCommerce: The increase of the CPU cores.

However, it is important to understand that more CPU cores do not automatically improve your load time. After all, the individual cores work equally fast. Instead, increasing the number of cores ensures that more requests can be processed at the same time and does not overload your portal or shop.

You cannot always optimize the speed of WordPress as it is theoretically possible. With sharedHosting tariffs, the average user has very little or no influence on the performance of his website. This is because only competent professional site operators can independently make the appropriate server settings. If they are accessible at all.

Ebook WooCommerce

It's different with managed hosting. The WordPress sites of our customers run up to 400 percent faster after the change. And that without additional optimization measures. Because our hosting is specially designed for WordPress. Get in touch with us and test us without obligation. We show you the difference and check your performance.

Tip: Determining Managed Hosting Performance

Alternatively, check for yourself how much power your project requires. With our performance calculators for WordPress and WooCommerce. Whether for blogs, companies, agencies, freelancers or webshops.

hosting  Packet calculator
What performance does your website need? Our calculator will show you.

Time saving

Time is the most important resource for creative minds. We know this from our own experience - RAIDBOXES itself emerged from an agency. With a good managed server you save several hours of working time per month. For example in the administration and optimization of your WordPress sites. So you can concentrate on what gives you pleasure and earns you money: The operation and development of websites, the optimization of your Shops with WooCommerce or blogging.

But what exactly does a managed server do for you? Among other things:

  • Installation: With your Dashboard you create or clone new WP websites in a short time. Including SSL, caching, a backup system and developer tools.
  • Templates: Lay on permanent WordPress templates . This way your plugins, themes and favorite settings are always preconfigured and ready to use when you start a new project. This is especially useful and time-saving for agencies and freelancers.
  • Optimization: Caching, a server-side compression or the use of HTTP/2 and the optimal PHP version are standard for high-quality packages. This eliminates the need to search for and configure cumbersome caching, Backup and security plugins. See our article on advantages and disadvantages of Security plugins.
  • Test environment: Make sure that a separate WordPress staging is included. Because new plugins and themes should definitely be tested before going live. Also new versions of WordPress, WooCommerce and the extensions.
  • Update: Have WordPress to be updated automatically if necessary, sometimes even your extensions. Manage plugins and themes directly within the hosting dashboard.
  • Single Sign-on: Log in to the WordPress backend of your projects with just one click. This means that you can create secure, 64-character passwords and then "forget" them. This way you additionally protect yourself from Brute Force attacks.

At RAIDBOXES there is also a 1-click WordPress installation. As soon as you click on "BOXcreate" in our dashboard, a new template will be installed automatically within seconds. Along with cloning, your WordPress-templates and staging you have such powerful tools at your fingertips. They significantly reduce your time for setup, administration and development.

Cost reduction

On paper, managed WordPress hosting initially looks more expensive than shared hosting. But this is a fallacy. Do a simple calculation, for example by using a tally sheet. How many hours per month do you need for the following points?

  • Find and solve web hosting errors. I will come to this point in a moment.
  • Set up databases and WordPress installations manually. Pick out and install the same extensions every single time.
  • Plugins and themes setup, including setting the right options. You do that a lot for plugins like WooCommerce or SEO plugins? Then you know how much time is lost
  • The cumbersome testing in a separate instance, then carry out the changes again in the live system.
  • Simultaneously access and manage multiple WordPress projects, in the worst case at different hosters.
  • Show your customers changes to the website without having to put them live. Or to hand over a project to them.

Calculated over all your websites and projects, there is a lot of work here. Especially if you are still working with shared hosting or self-managed servers.

Now multiply that by your hourly rate. Or calculate how much you could earn in these hours. You will quickly reach a sum in the high three-digit range or more - per month. Then a high-quality managed hosting service is suddenly much cheaper than the less secure alternatives.

Tips for freelancers and self-employed

You're a freelance worker? Then it is a central task to calculate your hourly rates correctly. More about this can be found with Jan Tissler in his article Avoid freelancer errors.

