Dark Patterns Examples - Recognizing Manipulative Marketing and Design

The doorbell rings and you get a package in your hand. You open it and see 20 black socks. Socks? But you didn't order them! Oh yes, you did. You just didn't realize it. How you are manipulated by dark patterns in online marketing every day and how you can ... read more

4 measures to prevent brute force attacks on your WordPress

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Secure browsers? 9 popular browsers and their privacy features

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How to Update WordPress, Plugins and Themes Correctly: The Safe Way

For many users, new WordPress updates come as a surprise. After all, very few follow the release schedule, such as the current one for WordPress 5.8. Available updates for plugins and themes also often cause uncertainty. Johannes Mairhofer tells you today how to keep your WordPress system up-to-date and which update strategy has proven successful. WordPress Security WordPress ... read more

What is two-factor authentication and how can you use it at Raidboxes ?

You can now secure your Raidboxes account with two-factor authentication (2FA). In this article, we explain why 2FA is such an effective security measure for WordPress, your login to Raidboxes Dashboard or any other of your accounts, and how two-factor authentication works. The nightmare of unauthorised logins As our lives increasingly take place online, it would of course be an absolute ... read more

Stop spam comments in WordPress: With Antispam Bee

Spam comments and trackbacks are more than annoying. The WordPress plugin Antispam Bee blocks them. Unlike similar solutions, the plugin works entirely without captchas or sending personal data to third parties. This makes Antispam Bee 100 percent compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). What does Antispam Bee do? Spam comments that are filled with general praise for your ... read more

What is a DDoS attack - and how can you prevent it effectively?

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How-To Guide: Fixing Mixed Content Error Manually or via Plugin

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Protection Against Brute Force Attacks: The RB Login Protector

Effective protection against WordPress brute force attacks and unauthorised login attempts - that's what our new feature, the Raidboxes Login Protector, offers you. We show you where to find the security feature in the RB-Dashboard and how to set it up correctly. Brute force attacks are by far the most common type of attack on WordPress sites. Bots try to automatically hack into your ... read more