WordPress Single Sign On

WordPress Single Sign On: Easily manage dozens of accounts

Never forget the password again, login with just one click and a powerful user management: All this brings the WordPress Single Sign On. Especially agencies and people with many websites benefit from WordPress SSO.

Since we came up with the idea for Raidboxes three years ago, it was clear that our hosting Dashboard should make WordPress management and handling faster, easier and time-saving.

After features like staging and our integrated backup system, the WordPress Single Sign On (SSO) is an important component to make your daily work with WordPress even more stress-free. Especially if you manage many websites, the WordPress SSO saves you time and nerves.

WordPress Single Sign On: Login with just one click

WordPress SSO allows you to link your WordPress accounts and Raidboxes accounts and log in to any of your websites with just one click from Raidboxes Dashboard .

That means you:

  • More security: You can never lock yourself out of your WordPress website again. As long as you have access to your Raidboxes account, you can always log into WordPress. Forgetting passwords and mistyping logins are now a thing of the past. Of course, this also applies to your clientele.
  • Faster administration: With WordPress Single Sign On, you can log in to WordPress directly from our Dashboard . This saves time and nerves when managing your websites.
  • More control: By linking the WordPress accounts with the Raidboxes accounts, you can precisely define which people are allowed to log in with which account. This way you can always track exactly who made which changes and manage access rights precisely.

You can set the WordPress Single Sign On on box level. Go to the settings of Box and select the option "Single Sign On". Now you can determine which Box admin is allowed to log in with which WordPress account via SSO.


Only as owner:in the Box you are allowed to make this assignment.

WordPress SSO Best Practice

Especially if you work with a team on your websites, SSO can save you time and nerves. You can assign other people exactly the Boxes they should manage and support - no more, no less. This way you increase the focus of your team and structure their way of working.

If you still have questions, I'm happy about comments. Have fun with the feature and stay free, wild and creative!

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