11 Great Resources Every WordPress Developer Should Know

Matthias Held Last updated on 21.10.2020
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Last updated on 21.10.2020

From large resource repos and frameworks to free courses and the right preparation for the job interview: In this article we provide you with a lot of material to improve your workflow as a developer - both in general and with WordPress - and to advance your career.

WordPress Development

1. Gutenberg Block Creator Toolkit

11 Great Resources Every WordPress Developer Should Know

This repo is sub-titled "A zero-configuration developer toolkit for building WordPress Gutenberg block plugins" - and that's exactly what it does. It allows you to develop Gutenberg blocks without having to deal with the configuration of React, Webpack, Babel etc. You can start developing your Gutenberg blocks in under 2 minutes with only 3 command lines. It is very well-documented, maintained and updates like a charm. 

Personally, I especially like the clear documentation. And that it works very well and simply out-of-the-box.

Link to the repo

2. GenerateWP - WordPress Code Generator

11 Great Resources Every WordPress Developer Should Know

When it comes to building custom themes and plugins for WordPress, there are some tedious tasks that simply just have to be done: for example, registering a custom_post_type with all its capabilities, queries, API endpoints, and so on. 

This handy toolbox can generate lots of custom snippets for your project. It always uses the latest APIS and WordPress coding standards - so one less thing to worry about.

Link to GenerateWP

3. The official WordPress core tickets

11 Great Resources Every WordPress Developer Should Know

Contributing to WordPressis an enormous win-win situation: On the one hand, you support a free product. On the other hand, you get to learn a lot by working on the core software itself. 

You will get better at developing your themes/plugins/apps for WordPress in your daily life as well. By taking care of open issues regarding the WordPress core you also get to meet a lot of nice folks. 

Link to the ticket tracker

For Github users there is also an git-ified version that syncs with the original SVN repo here . At least in most cases.


4. Free-For.Dev

11 Great Resources Every WordPress Developer Should Know

There is a huge number of services offering free tiers, but it can be hard to find them all in order to make informed decisions. The Plattform free-for.dev offers a list of software and other offerings that have free tiers for developers. There are categories like testing, hosting, email, CDN, CI/CD, code quality and many many more. 

Link to the site

Plugin Development

5. WordPress Plugin Boilerplate Generator

11 Great Resources Every WordPress Developer Should Know

Developing a plugin is all fun and games, but the setup can be a pain: Depending on the size of the plugin it can get pretty extensive. Especially, if you are following best practises (which you definitely should!). That’s what this tool is for.

The Boilerplate is based on the Plugin API, Coding Standards and Documentation Standards. All you have to do is enter a unique name for your plugin, your slug and your author info - and you're ready to go.

Link to the generator

6. WP React Starter: WordPress React Boilerplate

11 Great Resources Every WordPress Developer Should Know

If you need a little bit more (JavaScript) in your plugin, and that JavaScript should be React, this is the tool for you.

Start developing in a few seconds and without a build process. And the best part is, it comes feature-rich with Typescript, and integrated CI/CD, check out all the integrations below.

Boilerplate integrations:

  • React Frontend for reactive user interfaces (with PHP fallback for server-side rendering)
  • TypeScript for typesafe frontend development
  • PHP in an object-oriented style with namespaces for better backend code
  • Docker development environment to develop all you plugins without manual setup steps
  • CI/CD integration for automated code quality checks and release management (publish on wordpress.org or wherever you want)

Link to the repo

Theme Development

Seventh State Of The Art WordPress Theme development boilerplate

11 Great Resources Every WordPress Developer Should Know

There are a lot of WordPress theme development boilerplates and frameworks out there, but this one here is simply great. It uses all great new web dev enhancements like browsersync, linters, babel, autoprefixer and more without trying to pressure you into learning a whole new workflow or syntax.

Also it is really up to date with the latest WordPress and OOP standards and it only takes you about 5 small command line inputs to get you set up and running. 

The build process is also easily maintainable and follows WordPress coding standards. 

Link to the repo


8. Awesome Falsehood

11 Great Resources Every WordPress Developer Should Know

Did you know that customer/department=shipping@example.com is a valid e-mail address? What about matthias\@\held@raidboxes@raidboxes.io? Or did you know that in some cultures personal names can include numbers? 

I learned more from these curated lists than most test cases could have ever taught me. A curated list of awesome falsehoods programmers believe in. So, it makes sense to expand and rethink your current developer mindset. 

Link to the repo


9. Big List of Naughty Strings

11 Great Resources Every WordPress Developer Should Know

This resource is for testers. 

I firmly believe that to some extend every WordPress developer should be a tester. Whether it boils down to just testing for UX or more important, for security. 

You can invest as much as you want into testing your code, but when real users come into play… They will do things you would have never expected to be possible, especially when it comes to user input. 

So this repo contains a huge list of strings that are known to cause problems, when entered by a user. There are also some strings that help you with the security of your theme/plugin/app. Such as strings for SQL injection, enumeration, clickjacking and so on.

Link to the repo

10. FakerPress - WordPress Plugin

11 Great Resources Every WordPress Developer Should Know

Another testing thing. Creating a new theme or plugin is great – creating content for that thing you wrote not so much. This plugin takes care of that. It can create dummy content for almost anything in WordPress. It is actively supported and helps you to capture a lot of errors or unwanted functionality about what will happen if a user does this or that. 

  • Posts
  • Custom Post Types
  • Meta Data
  • Featured Images
  • Users
  • Tags
  • Categories
  • Comments
  • Custom Comment Types

Link to the Plugin

Career Boosting

11. Tech Interview Handbook

11 Great Resources Every WordPress Developer Should Know

If you want to land a job as a WordPress developer at an agency or tech company you probably will go through an interview process. While some people do great all by themselves, interviews are harder for other people. This repo helps with that. It covers many aspects like:

  • How to prepare for coding interviews
  • Cheat sheets for job interviews
  • Algorithm tips & best practice questions
  • Front-end job interview questions & answers
  • Tips for the perfect resumé
  • and much more

Link to the repo

Thanks for reading. If you know of any other resources that you, as a WordPress developer, don't want to miss anymore, feel free to leave me a comment!

Matthias is the Chaos Calmer at RAIDBOXES. As a plugin and theme developer, WordCamp speaker and active hosting community contributor, he can regularly be found at WordCamps and other WordPress events and is partial to a snack while snacking. If he's not there, he's somewhere with a lap full of cats.

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