How to Manage 5 to 100+ WordPress Projects Efficiently

Michael Firnkes Last updated on 12.10.2020
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WordPress  Management
Last updated on 12.10.2020

Whether you manage 5, 50, or 500 WordPress projects for yourself or your customers, administrative tasks can easily take up a large part of your working day. In this guide, we'll show you how to centrally organize your WordPress management and significantly speed up your processes.

Administrative tasks take up your time and test your patience: installing and updating WordPress and WooCommerce plugins and themes, backups, setting up SSL, and managing security settings to name but a few. The same applies to agencies, developers, web designers, and other freelancers alike. Moreover, we tend to greatly underestimate how much time we spend on these mindless tasks.

Do you have an idea of how much you, or your agency employees, spend on these tasks? Try creating a simple tally sheet:

  • Manual jobs: How often do you set up a new WordPress, including installing plugins and a theme? How long does it take you to do this, even if you've already made similar configurations in the past?
  • Recurring work: What about settings the options for these plugins and themes? In particular complex plugins for SEO, newsletter tools or WooCommerce? Do you have to set the same options for projects repeatedly?
  • Test processes: How much time do you set aside for testing new features to then end up making more changes to the live site? Are your Backups always ready to go?
  • Switching systems: How often do you have to switch between different dashboards and configurations? Or even different web hosts? How often do you check for errors that need fixing on the individual servers?
  • Maintenance: Do you have to maintain each installation separately, e.g. for WordPress, plugin, and theme updates?

In some cases, you can pass on the cost of this work to your customers. But the whole process is inefficient. Another agency, one with better processes, will quickly outbid you. As a freelancer and WordPress expert, your time could be better spent on other tasks. Regardless of whether you earn money with your websites yourself or with the WordPress services you provide.

The savings are easy to calculate: the more processes involved in setup, development and hosting that can be automated, the more resources you have available for your actual projects. The time savings and financial benefits will therefore be much higher. On his blog GrowthWizard SEO expert Dominik Stein describes the situation as follows:

As a freelancer and blogger, I'm buying myself precious time with WordPress hosting from RAIDBOXES. I get competent support within minutes and I'm not waiting in an endless queue. I don't have to preconfigure things like caching and backups and security updates are also taken care of.

What does the typical everyday life of WordPress agencies and freelancers look like? What areas could be optimized? Let's start with a short overview.

Maintain your own or other websites yourself

Many freelancers have several website projects of their own with which they earn their living. Affiliate portals, magazines and blogs or Online shops with WooCommerce are all examples of such projects. Some freelancers develop WordPress websites on behalf of customers and then take care of the hosting. This means they choose a hosting provider and assume responsibility for the ongoing maintenance of the webspace or server. Other freelancers take over existing customer projects where you can easily find yourself knee-deep in piles of providers, contracts, and dashboards.

Generally speaking, these services are covered by a maintenance contract and therefore paid for with a fixed fee. Billing on the clock is also an option, however. Whether you manage your own websites or customer projects, it is in your interest to optimize the following areas:

  • The administration of the same plugins and themes on different platforms.
  • The organization of updates and backups
  • Security settings and hardening of critical data or entire websites
  • The development process, e.g. pushing from a test to a live environment
  • The management of different contracts and logins
  • The handling of the different webhost support channels

In larger agencies, multiple staff members carry out the tasks above. This means there is enormous potential for optimization. Let's say, for example, a new version of WordPress is published. In many agencies, the following is likely to happen:

  1. Multiple employees test the new WordPress version on different customer projects
  2. After testing, the employees are busy going live with the results
  3. If the individual projects have similar configurations, half the team is occupied with the same tasks.

With central management, a single person from your agency would take care of this task. For similar setups, certain parts can even be automated at the push of a button. Ultimately, you can even have an entire set of predefined websites at your disposal. More on this later.

WordPress  Templates
Duplicate existing WP projects with one click

There is another advantage to central administration - you have a much better overview and so no tasks get left behind. At the same time, no task is duplicated and you can put the time saved to better use.

Develop and hand over customer projects

Most freelancers, web designers, and agencies work as follows: They first develop a website on their own server. When the website is finished, they hand it over, along with the economic and legal responsibility, to their customer. This lowers your entrepreneurial risk. There are two options for hosting the site after the handover with this approach:

  1. Migrate the site to the customer's existing server/hosting.
  2. The site stays with your web hosting provider. After development, you simply hand over the contract to your customer.

It's up to your customers to decide which option they prefer. However, customers are often happy if you recommend a tried-and-test hosting provider. Especially if you're dealing with a new or first-time web project, e.g. an online shop for an existing retail shop. Or if your clients don't possess much technical know-how. Suitable web hosting is regularly a hot topic of discussion in forums. Handing over the project to your customers has several advantages:

  • Put an end to all the screenshots. During the design and development phases, your customer can easily look at the project, as often as they want, to test or accept individual functions.
  • After the project is completed, you hand over the admin role and the contract with just a few clicks.
  • Will you be offering your customer a maintenance package after project completion? You can remain as the administrator of the site and simply change the owner.
  • Depending on the form of contract, a large part of the liability may pass to the customer (website failures, GDPR hacker attacks, warnings, etc.).

The last point must be clarified with a law firm specialized in online law. You need to know which cases you are liable for.

Tip: Develop for free

Host your projects for free during the development phase with RAIDBOXES, as part of our FREE DEV program. When you hand over the project to your customers, you also receive a commission of up to 1,500 euros. This is a great source of additional income.

FREE DEV program
Our FREE DEV program

Flexible management: Combine your own and external projects

The two models, i.e. administering the website yourself or giving it to the customer, can rarely be strictly separated. Anyone who develops and manages WordPress sites will likely recognize this situation: Your projects get mixed with your customers' projects, certain parts are handed over at some point, or they end up in your responsibility again later on. On occasion, you're having to switch back and forth between dozens of servers. At the same time, you're also managing:

  • Subpackages
  • Domain, SSL and email providers
  • FTP access & databases
  • Multisites
  • Web hosting providers
  • Dashboard languages (where required)

All these tasks require time and effort and you need factor in the topic of security into all of them. RAIDBOXES does things differently. With us, you manage all your own and external projects together from a central interface. This is made even easier with the convenient system of BOXES. More on that in a moment.

The RAIDBOXES way allows you to automate many of your tasks or carry them out together at the same time. You can develop new websites in the same place, including an integrated test environment (staging). This is all done without you having to change systems. WordPress templates reduce your development time considerably. If you want to hand over the project to your customer after completion, the transfer just takes a few clicks. Remain as flexible as possible: different business models and sources of income can be managed from one place and duplicate task packages are eliminated.

The advantages of centralized management

By managing multiple WordPress websites, you can scale your business model upwards. This should by no means lead to your administrative tasks increasing to the same extent, however. A central dashboard gives you much more freedom in this area. This applies to agencies and self-employed people alike, whether you design corporate websites, content portals, blogs or shops. The are many benefits to a consolidated interface:

  • Work faster: You and your team don't have to learn how to use different dashboards from multiple web hosts.
  • Template management: Existing projects can be cloned or partially reused.
  • Website status: You have a quick overview of all your projects which includes monitoring (CPU, RAM, SSD), any changes made, pending updates or permissions.
  • Integrated solutions: Features such as server-side caching, backups, staging, 1-click SSL certificates, redirects, etc. are already integrated without the need for extra plugins. This reduces maintenance and licensing costs.
  • Rights model: Do you work in a team together with other freelancers? Being able to add admins for individual projects at any point is important.
  • Accounting: You only receive one invoice from one service provider. You longer have to deal with changing providers and complicated contract transfers on a regular basis.

