New at RAIDBOXES: Maik in Product Development and Support

Michael Firnkes Last updated 06.09.2021
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Last updated 06.09.2021

We're proud of our managed WordPress hosting and, above all, our specialized features. The RAIDBOXES Dashboard takes a lot of work off your hands. Maik is hard at work in our product development and 3rd level support to keep it that way. Learn more about what he's up to at RAIDBOXES in our interview.

Tasks in 3rd Level Support

Maik, what are your responsibilities at RAIDBOXES?

I'm going to be further developing the current product features and implementing new extensions. I'm also part of the 3rd level support team and assist our customer support (1st & 2nd level) with questions and issues that are technical and server-side.

How and where have you worked with WordPress so far? What other technical experience do you have?

I only have private experience with WordPress itself. For the past ten years, I've been working with Zend Framework, Symfony and other PHP frameworks. I've also provided Shopware support for about 4 or 5 years.

In my spare time, I love learning new programming languages such as C, Typescript, Python, Ruby and Go. For some time now, I've been learning Dart, an ECMA-standardized programming language from Google.

Starting at RAIDBOXES

Product development is a complex task. How did you familiarize yourself with the product? And what features are you already working on?

I'm actually still in the process of learning the ropes. But I've been given a lot of freedom so that I can familiarize myself. The entire team is available to answer any questions I may have.

Currently, I'm mainly working on restructuring and standardizing processes so that they run even more smoothly in the future. This concerns the revision of features such as creating/cloning BOXES, restoring/cloning backups and creating templates.

Easy WordPress management

The managed WordPress hosting from RAIDBOXES contains numerous special functions to help you manage your WordPress projects much more efficiently – saving you a great deal of time. For an overview, check out our article Managing 5 to 100+ WordPress Projects Efficiently. It's also available as an e-book.

What's the work in 3rd level support like? What kind of questions do you deal with?

In 3rd level support, we mostly fix bugs in the dashboard or work closely with the backend to solve problems on the servers. Most technical cases that come directly from the customer can already be solved by 2nd level support.

Questions that land with me tend to revolve around why a BOX is no longer accessible and what external or internal errors may have led to it. We investigate the problems that cause BOXES to be inaccessible or not to start, for example. We also carry out malware checks and inspect the allegedly infected files before forwarding the results to our customers.

How do you manage to explain technical contexts in a simple way in support?

At 3rd level, I have little direct customer contact. Mostly it's internal questions that I can answer. I've always provided support via text and/or telephone. I try to put myself in the shoes of the person asking the question in order to work out the solution. And then to communicate it step by step.

RAIDBOXES as an employer

Did you know us before? And why did you choose RAIDBOXES as your employer?

I already knew about RAIDBOXES through a friend who works in the same industry (WordPress hosting) and he told me about the company. I then researched some more about RAIDBOXES and the decision to apply came pretty swiftly after that.

At the job interview, I was then presented with the model of the Holacracy and the company's philosophy, both of which only impressed me more. On the social media channels, the team also looked like a fun bunch.

RAIDBOXES is growing – be part of it!

You want to help realize the best WordPress hosting worldwide? Then become part of our team now. You'll find open positions on our jobs page – and can work on site in Münster or remotely. Check out the generous benefits you can enjoy as a RAIDBOXES employee.

What's your first impression of the team?

I'm really thrilled and impressed. I've been extremely welcomed by the team and feel like I've been working here for years. I'm also surprised that the Holacracy model with its different roles works so well.

Remote or in the office?

Will you work entirely in the office or partly remotely from home? Where do you see the advantages in each case?

I'll mainly work from the office. The biggest disadvantage of the home office for me is the almost non-existent human exchange with colleagues. At home, I miss the nice conversations while getting coffee and the common breaks, even if there are digital alternatives such as the optional shared "online lunch break".

New at RAIDBOXES: Maik in Product Development and Support
We've always got a positive working atmosphere

The disadvantage of the office is, of course, the homeliness of one's own four walls! And the question, "what should I wear today?", is something I have to ask myself less when working from home.

What do you look forward to most in your work?

There are so many topics here that interest me. My active involvement of in product development, the general cooperation with the teams and, in particular, team events where we get to know everyone!

What do you do when you're not working for RAIDBOXES?

I'm a gamer and programmer through and through. That means I play computer games in my spare time or I program on private projects (games, websites or software). I also like to go hiking and play pen & paper with friends.

Your questions about working at RAIDBOXES

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