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WordPress news: April 2024 & Raidboxes 2.0

We can finally get down to business: With Raidboxes 2.0, our new server infrastructure is up and running! 🛫 Also in the newsletter this time: 13 tips for choosing the right plugins for your WordPress. Not enough yet? It's WordCamp Europe time again soon! And what actually happens when you install WordPress on a Rasperry Pi?

Have fun reading! ☀️🥳

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Long teased, now Raidboxes 2.0 is live!

A lot has happened here in the last few months and now we can finally tell you about it: Raidboxes 2.0 and thus our new server infrastructure is now officially up and running. 🚀 All newly created Boxes (WordPress installations) in the Mini to Pro plan are now hosted on the brand new infrastructure. This gives your WordPress twice the resources and makes it even more secure. We are celebrating the launch with exclusive promotions and discounts. Click here to find out more about the changes!

News from the magazine

WordPress news: April 2024 & Raidboxes 2.0

13 tips for choosing the right plugins

Your plugins should be monitored regularly to ensure that they meet the requirements. Torsten Landsiedel has written about how to select these plugins and what you should do before you install them.


Improved SEO ranking through content hubs

Content hubs are central locations where content on specific topics is collected. Learn how to best fill your content hub with relevant content and significantly improve your SEO ranking at the same time.

WordCamp Europe 2024 - get your tickets now!

The next WordCamp Europe will take place this June. This time from June 13 - 15 in Turin and we are looking forward to being there. Maybe we'll see you there? By the way, the wapuus matching the city are also worth a look.

Installing WordPress on a Rasperry Pi?

Normally, WordPress websites are hosted by a hosting provider. But what actually happens when you install WordPress on your Rasperry Pi? You can find the answer to this question and instructions here.

Online Marketing

10 years of the Google algorithm

Adaptability is probably one of the most important skills for marketers in the age of algorithms. The Google algorithm has been increasingly adapted over the past decade. Dive deeper with these graphics.


4 negative effects of a poor website design

Bouncing website visitors, falling conversion rates and lower sales figures are not your thing? Then your website should have a suitable design!

Trend vs. holistic SEO strategy

Do you sometimes wonder whether you need to chase SEO trends or whether your holistic SEO strategy is enough? Then you're sure to find the answers to your questions in this article.

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