Are you part of our FREE DEV program? Manage the commission you receive from customer referrals and handovers in one place. This includes statistics on how successful your referrals and affiliate links on your site are.

Setting up the Admin
Add more administrators to your project at any time

Management options: hosting, configuration tool or plugin

There are several ways to centrally manage different WordPress projects and domains. These include:

How do these options differ from each other? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? cPanel and Plesk are powerful tools for managing web hosting servers. You can also use them to assign different role systems for users, e.g. admins, resellers, and domain owners. However, some developers find the handling of the configuration tools quite complicated, especially if you're used to the WordPress backend. Rafael Luge from the agency Kopf & Stift explains in his blog:

Of course, it may be a matter of taste, but I find Plesk very confusing for WordPress administration. Beginners in particular have a hard time with Plesk because the backend is structured in a very technical way.

There are also license fees you need to pay in addition to your hosting. At the same time, not all hosting providers support administration via cPanel or Plesk. These tools are therefore of little use to you if your customers' hosting landscape is particularly "expansive". The biggest difference with our dashboard: RAIDBOXES was developed exclusively for WordPress. This specialization is evident in our numerous features, which are tailored to the leading CMS. These features include:

  • Update or fix your WordPress version
  • Single sign-on, so you can securely log in to your WordPress dashboard with one click and without entering another password
  • Debug errors and display the CPU load, RAM and SSD usage of your sites
  • WordPress cron jobs
  • Server-side redirects without a plugin
  • Security features for WordPress and your server
  • Integrated staging

In a moment, we'll compare the features of cPanel and Plesk with those of RAIDBOXES in detail. WordPress plugins like ManageWP or InfiniteWP promise the management of multiple WordPress instances from one WP backend. The following areas are covered by most providers as standard and are therefore free of charge:

  • Administration of WordPress logins
  • Central updates of the WordPress version, plugins and themes
  • Installation, activation and deactivation of WordPress plugins
  • Allocation of different access and user rights

Depending on the provider, regular backups, a test environment, monitoring, or security checks can be included for an additional fee via add-ons. These tools do allow you to manage your projects across different hosting providers. Solutions based on principles similar to ManageWP and InfiniteWP, however, have some disadvantages:

  • Additional plugin required: You need a comprehensive plugin to manage sites across all your systems. This additional plugin can affect your site's performance and thus becomes a management problem itself. Security flaws have been discovered in certain plugins in the past and are concerning as plugins dig deep into your WordPress installation. You need to be very selective in your choices here.
  • No automated performance optimization: Specialized WordPress web hosts like RAIDBOXES optimize all components, in order to maximize your sites' performance and speed. For example, with the help of server-side and WordPress-specific caching. These components aren't included in management plugins and you'll need to look elsewhere for a separate solution.
  • No integrated security optimization: Plugins like ManageWP are limited primarily to evaluating your site security and running updates. You still have to take care of protecting the login area or creating firewalls. With specialized hosting your provider takes care of protecting such potential targets of attack.
  • No completely automated administration: Even with the services mentioned above, you're often forced to log in to the individual installations from time to time. To check, for example, the status of the sites. Some service providers check for plugin updates every day. A partially automated solution is far more efficient here.

How RAIDBOXES solves the issues mentioned above is explained in the following chapters. The table below compares the services offered by RAIDBOXES, cPanel, Plesk, ManageWP, and InfiniteWP:

cPanel, Plesk, ManageWP, InfiniteWP. RAIDBOXES  Dashboard
Comparison of different management solutions

Website management with RAIDBOXES

There are several advantages to managing your projects centrally. What do you need to pay attention to as an agency, company, freelancer, or professional blogger when you're responsible for WordPress management? After all, every web hosting provider boasts about how simple their services are to use. But not all dashboards are built the same. Most of the time, you won't really know if the service provider or tool can live up to their promises until you've already entered several domains and websites. You can do without the hassle of switching to yet another provider if these promises aren't kept.

BOX overview in the dashboard
The BOX overview in the RAIDBOXES Dashboard

This is why it's important to choose your management solution carefully and test it thoroughly in advance. Below is a brief overview of how we deal with this challenge at RAIDBOXES. We'll look at many more features to greatly streamline your processes in later sections of this guide.

The BOXES principle

We developed our dashboard specifically for WordPress from the very beginning. At the same time, we tailored it to manage several websites with WordPress and WooCommerce simultaneously. You create a separate area, called a BOX, for each of your projects. Within this area, you're able to quickly and easily manage each individual website. In the dashboard, the concept of BOXES allows you to maintain an overview of your projects without the hassle of switching between different accesses and accounts. SEO and WordPress expert Finn Hillebrandt writes in his blog Blogmojo:

The RAIDBOXES customer area is the best I've seen so far from a hosting provider. It offers simplicity, modern design, and maximum manageability. You can create or delete a BOX, switch SSL on, or assign a contract with just a few clicks.

I would like to give two short examples of how this benefits you. Are you planning a new project that is similar to an existing one? Perhaps with similar plugins, themes, or content? With our WordPress templates feature, you can make a copy of your BOX and create a new BOX from it. Using this template, you can clone as many WordPress sites as you like at the touch of a button. Your plugins, themes, and settings are already preconfigured.

Create a BOX
Create a new BOX from a template

Do you just want to test some plugins and themes in a new BOX? Reset the BOX with just one click as if you were starting a new project.

Tip: WordPress DEMO BOX

Do you want to create a whole new WordPress website? Or migrate an existing site to RAIDBOXES free of charge? Start now for free and without obligation on a DEMO BOX. Start developing your projects straight away.

Do you have multiple WordPress projects and thus BOXES with us? Manage them conveniently from one place, using the list view and the following actions:

  • Rename a BOX
  • Check the BOX status at any time
  • Switch to the staging environment
  • Manage backups
  • Manage plugins and themes
  • BOX settings
  • One-click WordPress login
  • Fix or upgrade your WordPress version
  • Manage administrators

Sort and filter functions are also included in the BOX view, in case you're managing multiple projects at once.

Central WordPress  management
Manage all your BOXES in one place

Work more productively with the RAIDBOXES Dashboard

As a WordPress agency or freelancer, you need an efficient workflow to work at your best. Mindless and recurring manual tasks shouldn't fill your day-to-day life while important tasks are left waiting. We offer many tools to develop and manage your WordPress projects. RAIDBOXES itself evolved from an agency so we can draw on our own experience in developing these.

