New at RAIDBOXES: UX Engineer Thomas

Pascal Renka Last updated 25.08.2021
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Last updated 25.08.2021

Our dashboard is the central tool for managing our customers' BOXES. That's why we are constantly working to improve and optimise it. That's why we welcome RAIDBOXES the very first UX Engineer in the team, who develops new features for our customers. Find out more about Thomas' work in the interview.

Hello Thomas, you are RAIDBOXES first UX Designer, what are your tasks? 

I'm afraid I have to correct you on that one, but don't worry, it happens all the time.:sweat_smile: For I am UX Engineer. The difference between me and the UX designer is that I am a software developer who is interested in UX and that I focus on making the RAIDBOXES interface feel intuitive, structured and "good" at all times so that our customers can complete their tasks quickly and easily.

UX designers, on the other hand, analyse the data on the use of our interface and design the best solutions, which I then implement.

There is a lot of overlap here, but the fundamental difference is that I write code that implements what a:e UX Designer:in has conceived.

As a UX Engineer, you want to improve the products of our users. How do you approach this task? 

First, I try to get as much information as possible about a particular feature or part of our interface. I pay special attention to problems/challenges that our users are facing. When I know what I need to solve or improve for whom in which situation, I make a hypothesis and try to find the best solution based on the following Wireframes and prototypes Ideally with real users, but sometimes I have to use my girlfriend. :eyes:

Based on what we have learned here, we then develop the interface that provides the solution.
And from then on, we depend on the users. If they notice that a feature doesn't solve their problem, they should give feedback so that we can develop better features based on that.

New at RAIDBOXES: UX Engineer Thomas
Wireframes of a burger menu. Photo by Thomas Nohl/Private

How did you discover your interest in UX?

I have always been interested in how things work and what happens in the background. No matter whether it's a telephone, a cassette player (sorry, Dad) or software. That's how I first got into software development. And while I was converting the first designs into functioning websites during my training, I also wanted to understand what principles and mechanisms actually lay behind them.

Why did you choose RAIDBOXES ?

RAIDBOXES was exciting for me because the company contributes to climate change mitigation. In addition, RAIDBOXES pays attention to the common good in its cooperation with business partners. The bonus for me: I can create a digital product for the people who used to sit next to me in agencies or digital service providers.

What do you do when you close the laptop?

It depends on how I'm feeling. Either I go down to the basement and tinker with wood or an Arduino project , or I open up the laptop again and get inspired by YouTube videos for new projects.

In conclusion: Either-Or

What is your favourite music? 

In the meantime, I listen almost exclusively to podcasts. :eyes: Otherwise I listen to whatever suits my mood at the time, from Slipknot to PeterLicht, there's a lot there.

Desk: tidy or untidy?


Early riser or night owl?

Early riser.

Coffee or tea?


Sport or sofa?


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