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Planning WordPress Projects: From Requirement to Implementation

Complex WordPress projects can quickly become a challenge. After all, the customer's needs have to be "translated" into the development. We spoke with Ben Hutchison-Bird from our agency partner NINE Brackets about what is important when planning WordPress and WooCommerce .

Communication as a central lever

Ben, what is especially important to your customers on the way to the solution or the finished WordPress project?

They often want to be able to work independently in the CMS after project completion and be independent of agency services. On the flip side, there are many clients with complex requirements who want attention and ongoing expertise.

In addition, there are stakeholders who each contribute important input and content to the website, sometimes in different directions. All of this can quickly lead to increased complexity in communication, but also in implementation.

How do you deal with this balancing act or with the different requirements?

We handle these challenges by filtering out and focusing on the essential goals and wishes of our customers - be it lead generation, branding or easy handling of the CMS for employees.

Around these goals, we focus on simplicity, i.e. easy and understandable user guidance as well as clear structures. All of this is packaged in a modern design. What is also very important is to find a balance between usability and the content of a website on the one hand site, and SEO and performance factors on the other hand site.

In addition, the appropriate budget framework must be adhered to. We often have to weigh up exactly what the right approach is for a website project with WordPress. Questions that need to be clarified are for example:

  • Commercial theme vs. Custom Development
  • Targeted content and page structures
  • All requirements around design and animations

From the outset, it is important to keep an eye on the simultaneous optimization of loading times and to find the right technical solution for this - regardless of what the customer's wishes ultimately look like.

Tools and methods

What methods and tools do you resort to in order to keep WordPress projects lean?

As mentioned before, simplicity is an important factor for our projects. We therefore like to use methods and tools that not only make life easier for us in development, but above all reduce work and costs for the customer in the long term. Because then the ongoing costs for support also remain low.

WordPress Agency NINE Brackets
The website of NINE Brackets

Managed WordPress hosting from Raidboxes automates and simplifies many rudimentary but laborious tasks. Technical problems are usually solved within seconds and at the push of a button. And for more complex issues, competent support colleagues are immediately available via live chat at site.

All of this helps us to make processes as simple as possible and to save time, both for us and for our customers. We therefore focus on simplicity for all participants and select the tools accordingly.

Hosting for WordPress projects

Why did you choose our Managed WordPress Hosting?

There are some advantages for us that we rely on in our projects:

  • We can trust the hosting and support at any time, which gives us a good feeling, especially for demanding customer projects
  • Many features and tools are already integrated with you, which would normally only be solvable with an extra WordPress plugin and/or correspondingly complex configuration
  • The websites we realize benefit from your servers, with correspondingly fast loading times

How exactly does our support team help create the best solutions for your customers?

We don't have to worry about anything going wrong. And if it does, which can happen due to the complexity of the projects, there is usually always a quick and helpful solution. What is also helpful: The suitable packages from Raidboxes, for almost all clients, requirements and different WordPress projects.

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What projects do you implement with WordPress? And what is the vision of NINE brackets?

Our team supports and advises marketeers, management consultants, and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from a wide range of industries in mastering their digital challenges. Websites, online stores, individual applications, mobile apps, marketing automation and digital tools determine our everyday life at the agency.

Our motto is: Many can use technology - we make it intuitive, easy to use and experience. In other words, "Simply Digital". Alec, our CEO and founder, puts it this way:

"Web projects are not a one-time thing for us, but a living endeavor. We design technology so that our customers can achieve their ever-changing goals while always remaining independent. We go into projects with passion and let our customers feel it."

A few words about your WordPress agency?

For more than 10 years, we have been supporting companies in implementing their digital projects on the web. Above all, we see ourselves as digitalizers and problem solvers, making web technologies tangible and understandable. In doing so, we also want to take away fears of contact.

We develop solutions and navigate our customers to their "digital home". With the goal that companies find a targeted approach to their clientele and use the right tools - to leave a lasting impression on their clientele.

As a digital agency, we support our customers across the entire spectrum, in all technological issues. For this purpose, we have built specialized teams consisting of project management, web development, marketing technology (MarTech), design and consulting. As part of the EVERNINE Group, we also create 360° solutions in communication and strategy with a team of over 40 employees.

Your questions: WordPress projects

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