A flexible and simple management dashboard can save you several hours of work every month. In the administration and optimization of your WordPress sites, for example. But what specific tasks can a good dashboard take off your hands? Here are just a few:

  • Installation: Simply create or duplicate new websites with one click. Server-side caching, installation of SSL certificates, complete management of your backups, and developer tools like SSH are already integrated so you no longer need to set these all up separately.
  • Optimization: Server-side data compression, the use of HTTP/2 and the fastest/latest PHP version (including manual change option) are standard with all packages. You can control the PHP runtime, separated by frontend and backend.
  • Updates: Choose to have WordPress and plugins updates run automatically as required. Manage plugins and themes directly in the hosting dashboard so you don't have to log in for every update. Activate or deactivate plugins when errors occur without needing to access your file system or database.
  • Templates: Create permanent templates for new websites. This way your favorite WordPress setup is always preconfigured and ready to use. Just add the components, images, and texts for that individual case as and when you need to.
  • Test environment: Make sure your hosting contains a separate area for WordPress staging. New plugins and themes should be tested before you go live as should new versions of WooCommerce. Undesired effects and outages can occur without thorough testing. We'll return to this point later on.
  • Secure login: Log in to the WordPress backend of your projects with just one click. Create secure 64-character passwords and then "forget" them. This is a way to protect yourself from Brute Force attacks.

We offer 1-click WordPress installations at RAIDBOXES: As soon as you click on "Create a BOX" in our dashboard, a new WordPress site is created automatically within seconds. Along with Cloning, WordPress templates and staging, you have powerful tools at hand that significantly reduce your setup, administration, and development time.

Integrated functions instead of plugins

There are a lot of great plugins out there for WordPress, if you know your way around. The official directory from lists over 50,000 plugins. How can you make the right choice from such an abundance of plugins? The plugin you need may well be the proverbial needle in a haystack so let us help with our tips for choosing the right plugins.

The RAIDBOXES team decided to integrate essential functions not included in the standard WordPress system directly into the dashboard. There are several advantages to this:

  • Make settings centrally: You don't have to get used to various providers with different user interfaces and spend time searching for options.
  • Quality & security: Maintenance and updates of server-side solutions are carried out in the background by RAIDBOXES. You don't need to lift a finger. Moreover, fewer plugins also reduce the risk of hacker attacks.
  • Performance & compatibility: Integrated modules offer significantly better performance, for example, than a plugin with the same functionality. At the same time, you no longer have to check whether individual plugins and their updates are compatible. This results in far fewer conflicts from caching alone.
  • Cost factor: The prices of professional WordPress plugins are usually very reasonable. But if you manage several projects, these expenses can soon grow to a tidy sum. Keep costs down with a comprehensive Managed WordPress hosting such as the service offered by RAIDBOXES.
  • One-stop support: We monitor our solutions continuously. This includes, for example, changes in WordPress. If a problem should arise in conjunction with your other settings, you just need to contact one central support team, rather than a myriad of providers. This also means you get the solution a lot faster.
  • Future-proof: Not every plugin is maintained forever or continuously at the same level. Even some prominent plugins have fallen foul to this in the past. It can take a huge effort to switch to another plugin, particularly for caching plugins. The entrepreneurial risk is significantly lower with integrated systems. 

These advantages protect your internal resources. Are central plugin updates keeping you and your team busy on a regular basis? The solutions in the RAIDBOXES Dashboard take care of the following for you:

  1. Backups
  2. A comprehensive test environment i.e. staging
  3. Caching for faster loading times
  4. Performance Tools like the integrated support of Brotli or WebP. If the latter option is enabled, the BOX will automatically be scanned for WebP versions of your images. If such versions are available, we'll deliver them transparently.
  5. The setup and management of redirects (server side so especially fast) and WP cron jobs
  6. Safety features like SSL, login protection, IP blocking, Session Eraser, Single Sign-on and more

In the following sections, we'll explain in detail how these solutions help to speed up your work.


Preparing a website for tens of thousands of visitors or thousands of page views per minute is no easy task. But such a huge rush of visitors can happen quite quickly. Are you planning an extensive marketing campaign? What if your company is mentioned in the media? Special high-performance plans like those from RAIDBOXES are designed to ensure your projects can withstand traffic surges at all times.

Our plan tool, for example, can recommend suitable plans for different loads (visitors per month and page views per minute). It includes a list of the respective integrated services such as storage space/SSD, PHP memory limit, number of hits or optimization for WooCommerce and BuddyPress:

hosting  Packet calculator
What performance does your website need? Find out with our tool.

Have your visitor numbers been manageable up to now? Then you'll start with a small plan. But your project, or that of your customer, is likely to grow. Choose a host that allows you to easily move to a bigger plan and, if you want to, switch back to the original plan with just a few clicks.

As a service provider, you can pass on the costs of hosting to your customers. However, you still have to include them in your calculation. You should also explain to your customers how cheap web hosting leads to more work and why it ends up being more expensive in the long run. Our article WooCommerce for freelancers and agencies will help you calculate costs correctly. The points in this article apply to both WooCommerce and WordPress.

Specialization in WordPress

Thanks to our own agency experience, we know exactly which features WordPress professionals need to make their projects a success. Our team lives WordPress 100 percent. This experience flows readily into our product development. At RAIDBOXES, we don't have rigid hierarchies or lengthy communication channels so our product development is extremely flexible and agile.

This allows us to react immediately to external factors like WordPress core updates. Our proximity to the WordPress community means we often know where WordPress is heading before others do.

WordPress  Features
Special WordPress features support your work

What our WordPress specialization means for you: You don't have to explain the peculiarities and technical terms of WordPress and WooCommerce to our support team when you need assistance. With other hosting providers, i.e. those not specialized in WordPress, this can be a real issue. Our support team members come from the WordPress community so you can be sure the answers they provide are practical and targeted.

We don't have a call center and we'd never leave you an endless waiting queue. Instead, we provide only personal and individually tailored advice from WordPress experts. We're very proud of our diverse team. Add to that our RAIDBOXES Dashboard with functions developed specifically for WordPress as the leading CMS. You don't need to "bend" our features to make them fit various systems. This is what our customers say:

In RAIDBOXES, we've finally found a WordPress host that can entirely meet the demands of our multiple and often changing websites.

Robbie Bouschery from the startup event PIRATE Summit

RAIDBOXES delivers exactly the things that WordPress agencies have been wanting for years.

Christos Papadopoulos from the agency AWEOS

Not only are we always there for you personally with first-class WordPress support, but we also provide numerous guides and best practice examples so you can tap into this know-how at any time.

Tip: WordPress know-how

RAIDBOXES explains WordPress in an understandable way for professionals and beginners alike. Read our WordPress magazine wp unboxedour Help Center, e-books or our newsletter. Follow us on Twitter , Facebook.

More performance

Fast loading times improve your visitors' user experience as well as your conversions and ranking. With the integrated functions at RAIDBOXES, your site runs up to 400 percent faster than with other hosts, even without additional optimization steps. Review Signal, one of the most recognized international test portals for hosting benchmarks, put our hosting through its paces in both the entry level- and enterprise section. The result:

It's always nice to see a first time entrant just do flawlessly. With a whopping 0 total errors on their load tests and 99.999% and 100% on their uptime monitors, it's hard to ask for a better performance. Welcome to the show RAIDBOXES and congratulations on earning your first Top Tier honor, may you earn many more in the years to come.