With a Managed hosting you can save even more costs:

  • Fewer downtimes and thus loss of earnings of your website. For example, through proper testing in the staging environment or the quick restoration of backups.
  • Avoid security risks through late updates of WordPress, WooCommerce, plugins & co.
  • Increase your traffic with better Google rankings. Through a high-performance web hosting.
  • Change to a higher package at short notice in case of high visitor traffic - if you support host this.

At RAIDBOXES save costs for extra caching plugins, backup solutions, security plugins, SSL certificates or a separate test environment. Our Tariff calculator shows you which package is the right one for which purpose.


Something is not working on your hosting? This affects your website? Or even paralyses them? Probably all of us know this situation. Your pulse will be more than 180. And without proper support within minutes you will be stuck in such cases.

Shared hosting for WordPress usually saves on support. A private server shifts the entire error handling onto you. If you want to sleep peacefully, then look for a webhoster that offers proven top support. Personally, in your language, in your country, during your working hours. And not only by anonymous e-mail, but on several channels.

RAIDBOXES  trusted shops
Comments from our customers on the support of RAIDBOXES

The extended support provided by Managed host often goes hand in hand with free additional services. For example with

  • Help with migrations
  • Support for page optimization
  • Recommendations of plugins and themes for your personal system configuration

Managed host are also able to respond flexibly to your needs. For example, you can negotiate special security solutions or services that deviate from the tariff faster and more unconventionally. With an anonymous gianthoster , on the other hand, it is usually impossible to find the right contact person for this.


The security of your WordPress website or online shop is extremely important. So is your privacy. If your site is hacked or even customer data becomes public, it threatens your existence - no matter if you are "only" the service provider or the operator.

Your managed WordPress hosting should have this to keep your risk to a minimum:

  • Integrated SSL: Encryption via SSL is an absolute must for every professional web presence. Ideally, the SSL certificates are included in the hosting package - this reduces your effort.
  • Hacker and malware protection: Each of your WordPress websites should run independently from other sites. By doing so, you significantly minimize the potential danger of attacks.
  • Automatic and manual backups: These allow you to quickly restore a clean backup in case of damage. Therefore, the process of retrieving the data must be as simple as possible.
  • Logins: A built-in login protection is an effective means against Brute Force attacks.
  • Extensions: Use as few plugins as necessary. It makes sense if important functions such as backups or caching are integrated directly into the hosting.

Automatic updates from plugins also make your WordPress installation more secure. Because if critical vulnerabilities occur, you do not have to react by yourself. However, such updates are not entirely uncontroversial, because you can't pretest can.

Note: Testing WordPress updates

Even with automatic updates you always have to keep an eye on your portals or shops. In the worst case, they will no longer function properly after an update. The maintenance of WordPress and WooCommerce can be outsourced well.

Plugin updates
Management in the hosting dashboard as an alternative to automatic updates.

Business risk

Your websites - or those of your customers - are extremely important to you. That's why you need highest performance, stability and competent contact persons. And in such a way that you do not have to take care of the technology in the background by yourself. Managed hosting is particularly suitable for companies, agencies and freelancers who do not have a very deep technical understanding. If there is a hosting problem, you must be able to trust that it will be resolved quickly. Without your help.

You're a WP professional? Even then you have more important things to do than dealing with server configurations, continuous performance optimization, managing your projects by hand or manual backups. Jan Tissler writes in his adviser for freelancers:

Freelancers should see their work as business and treat it the same way. It may not feel like entrepreneurship, especially in the beginning. But the more professional you approach the matter, the greater the chance that it will work out in the long run.

If you outsource your web hosting to a competent partner, this will reduce the risk of your websites failing.

You develop your projects not for yourself but for others? Then it is especially important that your customers perceive you as a professional and reliable partner. Slow or unreachable sites are extremely counterproductive. And your counterpart does not care if the blame lies with you or with a bad hoster.

