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Michael Firnkes Last updated on 21.10.2020
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Last updated on 21.10.2020

Our support team regularly receives top marks - in chat, on WordCamps, in social networks and with Trusted Shops. This should of course remain so. Therefore we are very happy about Niklas (left) and Christian. They support our heroes in support, Niklas additionally in product development.

As the number of customers grows, so do the inquiries to our support team. Christian and Niklas are long-time WordPress experts. RAIDBOXES deliberately focuses on personal and individual consulting - instead of call centers and waiting loops. Get to know your new contact persons in our interview.

RAIDBOXES continues to grow - be part of it

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Which tasks do you take over in the team of RAIDBOXES?

Christian: I am a member of the support team and am always available to our customers with advice and supportsite . For example, I support them in developing their website to move in with us. Or to find out why your site isn't performing well.

Niklas: On the one hand, as a developer I will help to further develop the product and implement new features. In addition, I will also look for answers to the tricky questions in support. And there I will use my background as a developer.

How and where have you worked with WordPress them before?

Christian: I have been working with WordPress . It all started - as with many - with a private blog. For me it was the topic marathon running, because I ran my first half marathon in 2010 and a whole one in 2011. On my blog I then reported about my running experiences. I dealt with it intensively WordPress and it quickly became my passion.

With the time there were repeated inquiries whether I could not help someone here or there with hissite . So it happened that I not only dealt with the operation, but more and more with the technical matter. I have dealt with PHP, CSS as well as HTML. And later I created websites as a freelancer and offered WordPress support.

Niklas: I have been working with WordPress them for about 5 years now and have since then implemented several websites for clients. One of my first projects was a WordPress Multisite. That was very interesting for me at that time, because it was the first time I used the many possibilities of WordPress . I also WordPress built an automated backup and update system to make it easier to administrate customer websites.

Support is sometimes a challenge, although we have great customers. How do you manage to always remain calm and constructive?

Christian: On the one hand, I have a calm mind by nature. And for another, it's simply a matter of attitude and perspective. When someone asks me for help, I don't find it annoying or even a burden. I rather see it as a compliment or even a privilege that this person turns to me and asks me for help or advice. A problem at this moment is for the person what it is: a problem. And I help as much as I can. Sometimes a change of perspective is enough to show that there is no problem at all.

Niklas: I have provided support throughout my entire career as a developer. Whether by phone, mail or in personal consultation. And I have already experienced quite a bit there. In the past, I have had to deal with a wide variety of customers, to whom you always have to adjust to new situations. To look at the problem from the customer's perspective. That can certainly be exhausting at times. But it is also fun to immerse yourself in the respective cases in order to find the solution to the problem.

experience raidboxes
The experience of customers with RAIDBOXES

What is your first impression of RAIDBOXES?

Christian: My first impression is great! You can see that it's not just about making as much money as possible as quickly as possible. It's about everyone who is really interested in the topicWordPress . Humanity and sustainability are also special topics that play a major role here. I like that very much.

Niklas: I am RAIDBOXES very enthusiastic about. The team has given me a great welcome and I am looking forward to working together. The Model of the Holacracy I find it very interesting. I am curious to see what the practical implementation will look like. Let's see what else is coming, I am looking forward to the next months.

Christian, you're gonna work in the home office. It's not for everyone. How do you manage to concentrate at home?

In fact, I have years of experience working 100 percent remotely. This naturally requires good discipline and a calm environment. I have my own office at home, where I feel very comfortable. So that I have a change of scenery every now and then, I also like to work in coworking space.

Tips for the remote everyday life

You don't know if working in a home office is for you? Then read our blog post on the Advantages & disadvantages of remote working. He will give you tips for everyday life and the right tools.

What are you looking forward to the RAIDBOXES most?

Christian: Most of all I am looking forward to the exchange with colleagues and the participation in the WordCamps.

Niklas: On actively getting involved in product development. And to develop a feature that will make the daily work of potentially thousands of customers easier or even easier. I find that extremely exciting and I want to do my part. I am also very much looking forward to the upcoming team events. In order to meet the whole team again, including all remoters.

Why did you choose to RAIDBOXES be an employer?

Christian: Well, RAIDBOXES is an ultra-modern IT company with start-up character. In contrast to others, it uses the technical possibilities of communication in such a way that one can perfectly combine the advantages of independence (such as time management and independence of location) with the advantages of a permanent position (inclination-specialized work and a fixed income).

Niklas: I can identify with the idea and the philosophy one hundred percent. With my agency background I can understand the problems we try to solve with our products very well. I would like to contribute to solve these problems in order to achieve more "To create freedom of movement"” 😉

What do you do when you're not RAIDBOXES working for?

Christian: Then I spend the time with my wife. Together we like to go on bike tours, go for walks, watch TV series and organize game evenings with family and friends.

Niklas: In my spare time I have been playing Ultimate Frisbee since 2016. In the beginning it was two against two on a meadow, but then it developed more and more and more. We don't play Ultimate in a club, we taught ourselves. Because of the large size of the group we have for example already organized a Christmas party or public viewing in large groups.

Additionally I like to play badminton and football. Football is my actual sport, which I have been playing since I was five years old. In the meantime, unfortunately, I'm no longer in the club, but some of the former team members are now in the Ultimate. Apart from that I am a big film fan. At home, I'm always working on picture and sound to get the maximum out of it.

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