Our integrated solutions make your everyday life as an agency or freelancer much easier. You don't need to focus on the latest trends and plugins for performance optimization or worry about their optimal settings. This is how it works:

  • Managed vServer instead of shared hosting: At RAIDBOXES, you don't share your computing power with other websites. This means you always get the performance you pay for.
  • Our server-side cache becomes active before WordPress takes over command, making it more performant and more resource-efficient than caching plugins.
  • Our Nginx servers are fully trimmed for optimal WordPress performance with the latest PHP versions and HTTP/2.
  • We use the Brotli algorithm to compress data transmission.
  • Your site runs 100% on lightning-fast NVMe SSD hard drives.
  • Our servers in Europe enable remarkably fast response times. Even if your visitor numbers suddenly surge.

It's especially important to have appropriate caching if you want to optimize your site's loading time.

If you don't use caching, you're missing out on halving your loading time. This in turn has a direct effect on your Google ranking. Here are just a few benefits of our RAIDBOXES cache:

  • Significant speed advantage over plugins due to server-side integration.
  • Make exceptions at any time using caching rules. We also provide you with predefined rules, e.g. excluding the shopping cart in WooCommerce.
  • Extend your rules via regular expressions (regex).
  • Change the order of the caching rules, e.g. for a staggered or logical structure.
  • Empty the cache with one click.  You can also set the time period after which the server cache of your site is filled.
  • Define whether or not there should be a common cache for all end devices. Otherwise, a separate cache is used for each end device (PC/Mac, tablet, smartphone). This is important if you have a separate mobile version of your website ("").
  • Ignore no-cache or set-cookie headers (optional).

Take advantage of a performance boost from RAIDBOXES. Because there are only so many SEO levers you can pull. If your servers' performance isn't up to scratch in the first place, any extra effort you put in is in vain.

Tip: Online shop with WooCommerce

Are you planning an online shop with WooCommerce? There are additional factors you need to consider. Read our e-book WooCommerce for professionals for invaluable tips for agencies, freelancers and WP professionals.

Furthermore, an optimized caching speed determines whether visitors stay on your website and convert or whether they leave. This doesn't just apply to online shops. Many caching plugins for WordPress are available but, depending on the plugin, you may need to pay for them and carry out regular maintenance. Malte Helmhold from the agency THE ADVISERS has the following to say about our performance:

The speed at RAIDBOXES is outstanding, even with complex WordPress websites... I recently managed to get a landing page, built with Visual Composer (new name: WPBakery Page Builder) and with a huge amount of content, to load in less than half a second - all thanks to RAIDBOXES caching.

Do you want to compare the hosting from various providers? Then start a real test run of your own. But don't let yourself be swayed by figures that sound impressive but aren't relevant for WordPress hosting. Here are two examples:

You don't need to be too concerned about storage space and the number of databases included in the hosting. You need 50 MB to install WordPress. Usually, 2 GB is completely sufficient for one WordPress installation. Even larger blogs with more than 1,500 posts only amount to 1.5 GB. Just three percent of RAIDBOXES customers need more than 5 GB of storage space. WordPress itself has one database. Only in exceptional cases is an additional database required, e.g. for another application besides WordPress.

The PHP Memory Limit, on the other hand, is far more relevant for comparison - alongside a well-functioning cache and sensible compression. You definitely need a 128 MB PHP memory limit. For WooCommerce installations this limit should be 256 MB. The PHP memory limit describes the maximum usable memory per PHP process on the server. The more plugins you use and the more memory they consume, the more the PHP memory limit needs to be adjusted upwards. But be careful: Simply increasing the value doesn't guarantee a stable site.

Tip: Compare hosting offers

Check out our blog post WordPress hosting comparison with over 250 test results from Web PageSpeed Insights. We show you which factors really speed up your projects.

What does PageSpeed say

Other values can sometimes be more misleading than they are enlightening. Don't let yourself be too influenced by Google PageSpeed Score for example. Focus rather on the actual loading time for your users in seconds. Generally speaking, you should aim for a loading time of two seconds or less.

One of the best criteria for evaluating your hosting performance is the so-called Time To First Byte (TTFB). Here, the time in milliseconds is measured from the user's request to the first response from the server. We won't touch on other important factors here such as the efficient programming of your WordPress theme as these should be measured and optimized separately.

It's important to remember that the number, quality, and size of your plugins can also increase the TTFB. You can only compare one server to another if you run the same website with exactly the same setup. Although TTFB is important for evaluating your server, it's not something visitors to your website are particularly interested in. What's far more important to them is the point at which they can interact with the website or when it's visible in a meaningful way. The entire website, as your visitors perceive it as complete, should ideally be displayed in less than a second. Two metrics are significant here:

  1. Loading time - First View: This value determines the loading time for a visitor who visits your site for the first time.
  2. Loading time - Second View: This parameter stands for the loading time for a visitor who visits your site for a second time.

The values sometimes differ significantly because your site is stored temporarily by the browser, the server-side caching or plugins. The site is then loaded directly from this memory. See also our WordPress hosting comparison. In this article, we explain how to test performance correctly and recommend the best setup for different WordPress projects.

Admittedly, some criteria for ensuring website performance are difficult to grasp. What's more, how fast your project will be in the end depends on a wide range of factors. These factors include, among others, the following:

  • How the site is configured (theme, plugins, other extensions)
  • Whether resource-intensive modules like WooCommerce or bbPress/BuddyPress are running
  • Which external elements are loaded (scripts, tracking, fonts, integration of social networks etc.)
  • How many graphic elements there are, how well they are compressed, how extensive the contents of the individual subpages are
  • How performant the server and webhosting are
  • How many simultaneous accesses there are
  • Which country the site/server is located is and where the most important requests are originating from

It's not possible to accurately predict the end result, i.e. how your project will run on which setup and in which situation.

Test your website speed

How are your websites positioned so far? How much can you hope to increase by? What are good performance indicators for WordPress in the first place? We will happily test all of this for you. Sign up for a free and no-strings-attached performance test:

Simple management of multiple websites

For a long time, the hosting market for professional WordPress users looked rather bleak. Until a few years ago, specialized WP hosting was only available in the USA. Developers needed to spend several hours every month installing and maintaining their projects. From then on it was a waiting game.

When we had our breakthrough at RAIDBOXES in 2016, our mission was clear. After two years of intense development, we were certain about one thing: We wanted to bring easy-to-use WordPress hosting with more performance and more security onto the market. We made the deliberate choice to set our ourselves apart from the generic web hosting providers. Since then we've been working continuously on features, to make your day-to-day work with WordPress even more efficient. Here is a small selection of these features:

Single sign-on

With our WordPress Single sign-on (SSO), you log in to your WordPress admin panel directly from the RAIDBOXES Dashboard with just one click. Single sign-on prevents you from being constantly locked out of your website or having to reset your password. For you, this means:

  • More security: You never lose access to your WordPress sites as you only need one central access to your RAIDBOXES account. Forgetting passwords or entering incorrect logins are a thing of the past. This same applies to your customers.
  • Faster administration: With single sign-on you log in to WordPress directly from our dashboard, saving yourself time and stress. This is particularly helpful if you need to switch back and forth between multiple projects during development or maintenance.
  • More control: By linking the WordPress accounts to RAIDBOXES accounts, you can specify precisely which of your employees, colleagues or customers are allowed to log in to which account. This puts you fully in control and you can see who made which changes. Use this information to define user rights.

