The New RAIDBOXES Partner Program for WordPress Agencies

Marcel Kurrek Last updated 24.06.2021
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Last updated 24.06.2021

RAIDBOXES helps you as an agency or freelancer to expand your network and increase your reach: With our new partner program for agencies. Learn more about the background - and why a partnership is worthwhile for you. Do you run websites yourself? Then we'll show you what added value the RAIDBOXES partner network offers for your WordPress projects.

The idea for a partner program

We receive requests from owners of a website or an online shop with WooCommerce, who need support from WordPress agencies. They come to us with a concrete need, such as

  • Optimize an existing website
  • Implement a website relaunch
  • Or simply find a partner specialized in WordPress to look after their website.

From the many conversations we have with agencies and freelancers, we know there's a lot of interest in connecting with others and forming cooperations. Service providers or anyone running a website is looking for reliable recommendations for WordPress agencies or freelance experts. They want a competent contact person for their business.

Agencies and freelancers, on the other hand, are just as interested in knowledge transfer and training in the areas of WordPress hosting, WordPress development and digital topics. So why not link both sites with each other? This is exactly what we have made our task with the new partner program of RAIDBOXES.

Agencies and WP professionals who already work successfully with RAIDBOXES want to position this cooperation more strongly to the outside world. Towards their customers but also towards other interested parties. The integration into the RAIDBOXES community is also an exciting prospect for many.

The openness, gratitude and solidarity among agencies is great. Above all, the drive to move more in various areas together with RAIDBOXES - for example in the areas of marketing, sales, events and in the exchange for the product development of our dashboard - motivates us to this program. After all, we want to work together towards our goal: That the management of WordPress and WooCommerce becomes as easy as possible, no matter how many projects you manage with WordPress .

The goals of our partner program

RAIDBOXES grew out of an agency business itself. That's why we know exactly what you need to make your WordPress business even more successful: Time to focus on the essentials! Time to make your WordPress projects even better, to acquire new clients and to scale your business.

Do you run an agency, work for one or are you a freelancer? We need you - as an important multiplier for us as a platform provider. At the same time, as a partner you get the opportunity to position yourself in our growing community and to network with other WordPress experts. The RAIDBOXES partner network is the ideal platform for valuable exchange of experience among experts. Moreover, you'll expand your own know-how and your network.

We work closely with you as a partner to relieve you of even more work. For example, we work on our dashboard to actively implement your feature requests and ideas. In this way, our platform has developed into an efficiency tool for agencies and freelancers right from the start.

Website access WordPress
Developed from a partner request: password protection only for the WordPress login

We are not about a classic reseller program. It's about a partnership based on fundamental values. You are an important part of our community. Together with you, we offer those who operate a WordPress website the perfect symbiosis of managed WordPress hosting and the expertise of WordPress agencies. Additional benefits and exclusive advantages have a positive effect on the business of your agency.

Joint activities

Our aim is to support our partners in the expansion of further WordPress projects. We therefore implement successful measures together and constantly develop the cooperation further, e.g. through joint marketing campaigns. The more active you are - i.e. the more projects you develop with us or the more actions you take with us - the greater the advantages for you as a partner. If you qualify for the next level, you can flexibly advance to the next partner level. 

We're immensely proud that our concept is so well received by agencies. Our team has put a lot of heart and soul into the project - together with our first partners. Jointly, we offer a comprehensive overall package for anyone who operates a website or an online shop. This package is made up of our WordPress hosting, the right dashboard platform and your service.

Benefits for agencies

You're invited to get involved and become part of our community. The more actively you develop your WordPress projects and promote actions with us, the greater the benefits for you as a partner. When you qualify for the next level, you'll also benefit from additional services.

As our agency partner, you're the first point of contact for your customers. Also when it comes to hosting and website management. With the partnership, you benefit from direct and transparent access to us. This direct line is particularly important for us. Our partner management team will accompany you from the beginning. Moving forward, you can also have a direct personal contact. You receive advanced dev tools for the development of your projects. The agency branding of your development environment is just one of many new features. Thanks to all of this, you'll optimize your workflows and free up time for your business.

Our community can easily find a suitable WordPress agency through our partner network. In the RAIDBOXES partner directory you will find a wide variety of experts who differ, for example, in the range of services they offer, their experience and the customer segments. In our directory, the focus is not on the partner level, but on your core competencies and your services. As well as the added value that you offer your customers. Through the partner directory you generate inquiries or receive recommendations to also generate new WordPress projects through us. At the same time, freelancers and agencies get to know each other. In this way they develop synergies for a cooperation.

RAIDBOXES partner directory
The RAIDBOXES partner directory

You don't have to worry about the hosting basics (speed, security, easy deployment) at RAIDBOXES . Because with us it goes beyond that: We help our partners to create more freedom for themselves. This is how our platform has become an efficiency tool for agencies and developers . Additional dashboard features ensure higher productivity in the management and creation of your websites. For example, through efficient and partially automated processes for backups and the Staging, or through the cloning of projects and WordPress templates. Learn more about these and other features in our article and e-book 5 to 100+ WordPress Manage projects efficiently.

Together we implement measures that enable you to scale projects and bring them to success. We'll continue to develop our partnership through, for example, joint activities like events and content cooperations.

More reach for your agency

Together with our agency partners, we draw attention to topics that interest your target group in our magazine wp unboxed. You can find a small excerpt of stories with partners here:

Articles for agencies and freelancers

In wp unboxed we regularly publish new articles on agency topics, online marketing, WordPress , WooCommerce and more. You want to stay up to date? Then follow us now on Twitter, Facebook or via our newsletter.

