High traffic WordPress for highest demands

Our fast WordPress hosting runs robustly and reliably even with high traffic. This means your website can withstand the next rush of visitors, you won't lose any more conversions and you'll increase your turnover.

  • Stable performance with 99 % uptime
  • Up to 4x faster loading time for your WordPress website
  • Several working hours saved per month thanks to practical features

Our daily mission is to use our high-speed WordPress hosting to ensure that your website runs reliably and at lightning speed even during the next rush of visitors.

Stable performanceLightning-fast websiteMaximum security
Our high-traffic hosting is designed for stability. This means your website is always available - regardless of whether thousands of readers are storming your blog or a marketing campaign is coming up in the store.

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Your WordPress website loads up to 4x faster on our servers. Our server-side cache ensures particularly fast delivery and saves you additional caching plugin.

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Our setup guarantees security ex works. Integrated features minimize potential security risks. Your data is stored securely on German servers.

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Stable and fast WordPress hosting365 days support from WordPress expertsHighest safety standards
High-traffic WordPress hosting from Raidboxes brings you Shorter loading times and a Uptime of 99 % - thanks to integrated caching, our own high-performance servers and state-of-the-art technologies. You don't have to share servers and computing power. We take care of updates, daily backups, security and performance.

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We are always at your side site - in the personal contact and with real know-how. Our WordPress experts support you in real time at the highest technical level. Even at weekends and on public holidays. We not only help you with problems, but also free of charge with the WordPress migration.

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Integrated features such as SSL, daily website backups, login protection and IP blocking minimize potential security risks. You can test updates and new designs risk-free in the staging. With secure server locations in Germany and ISO 27001 certification our hosting is also 100% GDPR-compliant.

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