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WordPress News: WooCommerce Trends & the WP Accessibility Day

Between the vacation season and the supposed summer slump, the WordPress community is hard at work: WordPress Accessibility Day is coming up, WordPress 6.1 brings WebP and the WooCommerce team reports on hot trends in e-commerce. We also have a lot going on: In the magazine we give insights into a new chapter for Raidboxes with team.blue and reveal communication tips for emails and applications. Cheers! 🎉

Raidboxes team.blue

The word "Harambee" is Swahili and means something like "together" or "pulling together". In this sense, Raidboxes will now become a part of team.blue, and thus a "big player" in the European WordPress hosting market. Torben from Raidboxes tells us what this new chapter means for us. Learn more

News from the magazine

Email Marketing

Email marketing for online stores

You want to optimize the conversion of your WooCommerce store? Emails are an effective and easy way to increase sales. Lisa Kubatzki provides the best tips for great emails.

Recruiting website

Design recruiting websites optimally

While it used to be enough to publish job ads in the local newspaper, today you have to take a much more differentiated approach to attract qualified team members. But what do good recruiting websites look like?

Content marketing Raidboxes

E-Book: More Success with Content Marketing

How do you find content ideas that really appeal to your target groups? Which topics are worthwhile? And how do you measure success? That's exactly what you'll find out in our new e-book on content marketing!


What's coming in WordPress 6.1?
WordPress 6.1 will be the third major version in 2022, released on October 25, 2022. What features and improvements can we expect? Spoiler Alert: With WordPress 6.1, the WebP image format will be integrated into the core by default.

WordPress Accessibility Day 2022
Accessible websites affect more people than you might think. Join WordPress Accessibility Day on November 2-3, 2022 and learn how to create better websites that work for everyone. Or apply to be a Speaker:in!

Online Marketing

10 e-commerce trends for 2022
Running a store? Keep up to date with the latest e-commerce trends to stay ahead of the competition and keep growing. The team at WooCommerce lists the best e-commerce trends and tools.

Web Design & Development

The comeback of maximalism
Are we at the dawn of a new era in web design? Maximalism could be the new trend that allows you to create a stunning, eye-catching and responsive WordPress website. Learn how to reflect your brand perfectly.


Blogging in 2022: Don't you have a blog anymore?
LinkedIn & Co. are powerful platforms for B2B companies that leave hardly anything to be desired. What value does a classic weblog still have? Is a corporate blog still worthwhile? This is the question that UPLOAD magazine addresses.

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