You can set up WordPress single sign-on at BOX level. SSO provides an uncluttered interface when working on a project with a team. As the BOX owner, you assign the BOXES to your colleagues that they need to manage and support - no more and no less. This increases your team's focus, prevents unwanted access, and ensures a structured way of working.

SSH environment & SSL

At RAIDBOXES, you have access to a SSH Environment (Secure Shell) in all our hosting plans. Tools such as Git and WP-CLI - to easily perform operations in WordPress via the command line - are pre-installed. Use SSH to establish a secure network connection with our servers and your WordPress websites.

SSH uses unique encryption in the form of a key that can be stored in our dashboard with one click. A big advantage of using SSH is that your passwords, user names etc. do not get into the hands of hackers. At the same time, the ready-to-use SSH environment speeds up the development of your WordPress projects.

Just as important is the SSL encryption (https://) of your websites. More and more browsers classify portals that don't use SSL as "not secure". Search engines such as Google also issue a warning in the search results for websites without SSL encryption. This means you're not just protecting your site by using SSL, you're also making sure the majority of your visitors don't leave immediately. These are the advantages of integrated SSL encryption at RAIDBOXES:

  • Let's Encrypt SSL certificates, free of charge and installed with one click
  • These certificates are supported by all common internet browsers, e.g. Chrome, Safari or Firefox
  • The optimized HTTP/2 ensures your WordPress sites load significantly faster through compression, improved data transfer and server push
  • Activate or deactivate SSL at any time with just one click
  • The certification strengthens customer trust in you and thus improves sales

The same applies to setting up internal forwarding and a search and replace function on the website. This can be done fully automated with just one click at RAIDBOXES. The estimated time saving per project ranges from 20 minutes for professionals to three hours for beginners.

Integrated backup system

How often should I be making backups and of which projects? Where should I store them and is there enough storage space available? How can I create a manual backup as quickly as possible? And above all: How do I load from a backup in case of an emergency, and what's the quickest way to do it? If you've ever worked with free backup plugins for WordPress, you'll already know how much time you can spend creating and securing backups.

And who among us hasn't lost their patience when restoring a backup takes an hour or more instead of a few seconds. This is especially problematic if your website is out of order for a long time or has errors, e.g. after failed update from WordPress or a third-party plugin. Although there are now good professional WordPress backup plugins available, even these don't always fit seamlessly into your processes.

This is exactly why our RAIDBOXES developers have invested a lot of time and effort in creating a complete Backup system in the dashboard. The key points:

  • Fully automated backups give you peace as mind. Backups are created automatically every night without an error-prone plugin.
  • Is a major update or redesign pending? With manual backups you can create additional backups of your site at any point. These will not be deleted and are also great as templates for new projects.
  • In addition to the database, your complete website is stored for between seven and 30 days, depending on your plan. You have full access at all times to all your backups.
  • Backups take up lot of storage space. Your backups are stored on our own servers in Europe and not on the file system of your WordPress installation.
  • The data is stored on secure and GDPR-compliant servers.
  • Do you want to start a new WordPress project? Or just try different things out with your current BOX? Then clone a new BOX from a backup and continue working without losing data.

The free versions of backup plugins often skimp on storage space and features. Backups and all features are always free with RAIDBOXES. Would you rather play it safe and save a version of your WP website locally? From the STARTER plan you can also download each backup you have made for free.

Manage backups with a single click

Should something go wrong with your maintenance or development, you can restore your site with just one click. This is free of charge and completed in a matter of seconds without needing to contact support. If you do need any assistance, however, our support team will be happy to help.

Even if it's no longer possible to log in to WordPress, you can still restore your website immediately in this way. Without frantically searching for a backup. If you've ever had to reinstall an emergency backup very suddenly, you'll never want to do it without our system again.

Automatic plugin and theme updates

In your RAIDBOXES Dashboard you have an overview of which plugins and themes have updates available. You can see the pending updates, the version number of the plugin and the date of the last change. You can also update the plugins and themes directly in the dashboard without having to log in on every website. The following additional actions are possible, either individually or collectively in bulk mode:

  • Activate or deactivate plugins
  • Delete plugins
  • Update or delete themes

At FULLY MANAGED plan we can look after all plugin and theme updates for you. You decide exactly which plugins we should update for you and which you will take care of yourself. This is advisable as new versions of certain plugins, e.g. WooCommerce, should be thoroughly tested before going live. Another use case: Have you had problems updating individual plugins or themes in the past? It's a good idea to disable auto-updates for these too.

WordPress  Plugins and Themes
Manage plugins and themes directly from the RAIDBOXES Dashboard

The fully automatic updates work for all plugins with the following exceptions:

  • Own developments
  • Plugins integrated in themes (the theme developer usually provides the updates)
  • Plugins or themes without a valid license key

If you like, we will notify you about the plugin update results via email. You can activate or deactivate these notifications per individual plugin or theme. For example, if you fully trust updates from a certain provider.

WPML Multidomain and server-side redirects

Does your or your customer's WordPress project need to be multilingual? There are different ways of going about it. Either as a path within the URL (, as a subdomain ( or as a multidomain where each language gets its own domain (e.g. and From a search engine optimization (SEO) point of view, the latter is usually the best option for multilingualism with WordPress and WooCommerce. RAIDBOXES supports the setup of WPML Multidomain with its own features.

Experience has shown that correct forwarding is often neglected when switching to WPML Multidomain. This is, however, essential for SEO purposes. How else would search engines know where to find the new content? All backlinks your website has built up organically will otherwise point nowhere and thus lose their value. Create your own redirects for a BOX in your RAIDBOXES Dashboard.

Tip: Faster with server-side redirects

This is also a server-side solution and it's much faster than using an (SEO) plugin. Experience shows that this has an immediate positive effect on your Google ranking, as reported by our customers. You can also extend our redirects via regular expressions (regex). Including an individual sequence for implementing a graduated rule logic.

Setting up WPML Multidomain is not easy. The optimized options in our dashboard will also help you with this. See our guide here. Our multidomain feature also works with Polylang. But only if you've activated the WPML compatibility mode in Polylang. Do you have any questions about this? Or about setting up WPML Multidomain in general? Our support will be happy to help you.

Fast and free migration

Would you like to move a single website to RAIDBOXES? Or all your projects? The process is very simple. We take the work off your hands and migrate your sites for you. This is all done within two business days with our RAIDBOXES migration service. It doesn't matter what WordPress sites you move from your current host to RAIDBOXES, your migration to us is 100% free and without obligation.

Anyone who has already moved a WordPress site to a different web host knows that things can go wrong. But not with us. Your old site remains accessible during the whole migration process.

Tip: Smooth WordPress migration

If you use the RAIDBOXES migration service, we will install a copy of your active WordPress site with us. Only when you are completely satisfied with the results do you need to take final step: simply choose a plan, activate it, and link a domain. That's it.

Our support not only carries out the migration for you but is also there to answer all your questions. Test our offer for the first few days free of charge. There's no automatic contract extension. WordPress hosting can be that easy.

