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Agency Software: The 19 Most Important Tools

Managing internal tasks, looking after clients' social media accounts, remote organization or recording staff time: Agencies have a wide range of tasks and obligations. There are valuable tools to help you with all these tasks. An overview of agency software.

We'd like to show you the most important tools for agencies in this article. For a long time now, the tasks listed above don't have to processed entirely manually. The tools we look at below support agencies in their project work.

Project management tools

Project management software applications are especially helpful when it comes to organizing projects and assigning tasks.


The popular project management tool Asana can help manage even the most complex projects. From design requests to development to meeting or editorial plans, you can create and track any type of project using Asana.

asana Project Management
The project management software Asana

The tool allows you to quickly and easily update the status of your projects. In addition, goals can be defined and directly linked to tasks and projects with the help of "Goals". Asana makes it easy to track and manage your agency's work.


Another successful project management software for agencies is monday. The tool offers teams great support in planning, communication and tracking projects. From the first briefing to the final completion, everything can be monitored with the help of this software.

monday Project Management
monday - for planning, communication and tracking of projects

The tool monday provides you with a number of useful features such as project and resource planning, client management, team collaboration, time tracking, reporting and invoicing. Work can be fully managed and scheduled in one workspace. With this software, you'll be ready to get started within minutes. Plus, there are hundreds of visual and customizable templates for you.


With successful communication in your agency and in your team, all problems can be discussed and solved step by step. There's software that facilitates this communication and better connects all team members.


The collaboration and communication software Slack facilitates and supports your project work. Slack is primarily known for its instant messaging function and offers the exchange of messages in the form of a chat function with individuals or groups. "Slack" is a backronym and means "Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge".

Slack  collaboration software
The software for collaboration and communication Slack

But Slack has also built a large ecosystem of integrations. All your tools can be integrated under one roof in Slack. If you publish a new post on your WordPress blog, you can easily send your team an entirely automated notification in the form of a message in Slack. The possibilities for automating news-based tasks are endless.

Slack for remote work

At Raidboxes, we have been using Slack for communication in the distributed team for a long time. We share our experiences in this article: Home office tools for remote work.

Microsoft Teams

The Microsoft Teams software is the ideal central place for online team collaboration. It supports everything you need for smooth teamwork. There are chat and threaded conversations, meetings, video conferencing and calls. Your team can collaborate with a wide variety of content, apps and workflows can be created and integrated into your business.

Microsoft Teams collaboration
Microsoft Teams for collaboration via online meetings, chat and calls

Time recording

Reliable time tracking is important for payroll and invoicing. The following software will help you ensure time tracking for all employees and service providers is reliable and error-free. Check out our article on Productivity hacks: Get more done with less stress.


The time tracker clockodo supports you in reliably recording the working hours of all employees. With clockodo you can always stay up to date with the time recording for your projects. Vacation and absences can also be planned and managed.

clockodo Time Tracking
Record working and project times with clockodo

The project software is particularly popular because it can clearly record all project time data and is intuitive to use. The recorded working times can also be used for invoicing. In addition, a partner interface to payroll accounting is available. The clockodo software also offers a reliable CSV export.


The tool timr offers the most accurate project time recording via stopwatch. However, project times can also be recorded retrospectively. A freely definable project structure offers you the necessary flexibility. In the live overview, you can manage hours, employees and your budget. There are meaningful evaluations and solid reports. 

timr time tracking
timr - Project time recording via stopwatch

Apps are also available for accurate time recording on the move. A practical feature is that all records of the recorded times are stored securely in a cloud. Current project time data can always be used to make informed decisions. Expenses can be created, moved, merged and deactivated.

Workflow automation

With the help of workflow automation, you can save a lot of time and money. The automation facilitates the implementation of individual work steps in your team.

Simplify processes for WordPress development

The administrative work in WordPress takes up a large part of your working time. We show you how to centrally organize your WordPress management. See our e-book Managing 5 to 100+ WordPress Projects.


Zapier is a well-known online automation tool that can connect over 1,000 apps. It is possible to automate repetitive tasks with it. With just a few clicks, custom workflows can be created. No programming knowledge is required.

zapier automate workflows
Zapier for workflow automation

Thousands of web apps can be connected to each other. Zapier can automate many workflows and help you free up important time. So you can focus on the important tasks.


Efficient data flows can be created with Integromat, which simplifies and optimizes the processes in your company or agency. Fortunately, this works well with a graphical interface that can be used without programming knowledge.

integromat workflow automation
Efficient data flows with Integromat

Integromat supports many different cloud applications such as Outlook, Asana, Plutio, WordPress, Dropbox, LinkedIn and Facebook. When an email with an important attachment is received, for example, the work process can be automated. So instead of opening the email manually, the email client is linked to the CRM system. The automations save you valuable time every day.

Customer management

The ideal management of your customers takes into account the special needs of each individual. The wishes of your target group should be considered for your products and services. The following applications support agencies for customer projects of all kinds.