Join the Slack WordPress community at RAIDBOXES to discuss design, development, marketing and business topics with other WordPress professionals - and expand your network at the same time.

Long-term cooperation is very important to us. That's why we speak with you personally about how we can best shape our partnership and further our joint business activities. Our sales team will be happy to present all services and requirements to you in a personal conversation. Let's find out if the program works for you. You'll keep your existing dashboard access and will receive the exclusive extensions soon after your registration so you can start from a familiar environment.

Together we plan the next steps - for example, so that you can present yourself with your agency profile in our partner directory. A partner guide is also available to help you find your way around. This will give you a transparent overview of our offer and its services: How can you use them concretely? And what added value can your agency derive from it? These points are answered in it.

Benefits for freelancers

As a freelancer you can join us as a FREE DEV partner and develop your projects for free. When your customer project is finished, you can hand it over to your customers with just a few mouse clicks - and continue to support them as an admin if required.

Your goal is that your customer takes over the hosting and thus also the billing runs between him and RAIDBOXES . As a top referrer, you also benefit from our affiliate program and receive attractive commissions from the first transferred new customers.

Our FREE DEV program

The more new customers you recruit, the sooner you'll be promoted to the next level. You'll not only receive higher affiliate commission, but also additional benefits as a FREE DEV partner.

Benefits for website operators

In addition to our more than 10,000 customers, over 1,200 partners also rely on RAIDBOXES. Our partner agencies specialize in a wide range of services and we've been working hand in hand for many years. These agencies ensure the success of WordPress websites through their individual solutions and expert knowledge. In the RAIDBOXES partner network, you'll find experts with different orientations.

You are looking for a reliable and competent WordPress agency for your websites? Do you value having a contact person locally or in your region? In the partner directory of RAIDBOXES you will find suitable partners who will support you in making your WordPress projects a success. On the respective partner page you can simply make initial contact with the experts, alternatively we will be happy to advise you in the search for your project.

Features we've implemented after feedback from our partners

Our partners and customers regularly contact us with suggestions for improvement. We really appreciate this because it allows us to prioritize our development. After all, we want to implement exactly those features that help you the most in everyday life. Here's an overview of features that have developed from this feedback:

  • Better BOX overview: Display your BOXES in a list - as an alternative to the graphical overview. Especially with numerous projects this is a big advantage. This way you can find the right BOX faster, and you can also use filter and sorting options.
  • Templates: Save the status of a BOX to create a template for new BOXES.
  • Password protection for WP-Admin only: You have the optional possibility to secure only the WordPress admin area with a Basic-Auth password. Or the whole website.
  • BOX from backup: Create a BOX from an existing backup. For example, to test performance or other things on a different configuration without affecting the existing site .
  • WebP support: If this option is activated, BOX automatically searches for WebP versions of your images. And delivers them transparently, if available.
  • WP Session Eraser for the GDPR : Our WP Session Eraser deletes the session data of all WordPress users of your BOX after an interval defined by you.
BOX from backup
Create a BOX from a backup

Even small optimizations can have a big effect on your work. Our partners wanted, for example, to be able to detach BOXES from subscriptions to attach different BOXES in their place. Or have PayPal as a payout option for affiliate commission. We implemented both of these suggestions.

Opinions on our partner program

We regularly receive very positive feedback from our partners. Here's a small excerpt of what our partners have to say:

Gabriel Greulich

"Reliability is of particular importance to us and our customers. With RAIDBOXES at our site we can sit back, relax and enjoy this reliability. Whether SSL certificate with one click, a clear structure or top performance, it's all there. We use RAIDBOXES as host for all our clients' websites, enjoy a unique, profitable partnership and will continue to do so in the future."

Gabriel Greulich, Chief Marketing Officer - hlprr

Marc Rosenkranz

"With RAIDBOXES we have found a strong partner for the implementation of WordPress projects for our customers. Especially the intuitive operation and the comprehensive services allow us to work much more efficiently today than before and to scale solutions for our customers. We now use RAIDBOXES for many WordPress projects and are convinced that we will also work closely with RAIDBOXES in the future thanks to its outstanding performance and security."

Marc Rosenkranz, Head of Marketing - Omniphon GmbH

Outlook for partners

RAIDBOXES has many ideas and exciting topics for partners to look forward to on the roadmap. Among other things, the affiliate dashboard will get a relaunch and a new format as a "Partner Account". As a partner, you'll receive comprehensive support for your marketing. Current relevant news and even more knowledge transfer are further topics we want to realize. Another goal is to turn our partners into RAIDBOXES experts. This can be done, for example, in the form of training through webinars.

By the way, if you're new to RAIDBOXES , we'll handle the migration of your client sites for you, free of charge! When you have finished a customer project, you can simply decide to hand over BOX to your end customer. Or you can take over the hosting yourself - both ways are easily possible and combinable. 

You want to learn more about the new agency partner program? You already have first experiences with RAIDBOXES and want to take the cooperation with us to the next level? Then book an appointment here or write to us at We would be happy to talk to you about the partnership and present all the services in detail. Every partner is an important part of our partner network.

Your questions about the partner program

You have questions or feedback about our affiliate program? Then book a consultation or use the comment function. You want to be informed about new articles from our WordPress magazine? Then follow RAIDBOXES on Twitter, Facebook or via our newsletter.

Marcel is responsible for sales activities at RAIDBOXES and concentrates on the satisfaction of our customers and partners. He's been passionately involved in sales for over 15 years and, together with his team, is driving forward the further development and expansion of the RAIDBOXES community. This includes a particular focus on the WordPress agency world, cooperations and freelancers.

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