Hand over projects to your customers

Did you develop your project for free with us? You can easily give your customers access to the sites to test and give their consent to changes. But what happens afterwards? Save yourself the hassle of lengthy administration, cancellations, cumbersome contract transfers or even changing to a new server or web host.

With RAIDBOXES, you can transfer a website to another RAIDBOXES user at any time with a single click. Is your customer new to us? Then you'll even receive a commission for bringing a new customer to RAIDBOXES - register for our FREE DEV program .

BOX Change owner
Transfer ownership of a BOX

The transfer is straightforward:

  • The new owner receives an email with a confirmation link. They just need to click on this link to complete the transfer.
  • If the new owner doesn't yet have a RAIDBOXES account, a new account will be created during the transfer process.
  • If the new owner already has a RAIDBOXES account, all you have to do is enter the email address with which they are registered in our system.

If you customer agrees, you will still automatically remain administrator on the site after ownership has been transferred. This means you have access to the server settings of the BOX but cannot make changes to the contract details. With the transfer, the new owner takes over all responsibilities and obligations around the contract and corresponding invoices. This also lightens the load for you or your agency.

Tip: Our partner program

Are you already part of our affiliate program or are you a FREE DEV partner? If so, the change of ownership is automatically tracked as commission relevant. You will receive commission of up to 1,500 euros for every new customer. The more customers you refer, the higher your commission will be.

BOX status

Our BOX status gives you an overview of the processes currently running on your WordPress site. For example, you can see if your server is overloaded or if memory usage is too high. The BOX status contains a wide range of important information about your server:

  • CPU usage: Shows you if your site is currently overloaded. With the help of your BOX logs, you can then determine exactly what the reason for a possible overload is. This allows you take appropriate countermeasures and our support will help you when needed.
  • RAM usage: You can determine the current usage of the main memory of your server. This value is also an important indicator for the utilization of the BOX.
  • SSD assignment: Shows you which memory space your BOX is using. Including the division into system components, your website, and staging. Do you need an even more detailed listing by directories or files? Our RAIDBOXES Disk Usage plugin can help you with this.
  • Cron jobs: Here you will find an overview of the cron jobs of your BOX. At RAIDBOXES, you can switch the execution of the WordPress cron jobs by website visitors on or off. In addition, the wp-cron.php can be executed automatically and you can select the interval. Temporarily delete individual hanging WP cron jobs when necessary.
  • BOX history: The BOX history reflects all changes that have been made to the BOX to date.
  • Log files: You have access to all your BOX logs via the BOX status: the error Log, the debug log, and the access log. This way you can properly debug errors and problems on your site or monitor spamming. WP debug can be switched on or off with one click. The debug logs are not publicly accessible, another plus for your security.

Using the example of CPU usage: The orange and red lines mark the load areas where your BOX is in danger of overloading. What exactly the value "CPU load" means and how to interpret it correctly is explained in our article CPU load.

BOX status
The BOX status with an overview of CPU load

The CPU graph consists of minute-by-minute information about your server load. The measuring points are arranged in intervals of one minute each. If you want to know exactly how high the CPU load was at a certain point in time, you can trace this for each individual measuring point. Do you want to take a closer look at a certain time period? Simply draw a frame within the graph and zoom in on the selected time interval.

More security for WordPress

WordPress has a reputation for not being secure. As the leading content management system, it's seen as a worthwhile target for hackers. Many of your customers will already have heard these reservations. Some IT departments don't even allow projects to be built with WordPress or they insist they run on an independent server without any connection to other websites.

What very few of these customers know: Each WordPress instance can be secured in such a way that the danger of an attack is minimized. RAIDBOXES helps you with this complex subject and this lowers your entrepreneurial risk. We've integrated, among others, the following Safety features into our hosting and dashboard:

  • Monitoring: We actively scan for security holes in WordPress and its plugins. If we find anything and you're using that plugin, we'll let you know.
  • Updates: Thanks to managed WordPress, plugin and theme updates (in our plan FULLY MANAGED) all known security holes will be closed immediately as soon as the plugin or theme developer has released a fix. WP core updates are done automatically in all plans, as long as you've not turned this option off in your settings. Security updates for the respective versions will be applied after 24 hours.
  • Login Protector: The integrated RB Login Protector offers effective, server-side protection against Brute Force attacks and unauthorized login attempts. Including IP allow lists, unlocking of blocked addresses, resetting of attempts and email notifications in case of a new lockout.
  • Strong passwords: When you create a BOX, we insist you set a strong password. This has also led to a significant reduction in successful attacks.
  • IP blocking: Exclude individual IPs or even entire IP ranges from access (block list mode). Or allow dedicated access (allow list mode), e.g. for building an intranet.
  • Server-side password protection: You have the option of server-side password protection (Basic Auth).
  • Simple SSL: Free SSL certificates from Let's Encrypt are activated with just one click.
  • XML-RPC interface: By default, the XML-RPC interface is blocked as it's often used by hackers and bots as a gateway. But you can unlock it again if necessary.
  • CORS headers: You define which services can use your site's resources.
  • NGINX security header: Customize these if required.
  • Protected wp-config: This file is read-only by default. Additional special entries or changing the table prefix can be done directly from the dashboard. This makes it almost impossible for an attacker to completely disable your site.
  • Prevent file changes: Turn this option on with one click to disable editing of files within the WordPress dashboard. This will prevent user accounts created by hackers from modifying the theme and plugin files of your site.

An example: Brute Force Attacks are by far the most common type of attack on WordPress sites. Bots try to log in to your WordPress dashboard automatically. They usually use hundreds or thousands of stolen login data and passwords. In the best case, these login attempts just create a very high load on your site. In the worst case, hackers get access to your WordPress system.

The RB Login Protector prevents these attacks. It's placed in front of your WP login area and "blocklists" IP addresses that repeatedly try to log in with wrong login data. In your BOX settings, you can define exactly after how many login attempts this block should take effect and how for long the IPs in question are blocked. In contrast to similar services offered by plugins, our Login Protector is already integrated on the server side for even more security. It also comes with advanced options, like a practical allowlist. IP addresses on this list are not blocked.

Tip: GDPR and WordPress sessions

Do you want to fully adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)? Our WP Session Eraser function will help you. This function deletes the session data of all your BOX WordPress users at an interval you define.

Integrated protection

There are three main reasons for securing your WordPress projects against external access, ideally with integrated solutions like those from RAIDBOXES.

Point 1: Your WordPress website may become unusable

Agencies will recognize this scenario: A distraught customer calls up; their site has been hacked due to insufficient security. At worst, external or dubious content is displayed or customer data is lost. A huge effort is needed to "clean up" the site in the aftermath. Not to mention the fact that valuable hours or even days are lost in the process.

Someone installing malware on your site usually has no interest in destroying it completely. After all, the attacker may want to use it to send spam, direct visitors to spam sites, integrate advertisements or backlinks, or generate crypto currency. Besides limiting your site's functionality, malware can also lead to considerable performance problems.

Point 2: Block listing and drop in Google rankings

Another serious point is the block listing of your domain, especially by Google or providers of spam filters, security solutions and plugins. If Google puts your website on its block list, your site may even end up being removed from their search results. The same applies to other search engines. Spam emails sent from your hacked project can cause permanent damage to your reputation.

