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WordPress News: WordPress 6.1 Beta & Adobe buys Figma

Fall is here and it holds sparkling WordPress highlights: WordPress 6.1 beta is here, security updates for WordPress versions 3.7 to 4.0 are posted, and all about Adobe's acquisition of Figma - brilliant move or billion-dollar mistake? In the magazine, we show you how to fend off nasty brute force attacks, introduce psychological principles for better UX design, and give tips for better collaboration with your competition. Enjoy the read! 🍁🌞

Psychology UX Design

Psychologists have been trying to understand why humans behave the way they do since time immemorial. What motivates us to make certain decisions? What events are most likely to be remembered? To take your UX design to the next level, you can apply these psychological principles! Learn more

News from the magazine

Collaboration Competition

Cooperation instead of competition

Collaborating with your competition pays off: Jessica Lohmann shares how smart collaborations will win in the future and what you can learn from your competition.

WordPress Brute Force Attack

Prevent brute force attacks on WordPress

What are brute force attacks and how can you prevent these attacks on your WordPress? We explain different types of brute force attacks and give you tips on how to protect your WordPress from them in the future.

Evergreen Content Raidboxes

Evergreen Content: More with less effort

Evergreen content always brings new traffic for months or years. Jan Tissler shows you how to find and implement suitable topics and how you can be successful in the long term with evergreen content.


No more security updates for WordPress versions 3.7 to 4.0
As of December 1, 2022, security updates for WordPress versions 3.7 through 4.0 will be discontinued. According to the WordPress security team, less than 1% of total installations use these versions - the effort outweighs the benefit.

WordPress 6.1 Beta 1 released - Test it now!
WordPress 6.1 Beta 1 was released on September 21, 2022 and testing has begun. There are 6 weeks left until the release of the final WordPress version in early November. So enough time for extensive testing!

Online Marketing

Matomo Analytics for WordPress: The web analytics plugin in check
Matomo for WordPress promises to be a full-fledged analytics suite in the WordPress backend. But how well does it really work? And can this plugin be a real replacement for Google Analytics and Co.

Web Design & Development

5 Website Header Design Trends for 2023
You have the ability to customize the design of website headers in WordPress. With a beautifully designed website header, you'll leave a strong impression on your visitors. Here are the top design trends for 2023!


Adobe buys Figma and creatives have ... Concerns
Adobe is paying $20 billion to acquire Figma - and another billion for CEO Dylan Field to stay. But neither the stock market nor the design community are really excited about it. Find out what the deal means for you.

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