Your secure WordPress hosting

Our setup is designed for security out of the box – with features tailored to WordPress. You can rely on our team and sleep easy while we protect your website effectively against attacks.

Securing your WordPress website or your online shop with WooCommerce is essential. If your site is hacked or customer data becomes public, your professional existence is threatened. Our security team helps you with this complex issue, with special functions and first-class support. This significantly reduces your business risk.

Integrated backupsLogin Protection2FA: Double securityMalware protectionIP BlockingWordPress ToolsFree SSLISO certified
Raidboxes offers you a complete backup system so you don't need an additional plugin. Every backup, whether manual or automated, can be restored in a few seconds with a single click.
Our Login Protector provides effective protection against brute force attacks and unauthorized access, including monitoring and an allowlist. Keep access to your WordPress Dashboard secure.
2-factor authentication (2FA) makes your Raidboxes Dashboard as secure as Fort Knox. It's easy to use via app, email or SMS – simply choose the method that best suits you and your work.
Each of your WordPress or WooCommerce projects runs independently of other websites. This significantly minimizes the potential danger of hacker and malware attacks.
Getting a lot of unwanted emails? At Raidboxes you can block the IP addresses of spammers with just a few clicks. You won't receive any more hits from these IPs in the future.
Protected WP-Config and secured WordPress Core, customizable headers, our WordPress Session Eraser and more: We make hacker attacks on your website much more difficult.
SSL is an absolute must for every professional website: Google even includes it in their ranking. HTTPS also makes your website faster and only takes a few seconds to activate at Raidboxes.
Our infrastructure is optimized for WordPress and only uses server locations in Germany. You can rely on ISO 27001 certification and the highest security standards.
  • Server location in Europe
  • Integrated backups that can be restored with a few clicks
  • Double security with 2FA and protected login
  • Server-side solutions instead of even more plugins
  • Hacker and malware protection for a secure WordPress
  • Expert WordPress tools with advanced settings