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WordPress News: WordPress 6.2 & Fast WP Themes

Spring is here and with it the latest WordPress 6.2 update. We tested it and show you what it has in store for you. This week's magazine is all about speed. We show you the 10 fastest WordPress themes and how to make your WooCommerce store faster - and use our checklist to give your WordPress database a little spring cleaning. Have a great time! 🌼🐰

Wordpress 6.2

New in WordPress 6.2: Style Book, Openverse and Block theme Widgets
We've tested WordPress 6.2 and show you what to expect with the new release. Learn everything from the new Style Book to changes in block settings to the integration of Openverse. What exactly is in the first of three major WordPress updates this year? Learn more

News from the magazine

Fast WordPress Themes

The 10 fastest WordPress themes 2023

You want to create a WordPress website and wonder what you should pay special attention to? We say: Speed! With a fast WordPress theme you lay the foundation for how quickly your website loads in the end.

E Mail Marketing Basics

Email marketing concept in 3 steps

Newsletters are pushed on you almost everywhere these days - often in the first few seconds of your first visit. If you want to succeed in this area, you definitely need a good content concept.

Speed Up Woocommerce

WooCommerce Make store faster

Milliseconds decide between bounce and conversion in online shopping. If your WooCommerce store is too slow and your customers have to wait too long, your conversion rate will deteriorate.


Clean WordPress database - in only 7 steps
The phrase "less is faster" explains in three words why it is worthwhile for you to clean up your WordPress database. Our checklist shows you in 7 steps how you can proceed and what you should pay attention to.

WordPress maintenance: How to do it yourself

You want to make sure that your WordPress website runs smoothly in the long run and doesn't slow down? Then we have good news for you, because we will show you all the necessary steps to maintain your website all by yourself.


Security vulnerability discovered in WooCommerce Payments plugin
The plugin WooCommerce Payments contained features that could trigger potential security issues since March 23. Wordfence recommends all users of the plugin to update to the latest version.

Online Marketing

Performance Max: Reach more customers with paid ads

With Performance Max you can reach your target audience across all Google networks. Your ads are automatically created based on your products, so you don ' t even have to do the design yourself.


Add Shopify to WordPress Website
For example, if you are a blogger or author:in and want to use WordPress for your content and Shopify for e-commerce - then a Shopify-WordPress integration might be just what you need.

Be part of WordCamp Vienna 2023!
Get your tickets now. WordCamp Vienna is the largest WordCamp in Central Europe and will take place on April 15 and 16, 2023 at the UNI Campus at the Old AKH and Talent Garden in Vienna.

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