WordPress News: UX WordPress Plugins, WordPress 6.0 and the Metaverse

WordPress News: UX WordPress Plugins and the Metaverse

Today we have a lot of WordPress news in store: WordPress releases the preliminary roadmap for 6.0, Patchstack shares the biggest WordPress security vulnerabilities and there are tips to help you find talented WordPress developers. In the magazine we have reading material on UX WordPress plugins, sustainable websites and personalisation in web design with us and we approach the Metaverse. Enjoy! 🔎

WordPress News: UX WordPress Plugins, WordPress 6.0 & the Metaverse

Personalisation allows you to deliver the right information to your target audience and increase interaction on your website. Sonja Hoffmann shares practical tips and examples for individual designs and unique experiences. It's time to make your website more personal! Learn more

News from the magazine

Wordpress News Metaverse

Metaverse: The next digital revolution?

Yes, it sounds abstract and crazy at first glance: the metaverse is coming and will change many things - but how? Moritz Kopp explains why the metaverse is relevant for you and how you can use it in marketing.

Wordpress News WordPress Green Hosting

Make WordPress website more sustainable

Designing a sustainable WordPress website? Maybe you're thinking to yourself: Wow, there's a lot of work waiting for me. We show you how to become active in terms of sustainability and improve rankings and loading times.

Wordpress News UX WordPress Plugins

WordPress UX Plugins: Better User Experience

Your success depends on the user experience (UX). Are the needs of your users at the forefront at all times? We present eight of the best WordPress UX plugins that help you do just that.


Release of WordPress 6.0 scheduled for 24. Mai 2022
The schedule for the release of WordPress 6.0 - the second major release in 2022 - has been published. You can read all about targeted dates, upcoming features and the team behind it in the official post on WordPress.org.

Eight Popular WordPress Slider Plugins in Comparison
WordPress Slider Plugins help you make your website more engaging and interactive. We compare eight of the best WordPress slider plugins to help you stand out from the competition.


Patchstack Whitepaper: WordPress Ecosystem Vulnerabilities
The WordPress ecosystem is seeing a 150% increase in security vulnerabilities: While there were around 600 in 2020, we are talking about 1,500 vulnerabilities in 2021 - as shown in Patchstack 's "State of WordPress Security" whitepaper.

Online Marketing

Green Marketing: Better Google Rankings and Competitive Advantages
Whether green marketing, eco-marketing or sustainable marketing - all three terms pursue the same goal: ecology-oriented planning and implementation of your marketing activities. Dive into the world of green marketing with us.

Guide: What you should know about the Featured Snippet
The Featured Snippet is probably the most prominent and controversial feature displayed in Google's search results. Learn what the featured snippet is all about, how it affects click-through rates and how to block featured snippets.

Web design & development

4 ways to find talented WordPress developers
Does your WordPress agency or freelance business need help with WordPress development? The WP Mayor team introduces you to four popular ways to find WordPress developers.

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