It is possible to resubmit a scan of your site after a malware infection. However, this doesn't guarantee that you will get your previous rankings back. Especially for important money keywords and, with high organic traffic, malware infection has serious economic consequences. Not to mention the loss of trust your customers or community will have in you.

Tip: Minimize risk as an agency

What happens to you as a freelancer or agency when one of your customer projects is hacked? You could be held responsible. At any rate, the damage to your reputation is considerable. That's why you should choose a hosting provider that offers you maximum support in terms of security from the very beginning.

Point 3: Loss of data

Unauthorized persons have gained access to the data of your customers and users? You have no idea what they're planning on doing with the data? An absolute nightmare for all those who run a business online. In times of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) the topic has reached new dimensions. Your (potential) customers, your partners, and the authorities are now much more concerned about data protection.

It's essential to protect the data of your users in the best possible way. What is already enormously important for a normal company website is all the more existential for an online shop. Especially if payment information is not sufficiently protected.

WordPress security plugins

Most of the security features mentioned above are also offered by security plugins or by a paid security suite for WordPress. However, the effort required to set them up can be considerable. You need to be a WordPress expert to estimate the consequences of many settings. Otherwise, individual options can cancel each out and either parts of or your entire website may become unavailable.

Let's take a certain, very popular security plugin as an example. To a very large extent, this plugin uses the .htaccess file. However, it doesn't recognize whether there is an NGINX server in the background. Such a server doesn't support the concept of .htaccess - but is still used in the WordPress environment because of its flexibility.

The security measures of the plugins are divided into difficulty levels which does make for a clearer overview.  Nevertheless, many of the measures they offer are less meaningful. In order to properly judge whether certain measures are necessary, you need to be very familiar with WordPress security. Many WordPress plugins inform their users about possible problems, usually via email. However, you will often be notified about things that pose no security risk whatsoever. This can ultimately leave you feeling less secure than you did before. At the same time, you still have to check every message and investigate potential causes.

Last but not least, Security plugins can slow your site down. Either right from the start or if you choose the wrong settings. Plugins usually offer a malware or security scan. Sometimes these scans are run automatically every hour and not just depending on the situation. This means a scan of the entire site is run every hour by a script via a cron job. Anyone who has ever installed antivirus software on their computer knows how much this can slow things down. The server-side features from RAIDBOXES are developed in such a way that there are hardly any, and certainly no measurable, limitations.

Help with malware

If you follow all the measures listed at the beginning of this chapter, you should have a near 100% protected WordPress. But no one can guarantee you absolute protection. If malware does manage to make its way into your site, it needs to be removed promptly and professionally. Even established tools, such as Sucuri , SiteLock, are stretched to their limits here.

Ideally, your host should offer a service to eliminate the malware without leaving a trace. This is what RAIDBOXES does. We proactively scan and block malware and hacker attempts around the clock for you. All of this is done at server level without your site needing any special configuration or WordPress plugins. In the unlikely event that your project is hacked, we will be happy to remove the malware for you. In our FULLY MANAGED plan this service is included free of charge.

Finally, one aspect that should be of particular interest to both your data protection officers and your customers: RAIDBOXES hosting complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We guarantee to only offer servers located in Europe with ISO 27001 certification.

Optimize your development process

This is an example of how the development process can look with the help of the RAIDBOXES Dashboard:

  1. Analysis and preparation: After the project requirements have been collected, you select the template closest to the desired website from your WordPress templates (plugins, theme or child theme, preset options).
  2. Expand project: After selecting a template, you only need to make changes that are specifically required for the new project.
  3. Risk-free testing: If the website is already live, you can test new plugins, design customizations and your own developments in an integrated staging environment. Transfer new features to the live site with one click.
  4. Collaboration: Invite your team members or other freelancers to work on your project. This way you don't have to manage and keep track of access to WordPress, the databases, or via FTP. More on this later.
  5. Project approval: Give your customers the chance to view new versions and changes directly online by allowing them access to your WordPress websites with one click. Even if the visibility of the sites is not yet public.
  6. Contract management: After completion, decide how you want to manage the contract. Do you want to manage it or transfer it to the customer? Will you remain admin or will you hand over this role as well?
Tip: Consultation and free demo

If you are new to RAIDBOXES, the very first step is to start your project with a free demo site - easy to set up with no waiting period. A free migration service is also available. Do you have questions we can help with beforehand? We will gladly advise you.

Here are a few tips for working in a team: Put more resources on a project and make collaboration more efficient by adding further administrators to WordPress projects at any time. These new administrators have their own accounts with us, which is valid for both for the RAIDBOXES Dashboard and for SFTP access. Tiresome management of various user accounts is now a thing of the past.

Installation per click

Setting up WordPress manually can, depending on the configuration, become a perplexing puzzle. One solution is the 1-click installation from WordPress that is now standard at many web hosts. Yet these are sometimes are frowned upon in the WP community as not all providers offer a clean and up-to-date installation. Furthermore, some hosts neglect the important topic of security.

These are the two main points to pay attention to with 1-click installations:

  1. Is the latest WordPress version always installed automatically?
  2. Are users forced to use a strong password?

WordPress itself now makes sure users assign strong passwords. This is essential and must also apply to 1-click offers. Simple passwords are a grossly negligent security gap. Even if the login area is protected by measures such as IP blocking, insecure passwords mean attackers can still penetrate your website. We have recorded far fewer unauthorized accesses since forcing our customers to use strong passwords.

Sonia Rieder from the WordPress agency Webtimiser writes on her blog:

Many hosting providers offer a 1-click WordPress installation. This is also usually pretty fast. But it's not just faster at RAIDBOXES, it's also much more convenient.

She continues:

You create a so-called BOX with one click. This BOX contains a fresh WordPress installation to start your project on. You don't have to set up a database or FTP access manually. As far as usability is concerned, the admin interface at RAIDBOXES is excellent!

Only if you trust your web host fully and you're confident they're 100% familiar with WordPress will you be able to use convenient features such as the 1-click installation in the long run.

WordPress cloning and WordPress templates

At RAIDBOXES, you can easily clone your sites. Or create a permanent template. This saves you a lot of effort, especially if any of the following apply:

  • Some of your projects are similar
  • A website is duplicated and only the content is different, e.g. for affiliate marketing.
  • If you want to develop your site further or test new areas live without losing the previous standpoint.

All you need for cloning is a backup of your site. If you don't have a suitable one yet, you can create a complete manual backup of your project with one click. Then click on the small package icon next to the backup:

BOX from a backup
Create a new BOX from a backup

Now you decide whether you want to use the clone as a new free DEMO BOX to test the project with no strings attached or if you want to activate it directly in one of your existing contracts.

During the demo phase, you have full access to all our features and tools including staging, backups and the template function. You will only be charged for this BOX once you have activated it, i.e. if you decide to continue hosting it with RAIDBOXES after the trial period. The content and the IP of the site will not change so you can continue working seamlessly.

Note on the visibility of the demo

DEMO BOXES are always password protected. They can neither be accessed by search engines nor by users - so you remain uninterrupted during your test runs.