Tip: No long contract commitment

Look out for packages without automatic contract renewal and without notice periods. This is another plus point that reduces your financial risk. If you are not satisfied, then you can WordPress migration. Good host ones help you - free of charge.

A reliable web host also ensures that your WordPress sites are protected against attacks by hackers. It monitors the servers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for you and is also available. Independent of weekends or holidays. No matter which hosting model you decide on in the end: Make sure that the servers are located in Germany, if you have your business there. For maximum speed and for data protection that conforms the GDPR regulations.


Calculation & Scalability

It is anything but easy to prepare a website for tens of thousands of visitors or thousands of page views per minute. But exactly such a rush of visitors can happen quite fast. For example, because of a marketing campaign or if your project is mentioned in the media. Special High-performance tariffs are designed so that your websites can withstand high traffic loads.

You only have a manageable number of visitors so far? But do you think this could increase at any time? Then you will start with a small plan. Find a hoster where you can always choose a stronger package with a few clicks. And also back again.

As a service provider you can pass on the costs of hosting to your customers. Nevertheless, you must include them in your calculation. And you have to give your clients arguments why cheap web hosting is more expensive in the end. See our article on this topic WooCommerce for freelancers. The points therein also apply to WordPress.

Efficiency and operation

Managed hosting is not just managed hosting. Apart from performance, your satisfaction stands and falls with how easy the webhoster's dashboard is to use. And which functions are supported.

The BOXEN Principle of RAIDBOXES for example allows a quick overview of all your projects - without the hassle of switching between different accounts. But that's not all:

  • Templates: Clone a WordPress site from an existing backup or save permanent templates to create new WordPress -projects even more efficiently.
  • Access to WordPress : Colleagues or customers should be able to access your WordPress sites. For example, to test or remove them.
  • Change of ownership: Your project is finished? Then you want to easily transfer the sites to a new owner - for example to your customer. And you still need access as admin.
  • Databases and FTP: You need direct access to the MySQL databases or the SFTP accesses of the websites when developing.
  • Error logs: For developers, fast access to log files such as WP_DEBUG_LOG, ACCESS LOG or ERROR LOG is also important.

Automated processes are equally effective. These include the 1-click installation of WordPress , the restoration of data backups at the push of a button or the Changeover support from another project or hoster. Existential for developers: A free and secure Secure Shell environment (SSH) with pre-installed WP-CLI and Git (in our case from STARTER-plan). This saves valuable time when developing your websites.

WordPress  Templates
Copy new WordPress sites from your templates

Test environment and backups

It is grossly negligent to operate WordPress or WooCommerce without a separate test environment and backups. A wrong setting in one Plugin or a new extension that is not compatible with the rest, and your website is paralyzed. Under certain circumstances, this can also not be easily reversed.

Climate positive WordPress hosting

Via WordPress staging you can test changes on a copy of yours sit in a realistic server environment. And all without the risk of running on your active WordPress site to cause damage. When you're satisfied with the results, transfer the adjustments to your live-site. This is especially useful if you want to:

  • Try out a new Theme or design for your project
  • Making changes to the CSS
  • Test other settings from plugins
  • Install a Plugin that fundamentally changes your database

A central error has nevertheless crept into your live portal? You imported wrong records? Or your website gets hacked? Then you need backups - GDPR-compliant stored on secure servers.

There are good backup plugins for WordPress. But configuring them correctly is not always easy. Also, when it comes to selecting the storage points and restoring the backups. At RAIDBOXES each BOX has a complete Backup system integrated. It stores your data on a secure system. With our tool you can:

  • Save not only the database but your complete website and server settings. You have full access to all backup points at all times.
  • These can be restored in a few seconds and without any support.
  • We make a backup of your WordPress web pages every night fully automatically. Depending on your plan they are stored between seven and 30 days - manual backups also permanently.
  • You want to save a version locally? Download each backup free of charge if required.
  • You want to start another similar WordPress project? Just clone a new BOX from a backup. Or use your saved templates.

