WordPress Multisite - now available!

Exciting news! We now support WordPress Multisites directly from the Raidboxes Dashboard. Whether subdirectory, subdomain or multidomain – create a new Multisite or migrate your existing Multisite network to Raidboxes.

Setting up and successfully configuring a WordPress multisite on your own can be very time-consuming. Starting with a few more lines of code in the wp-config.php file to managing the correct Multisite domain mapping.

Under the motto Be free and wild and creative! , we made it our mission at Raidboxes to free WordPress professionals like you from all the tedious tasks involved in managing your websites. We want to you to be able to concentrate on your passion and work.

This mission includes an easy and efficient setup of WordPress Multisites. As part of our Managed WordPress hosting, you can set up a fully automated and performant WordPress Multisite from the Pro plan.

WordPress Multisite Feature
Powerful serversServer-side cachingBest accessibilitySpecial infrastructureLatest technologyMade in GermanyMultisite migrationFirst-rate support
Tired of shared hosting? We have too! At Raidboxes you don't have to share the server and the computing power with anyone else. Goodbye long loading times - with us your website loads up to 400% faster.
Caching - probably the most important performance factor. That's why the caching function is already integrated on the server side. So you can do without additional plugins like WP Rocket & Co.
We know how important uptime is for your website. Even a few seconds offline can cost you dearly. Forget about downtime, your website stays online more than 99.9% of the time at Raidboxes.
The longer your website takes to load, the more revenue you lose. Our hosting is specially designed for WordPress and WooCommerce tuned. That's exactly what speeds up your WordPress performance considerably.
Nginx, Brotli instead of Gzip, HTTP/2 and free SSL certificates: At Raidboxes we use the latest technologies that guarantee your websites more performance, speed and security.
Our data centers are located in Europe and use 100% green electricity. GDPR compliance and data protection have the highest priority. You decide what data you share and with whom.
You want to migrate a multisite to Raidboxes ? The WordPress experts from our partner Codeable will take care of the entire migration process of your multisite network in cooperation with us.
Our support team is there for you daily from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. via live chat - even on weekends and public holidays. We help you find the best solution: friendly and at the highest technical level.
  • Top performance – integrated caching and lightning-fast servers
  • Highest stability – uptime checks for your peace of mind
  • Personal support – quick help via live chat
  • Easy Dashboard – full control over your websites
  • WordPress Multisite migrations – fast and secure without downtime
  • Partner network – reliable agency partners at your side
  • Sustainability – your website runs on clean energy
  • Data protection – GDPR-compliant hosting from Europe