Integrated staging

Do you develop websites professionally on behalf of customers? Or do you sell sites yourself? If so, you often have to make changes to the individual projects. Here are a few examples:

  • You want to try out a new plugin, e.g. for sending newsletters
  • Your SEO plugin needs to have its settings updates which will greatly affect the structure and metadata of the live site.
  • New extensive landing pages or a complete online shop with WooCommerce are added
  • Your theme or child theme change
  • You alter the way the tracking or cookies are handled
  • Your project is to be made multilingual now

You know how it is: all these changes can result in unwanted side effects and incompatibilities. Plugin and theme updates can be nail-biting affairs - some plugins are notorious for this. If your change fails or isn't fully tested, the following unpleasant errors may occur:

  • Different functions suddenly no longer work properly
  • Plugins cause errors
  • The content displayed is incomplete
  • The Google Search Console reports errors
  • In the worst case your project is not accessible at all

Sometimes reversing the change isn't enough and the error remains in other components. It's dangerous and, in the case of your customers, negligent to make major changes to the live site.

Even small plugin updates or an inconspicuous option can cause curious side effects. You don't want to endanger your live project or lose sales? Save all changes, whose effects you cannot wholly foresee, in a testing environment for WordPress first. Here is one way of doing it:

  1. You copy your website to another hosting or server area
  2. You make your changes there
  3. Afterwards you test the changes extensively
  4. Finally, you attempt to transfer the changes to the main page without complications

As you can see, this process is rather complex. Let's be honest, we prefer to avoid it because it just means extra work. Usually, we only test when doing so is as simple as it can possibly be.

Ordinarily, you need additional plugins for testing. But RAIDBOXES does things differently: staging for WordPress is fully integrated into our RAIDBOXES Dashboard. This allows you to test changes on a copy of your site in a realistic server environment without any risk of damage to your active WordPress site. You transfer your BOX data to the staging environment with one click. When you're satisfied with the result, you also deploy the changes to the live site with a single click.

WordPress Staging
Staging at RAIDBOXES

Depending on the scope and effect of the changes, the time savings here can amount to several hours. Here are the cornerstones of convenient staging at RAIDBOXES:

  • With the test environment, you no longer need to make time-consuming copies of important design or functional changes from one WordPress site to another.
  • Push from the test to the live website and vice versa without any additional tools.
  • Do you only want to test a new plugin and not change the whole website? No problem. You decide which parts of your site are copied into the live environment (e.g. plugin directory and/or theme directory, upload directory, database). Choose to only transfer selected tables from the database, if required. The staging process can be fully adapted to your needs.
  • Integrate new features and updates into your website without risk and downtime. Perfect your WordPress projects step by step.

We also support your test processes outside the staging environment. You get direct access from your BOX overview to the MySQL database. Needless to say, you're can also manage all boxes via SFTP or via SSH. Use the ACCESS-Log, PHP-ERROR-Log and the WP_DEBUG_LOG at the same time.

Test WordPress theme
Do you want to try out a new theme? Do it with our risk-free staging

How to move 100+ WordPress sites

By supporting you with WordPress hosting and in the management of your projects, our mission is to give you more freedom. Now you've tested RAIDBOXES, you're impressed with our performance, and you want to migrate multiple websites to us? Does your current provider not have the know-how and flexibility to call themselves a true WordPress host?

No problem. There's no limit on the number of sites you can move to us. Whether you want to move one or 100 sites: We'll give you advice, provide you with the appropriate infrastructure, and assist you with the migration. The entire migration runs as smoothly as possible. Our process, for example, automatically detects potential incompatibilities and informs you about them. Should you still have questions about installed plugins systems on your current website, our support team is always there for you. We've completed countless migrations and know our way around WordPress and WooCommerce.

Another question that comes up again and again: Is your site's access data secure during the migration? The migration of your projects takes place on fully encrypted servers located exclusively in Europe. We take your trust in RAIDBOXES very seriously. You can be assured your data is in good hands with us. Do you have any further questions? Would you like to know exactly what steps are involved in migrating to us? Get in touch and we'll plan out migration for you in advance. This service is also free of charge with no strings attached. 

It doesn't matter whether you're responsible for one or hundreds of websites - our experts consistently take care of you with the same reliability. Test our knowledge. Find out why more than 9,500 customers from over 55 countries already put their trust in WordPress hosting from RAIDBOXES. Bring your sites, development projects, and management together efficiently a single location: the RAIDBOXES Dashboard with specialized tools for WordPress.

Support and help

Is something not working with your hosting? Is it affecting your site? Has it even brought your site offline? This situation is probably familiar to all of us. Your heart rate is through the roof and you need assistance right away. If you can't get proper support within minutes, you're completely hung out to dry in such situations. Cheap shared hosting for WordPress often skimps quite deliberately on support.

The math is quite simple: If your web space only costs a two-digit amount per year, how can your hosting provider afford to pay good support staff? Such prices assume you won't contact support in the first place or that your question can easily be answered with standard responses. If you want peace of mind, choose a host specialized in WordPress with proven first-rate support. Support that is in English, available during your working hours, and via multiple channels - not just via anonymized email.

Hans Mengler from the digital agency 360 FOUR has this to say about RAIDBOXES:

We're extremely satisfied with RAIDBOXES. The support is as first-class as the servers! We'll be hosting all our customers with RAIDBOXES in the future.

There's another important point to add here. What happens if your site isn't available? In over 80 percent of cases this is not due to the server but to a problem with your WordPress installation, theme or a plugin. This is disastrous if your hosting support has no idea about WordPress or they don't have the appropriate tools to fix the error. For example, the WP Debug Mode, to temporarily deactivate a plugin in the worst case.

Web host Trusted Shops
An excerpt of our reviews on Trusted Shops

Your site could become unavailable - in the worst case for days on end. Even though the server is running in the background the whole time. Nobody wants to, or can afford to, let this happen. Comprehensive support from high-quality managed WordPress hosting often includes free additional services such as:

  • Help with migrations
  • Personal guide through the Dashboard functions
  • Support with performance and page optimization
  • Plugin and theme recommendations for your individual system setup

A specialized managed host like RAIDBOXES can respond flexibly to your needs. In contrast, it can prove impossible to find the correct person to speak to at a huge and impersonal generic host. You may also end up in an endless waiting loop while you urgently need a solution to your WordPress problem.

Test the RAIDBOXES Dashboard and all the functions described in this guide with no strings attached. Do you still have questions? Want to know what kind of performance you can expect with specialized WordPress hosting? Are you perhaps still unsure whether all of this will work for your special use case? Get in touch and let us help:

We'll show you what modern website management for agencies, freelancers, and WP professionals looks like - live and based on your projects. Including a free demo of our RADBOXES Dashboard and features. On the basis of your websites, we help you find out if and which managed WordPress hosting is the right one for you. Discover how much faster we can make your projects.

Did you enjoy this guide? Would you like to read through it again in a convenient format? Download "How to manage 5 to 100+ WordPress projects" as an e-book here:

Your questions: Manage WordPress projects

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Michael takes cake care of the areas of content and mental health at RAIDBOXES. He has been active in the blogger and WordPress community since 2007. Among other things as co-organizer of WordPress events, book author and corporate blog trainer. He loves blogging incredibly, professionally but also privately. Michael works and writes remotely from sunny Freiburg.

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