In addition, backup plugins occupy additional storage space. With us your backups are stored on our own server in Europe. And not on your WordPress installation. If your WordPress login once is broken, you can restore your website with one click. Without having to search for the backup.

Specialization in WordPress

Through our own agency experience we know which features you need as a WordPress professional to make your projects a success. Our team lives WordPress 100 percent. This experience flows continuously into our product development. And because we do not have rigid hierarchies or long communication channels at RAIDBOXES, our product development is particularly flexible and agile.

This specialization in managed WordPress hosting is very important if your websites run with the leading content management system. Because this enables us to react immediately to external factors. For example, extensions in the WordPress core. Thanks to our connection to the community, we also know earlier than others where things with WordPress are heading.

"Real" WordPress support

This means that you don't have to explain the peculiarities and technical terms of WordPress and WooCommerce to our supporters when you need their help. With other service providers - who are not specialized in WordPress - this can happen. Test our support: How fast can we do your site? Or how can we help you with the migration of your WordPress?

Our team comes from the WP community itself. Accordingly, the answers to your questions are targeted and practical. We don't have a call centre and no waiting loops, but only personal and individual advice from WordPress experts. Added to this is our dashboard with functions that have been specially developed for WordPress and WooCommerce instead of "bending" them awkwardly for several systems. This is what our customers say:

With RAIDBOXES we have finally found one WordPress hoster thatsites completely covers our needs with several and often changing webs.

Robbie Bouschery from the start-up event PIRATE Summit


RAIDBOXES delivers exactly the things that WordPress agencies have been wanting for years.

Christos Papadopoulos from the agency AWEOS

We are not only there for you with solid WordPress support, but also with numerous instructions and best practice examples to ensure that you can read up on our knowledge at any time. RAIDBOXES explaines WordPress in an understandable way - for professionals and beginners alike. Use our WordPress magazine wp unboxedour Help Centerour e-books or our newsletter.

Green Managed WordPress Hosting

This factor has only indirectly something to do with managed WordPress hosting. And yet it is important that you deal with the question: What influence do your websites have on the global climate? We usually do not consciously associate the internet and web hosting with climate change. And yet the effects are amazing:

  • If the Internet were a country, it would have sixth-largest electricity consumption on our planet.
  • By 2030 the share of global energy consumption accounted for by the grid is expected to rise to over 20 percent.
  • When you run a website or an online shop, you consume plenty of resources.
  • At present, about 34 percent of all websites worldwide are operated by WordPress. In concrete terms, this means that the future of our planet will depend on how WordPress performs.

In his blog, Simon Kraft deals intensively with the combination of WordPress development and sustainability. He also regularly speaks on the topic at WordCamps and WP MeetUps. What has WordPress to do with the climate? Simon lists concrete action on:

  • Remove unnecessary ballast from your website. Especially those areas that send a lot of data through the net. For example maps from Google Maps. Or social media integrations that connect to the networks every time a page is viewed.
  • Are picture galleries and oversized contribution pictures really necessary? Or extensive animated .gifs? Simple still images explain a topic just as well, but minimize the loading time.
  • Muck out your plugins. This not only makes WordPress safer, in many cases it also increases speed. Ideally, many functions are server-side in your managed WordPress hosting preinstalled.
  • You develop Plugins and Themes? Then simplify the code, update old code libraries or remove them. Every byte that is not transferred saves resources.

At websitecarbon.com you can roughly estimate how high the CO2 emission of your websites will be:

website carbon
Test your site with websitecarbon.com

WordPress Developers in particular can achieve much more here than they are aware of. Because their source code is used on a large number of websites. All the traffic that results from an unthought-out development is thus increased!

As an agency or owner of the website, you can also make sure to use as few and as lean plugins and themes as possible. This makes your website faster - and helps the climate. A particularly drastic example: Danny van Kooten develops the popular Plugin Mailchimp for WordPress. There are over one million active installations. Alone by a slimmer programming this Plugins saves 59,000 kg CO2 on - per month!