Analytics and tracking software

Analytics software helps you get a better picture of your customers' online performance. To then be able to make data-driven decisions based on the results.

Google Analytics

The tracking tool Google Analytics allows traffic analysis on websites. You can examine, for example, where your visitors are coming from and the time spent on the various subpages of a website. The amount of data collected is almost inexhaustible and provides a good basis for in-depth analyses.

Google Analytics Marketing Platform
The tracking tool Google Analytics

Whether you want to know which pages generate the most customers or which articles are never visited, you can find out all this for your customers with the right settings.


Hotjar is a complete system for simplified analysis of the online behavior of website visitors. It allows you, for example, to collect feedback from visitors to a website. In addition, with Hotjar you can determine what the users want on your site. It examines in detail what kind of clicking and typing behavior they display. Even the scrolling behavior can be observed. This data can be used to determine the motivation and wishes of the website's target group.

hotjar web analytics
Hotjar analyzes the online behavior of your target audience

Social media management tools

If you manage the social media profiles of your customers, there's no getting around using social media management tools. They help you manage different accounts in one software.


Hootsuite allows you to manage all your customer accounts from one place. You can schedule posts in advance, monitor the performance of all social media activity from one central location and even get customer approval. The pricing depends on how many customer accounts you want to manage.

Hootsuite Social Media Monitoring
Social media monitoring and management with Hootsuite


Agorapulse is a social media management platform that lets you set up a social inbox for all your customer accounts. These boxes capture all conversations on social media. With handy filtering and search functions, you get quick access to interactions of any kind. Mentions, ads and important messages are always at your fingertips. Of course, you can also schedule posts for your customers and get their approval and feedback.

agorapulse Social Media Monitoring
The social media management platform Agorapulse

SEO tools

Do you help your customers with their search engine optimization? You should know the following tools. For advice on WordPress SEO plugins, take a look at our article Yoast vs Rank Math: WordPress SEO plugins in comparison.


SEMrush is a popular SEO platform that enables targeted SEO (search engine optimization) and content marketing. With SEMrush, you can do your keyword research and analyze competitors in-depth to get inspiration from their strategies. In addition, SEMrush offers you a practical rank tracker for important keywords for your customers. The tool helps you create on-page audits for your customers' websites.

Semrush SEO
The SEO platform SEMrush


The popular SEO software Ahrefs is especially known for its large and up-to-date keyword and traffic database. Ahrefs offers you extensive tools to search keywords and analyze competitors. Ahrefs also has a rank tracker function and can perform basic SEO audits.

ahrefs SEO
Keyword analysis with Ahrefs

WordPress hosting

The hosting must meet the expectations of your customers and deliver sufficient performance. There are many cheap offers, but what is important? I myself use Raidboxes as host. It offers secure, reliable and lightning-fast managed WordPress hosting.

Raidboxes Managed WordPress Hosting
The Managed WordPress Hosting from Raidboxes

With the corresponding features on offer at Raidboxes, I save money and time. The top support helps me with all my questions.

Pros of Managed WordPress hosting

Are you interested in our special WordPress features that take admin tasks off your hands? Read our articles How to manage 5 to 100+ WordPress projects efficiently and 13 advantages of managed WordPress hosting.

PPC management software

If you run ads for your customers, you can do it manually in the interfaces of the respective platforms (Google, Facebook, etc.). Alternatively, you can also simplify the process with PPC software (pay per click) and bundle multiple customer accounts in one place.


Optmyzr helps you optimize your PPC campaigns with ease. The "One Click Optimization" feature lets you improve your ads with just one click and provides new keyword suggestions or optimizes your keyword bids, for example. In addition, the tool offers the possibility to formulate your own ads and then also place them.

optmyzr PPC management
Optmyzr helps to optimize PPC campaigns


WordStream is a handy PPC toolbox and offers you, among other things, a free report on all your Google Ads performance. Specifically for agencies, WordStream also offers AI-based reporting for your clients and assistance with managing multiple ad accounts.

WordStream online advertising
The PPC Toolbox WordStream

Webinar software

Webinars are becoming increasingly popular. Many agencies support their customers in using this relatively new form of content marketing. Practical webinar tools can help optimize the underlying processes.


With ClickMeeting you can set up your first webinar within minutes. The software has all the essential features and lets you schedule webinars of any type and size for your customers. From the landing page to the email notifications, you can customize everything.

ClickMeeting Online Meetings
Conduct webinars with ClickMeeting


WebinarJam is an all-in-one webinar platform that's also suitable for a large number of participants. Thousands of listeners can be reached with the tool that provides high-quality video content. The software offers all the important functions for offering webinars from start to finish on one platform.

Webinarjam webinar software
Comprehensive webinars with WebinarJam


In this article, we've introduced you to a number of different tools. Of course, that doesn't mean you should use them all. Before you start thinking about software, first make sure that your underlying process is clear and optimized. Only when you know what the workflow looks like should you look for the right software to digitize it. That's where the list above can come in handy. Good luck!

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