You can also opt for a green hosting offer. But watch out: Not everything that's labeled sustainable is sustainable. Pay attention to a transparent presentation. We at RAIDBOXES list in detailwith which we make a contribution to climate protection:

  • Reforestation through Eden Reforestation Projects: For each WordPress site or every WooCommerce shop you host with us, we plant a tree for you. We work together with Eden . The non-profit organisation works in regions that are particularly affected by climate change and global deforestation. In the first quarter of 2020 alone, we were able to donate 25,500 trees - as CO2 compensation for your hosting.
  • Climate positive project work: In addition to reforestation, we support the Get Mads initiative. It invests in climate-positive projects that can be selected by strict criteria . Alone with he partnership RAIDBOXES currently offsets an additional 40.48 tonnes of CO2 every month. This is equivalent to more than 160,000 car kilometres driven.
  • Green electricity from hydropower: RAIDBOXES uses 100 percent hydropower electricity. We are aware that not all green electricity is the same. That is why we pay attention to effective framework with our partners.
  • Sustainable management: In addition to the compensation for green hosting, we rely on a corporate philosophy that focuses on sustainability in all areas. Read more about it herehow our employees contribute to a mindful cooperation.

We continue to work on meeting our social responsibility. And we hope that the above-mentioned models will find numerous imitators. We are pursuing a major goal: 100,000 trees for the climate in 2020. You can help us reach it.

CO2 hosting
The CO2 offset from RAIDBOXES and Get Mads

Central management of all your projects

By developing or managing several WordPress websites at the same time, you can scale your business model upwards. However, this should not lead to an increase of your administrative tasks to the same extent.

A central dashboard with managed WordPress hosting - like that of RAIDBOXES - gives you more freedom here. Whether you work in an agency or independently. And it doesn't matter whether your concept includes company websites, content portals, blogs or shops. Among the concrete advantages of a consolidated interface are

  • Work faster: You and your team don't have to learn how to work in different dashboards of different web hosters.
  • Template management: Existing projects can be cloned or partially reused.
  • Website status: You always have a quick overview of all your projects. Including status, workload, changes made, pending updates or permissions.
  • Integrated solutions: Functions such as caching, backups, Staging, SSL certificates or domain management are already integrated without the need for additional Plugins. This reduces the maintenance effort.
  • Rights model: You work in a team together with other freelancers? Then you should be able to add more admins for individual projects at any time.
  • Accounting: You only receive one invoice from one service provider and do not have to deal with changing providers and complicated contract transfers on a regular basis.

You use our FREE DEV program? Then you can even calculate your own commissions - which you earn when you hand over to your customers or Recommendation of RAIDBOXES in a single place. Including statistics on how successful your recommendations and the advertising media used are.

Multilingual WordPress

You need WordPress multilingual, for your own project or for your customers? Your hosting should be optimized for this and multilingualism should not be slowed down by a lack of performance or functions.

There are different variants of implementation. In the form of a path within the URL (example.de/en), as a subdomain (en.beispiel.de) or as a multidomain. Each language gets its own domain. From a search engine optimization (SEO) point of view, the latter is usually the best option for multilingualism with WordPress and WooCommerce. RAIDBOXES supports the setup of WPML multidomain with its own features.

Experience has shown that when switching to WPML Multidomain, correct forwarding is neglected. These are essential for your SEO. How else should search engines know where to find the new content? All backlinks that your website has built up naturally before will otherwise point nowhere. And thus lose their value. RAIDBOXES offers the possibility to create your own redirects in your BOX dashboard. So without any additional Plugin.

301 Redirects at RAIDBOXES

Setting up WPML Multidomain is not easy. Again, the optimized options in our dashboard will help you. See our guidance here. The multi-domain feature also works with Polylang. But only if you have enabled the WPML compatibility mode in Polylang. You have questions about this? Or generally about setting up WPML multidomain? Our support will be happy to help you.

Migration to Managed WordPress Hosting

You want to migrate a WordPress website or all your projects to our managed hosting? Or your WooCommerce shop? That is quite simple. Copy your WordPress sites directly with our free RAIDBOXES Migrator Plugin:

  1. After downloading our Migrator plugin, upload it to your existing WordPress site in the admin panel and start the free migration.
  2. Copy your site into a new WordPress installation. Or overwrite an existing site in your dashboard.
  3. We now create a copy of your website and do not make any changes on your live website. Your live website still stays online!
  4. After the migration is completed you can test us free of charge and without obligation, or activate your site immediately.

With the help of our Plugin, you will do your migration immediately, without waiting. Alternatively, we can change your site for you. This is done within two working days, with our Migration service. Your migration to us is 100 percent free of charge and without obligation. Migrate your website from your current hoster to us.

Your website remains accessible

Your old site one remains completely accessible during the migration. No matter whether you use the Migrator or our relocation service, only a copy of your active WordPress site is installed with us. When you are satisfied with us, just select a plan, activate it and link a domain - that's it.

Handover to your customers

You have your project developed by us free of charge? Then allow your customers access to the sites , with one click to test and accept them. But what happens afterwards? Save yourself the annoying administration, cancellations, cumbersome contract transfers or even the change to a new server or webhoster. With RAIDBOXES you can transfer a website to other RAIDBOXES users at any time, also with a simple mouse click.

assign administrator
You can also add more administrators with one click

The transfer is so uncomplicated:

  • The new owner will receive an e-mail with a confirmation link. With this he can complete the change of ownership.
  • If the new owner does not yet have an RAIDBOXES account, a new account will be created during the change of ownership.
  • If the new owner already has an RAIDBOXES account, all you have to do is enter the e-mail address with which he is registered in our system.

After each change of ownership you will automatically remain the site Admin, as long as your customer wishes to do so. So you still have access to the hosting settings of the BOX.

Commissions for agencies, developers and web designers

Tip: You take part in our Affiliate program part or are you a FREE DEV partner? Then the change of ownership is automatically tracked as commission relevant. We pay you up to 1.500 Euro commission for every new customer. The more customers you refer, the higher your commissions will be.

Conclusion: Managed WordPress Hosting

Standard hosters are very cheap. But as soon as a problem arises you're on your own. If you value performance and support, then you should definitely opt for a WordPress optimized Managed Hosting. Especially WP professionals and agencies save a lot of time and money with the included tools.

You want to do something good for yourself, but also for your fellow human beings? RAIDBOXES provides not only climate-neutral, but even climate-positive hosting. If you run a website or an online shop, you use up a lot of resources. We want to take countermeasures. Read our contribution to the opportunities and limitations ecological web hosting offers. You work in an agency, are a developer, WP expert, web designer or you blog professionally? Then you can do good and at the same time generate additional income.

You still have questions about the features and performance that a good web hosting should include? Or are you unsure if all this will work for your project? Contact us and test RAIDBOXES without obligation. Based on your website(s) we will find out if and which managed WordPress hosting is the right one for you. And by what percentage we will make your project faster.

You want to pass on the knowledge from this article? It is also available as an e-book:

13 advantages of managed WordPress hosting
Your questions: Managed WordPress Hosting

What questions do you have? What experiences have you had with other hosting providers? Feel free to use the comment function. You want more tips on WordPress , WooCommerce and web hosting? Then follow us on Twitter, Facebook , or subscribe to our newsletter.

Picture: Mateusz roof

Michael takes cake care of the areas of content and mental health at RAIDBOXES. He has been active in the blogger and WordPress community since 2007. Among other things as co-organizer of WordPress events, book author and corporate blog trainer. He loves blogging incredibly, professionally but also privately. Michael works and writes remotely from sunny Freiburg.

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