The best WordPress  Page Builder & Drag and Drop WordPress  Themes

WordPress Page Builder: The Most Important Features and Best Plugins

Website builders have dramatically improved in recent years and offer a host of features that streamline website creation. And they can be useful when you build client websites. So let's take a closer look at various different WordPress page builders.

Website builders are often characterized by drag and drop elements that allow for the speedy development of concepts, designs, even website edits. That's why we've collected some of the best WordPress page builders for you in this article. 

Here’s what you’ll find in this guide:

  • Why developers should use drag and drop WordPress themes 
  • The key features of WordPress page builders 
  • The 15 best WordPress page builders currently available 

Why developers should use WordPress page builders

Using drag and drop WordPress themes can save you a lot of time as a developer. But there are other benefits to WordPress page builders, including:

  • Faster creation of mockups. When you’re in the early planning stages of a new project, it’s normal to create mockups for the websites you make. Using drag and drop WordPress themes speeds up this process considerably and empowers you to provide clients with even more options to choose from.
  • The ability to create templates to use again. You can use WordPress page builders to build website templates. So, not only does the page builder make the website-building process easier, but it also empowers you to build a template with these drag and drop blocks to use again.
  • Faster website edits and style variations. If a client has an edit request, you can implement those changes much faster than if you had to hand-code them yourself.
  • A wide array of website features. Even if you’re an expert in various programming languages, it’s time-consuming to manually create (or implement) complex features. Drag and drop WordPress themes and page builders include complicated features via blocks that you drag into your design. This means you can offer more features and services to your clients.

Key features of WordPress page builders

Drag and drop WordPress themes and page builders are some of the best tools to make a WordPress website. Developers will appreciate the key features that make page builders so useful, including:

  • Pre-built design blocks or modules you can drag and drop. These modules can contain paragraphs, photos, graphs, and more complex website features like image galleries, custom widgets, countdown timers, carousels. They can also contain page layout options like columns.
  • Instant style selection. You can count on page builders to provide single-click customization features. You can change elements like fonts, colors, styles, and sizes with sliders or dropdown menus. You can also provide clients with a range of options to choose from to keep up with latest trends, with less work on your part.
  • A wide variety of templates. Most WordPress page builder plugins come with several templates to choose from. So, while you can design a website from scratch using visual blocks or modules, you can also choose a template or theme to jumpstart the design process.
  • Add-ons that extend functionality. Beyond the base page builder, most of the options we’ll discuss in this guide offer add-ons that permit further integrations and features.
  • The ability to customize blocks or modules and save them for later use. After you’ve inserted modules and your page looks right, you can save the block or module combination you used as a template to insert into future pages.

The 14 best WordPress page builders

What follows is a list of the best WordPress page builder plugins currently on the market. There’s a combination of free and premium tools, so every developer can find something that works at any stage in their career. Let's go!

1. WPBakery Page Builder

The best WordPress  Page Builder

WPBakery Page Builder is currently the most popular WordPress page builder plugin. It used to be called Visual Composer, but that has since split off into a separate tool with the page building features remaining with WPBakery.

WPBakery Page Builder serves as a front-end and back-end page builder that enables the creation of responsive designs. With several templates and lots of flexibility, it’s a solid choice.

Key features:

  • WPBakery Page Builder can be used with virtually any WordPress theme
  • 50+ content elements
  • Built-in skin builder permits quick element styling
  • A robust template library
  • Fully extendable via WPBakery Page Builder API
  • Advanced grid builder
  • Dedicated support Monday-Saturday

Best WordPress page builder for: both developers and novices alike. The plugin is easy to use, full-featured and makes it straightforward to use ready-made templates and create your own.

Price: The Regular license for the WPBakery Page Builder plugin is $45 and includes updates, premium support and access to the Template Library for use on a single website. The Extended license costs $245 and includes updates, premium support and theme integration. It can be used for a single SaaS application.

2. Elementor 

The best WordPress  Page Builder

Elementor is one of the best free WordPress page builder options. While it does offer premium plans, the free version gives you access to a drag-and-drop website editor, 40 widgets, 30 templates and responsive editing. Elementor gets even more impressive as you venture into its premium features.

Key features:

  • Over 50 Pro widgets
  • Over 300 Pro templates
  • 10 full website kits
  • Builders for themes and forms
  • WooCommerce and pop-up builder
  • A year of support and updates

Best WordPress page builder for: single-website owners or anyone who wants to try the website builder experience for free. Elementor’s premium plans are ideal for developers at a reasonable price.

Price: Elementor has free and premium options. The Personal plan costs $49/year for a single website and includes everything in the free plan, plus the features listed above.
The rest of the plans all include the same features but adjust the number of websites Elementor can be used on. The Plus plan costs $99/year for use on three websites, and the Expert plan costs $199/year for use on 1,000 websites.

3. Beaver Builder

The best WordPress  Page Builder

Beaver Builder is another popular WordPress drag and drop plugin that streamlines the website-building process considerably. It offers a page builder plugin and framework theme, so developers can build websites quickly and condense their workflow.

Key features:

  • Live and front-end editing
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly designs
  • Support for shortcodes, widgets, and WooCommerce
  • The ability to enable Editor Mode to hand off websites to clients
  • Full customer support
  • Several easy-to-insert modules

Best WordPress page builder for: developers who want several module options. Some developers will also enjoy the Pro plan that includes the Beaver Builder theme.

Price: Beaver Builder’s Standard plan costs $99 and includes the page builder plugin, modules, and templates. It also includes a year of support, and you can use it on unlimited websites.

The Pro plan costs $199 and includes what’s in the Standard plan, plus multi-website capability and the Beaver Builder theme. Lastly, the Agency plan costs $300, which includes the features of Pro along with white labeling.

4. Themeify Builder 

The best WordPress  Page Builder

Another one of the best free WordPress page builders is Themify Builder, which offers a free download of its plugin that you can use on any theme of your choice. If you need more guidance, however, the plugin is also bundled with Themify themes.

Key features:

  • 40+ pre-designed layouts
  • Support for rows, columns, and grid layouts
  • The ability to create Layout Parts
  • 60+ animation effects
  • Custom styling
  • Variety of add-ons
  • Support for custom code and shortcodes

Best WordPress page builder for: anyone who needs a page builder with flexibility. The plugin can be used with any theme, which makes it a great choice for developers who want to speed up website development or create ready-to-go templates for their clients.

Price: You can get Themify Builder on its own for free or included with a Themify theme for $59. You can access all Themify themes for $89/year or a one-time payment of $249.

You can also buy Themify Builder Pro for $69, which includes all the same features as the free version of the plugin, plus features that empower you to build and customize WordPress website themes - not just pages.

5. Divi 

The best WordPress  Page Builder

Another drag and drop WordPress plugin to consider is Divi. With Divi, you can build entire websites visually and rely on drag and drop elements for easy rearranging.

Key features:

  • Visual and responsive editing
  • 40+ design modules
  • 800 pre-made website layout packs
  • Inline text editing
  • Global elements and styles
  • Undo and redo functions
  • Total element customization
  • CSS styling options

Best WordPress page builder for: anyone. Divi Builder offers a generous number of design elements and layouts to choose from, so both new website owners and experienced designers can find what works for them.

Price: Yearly Access costs $89 for a year of access to Divi and other Elegant Themes plugins, including Bloom, Extra, and Monarch. It also comes with website packs, updates, and premium support, and you can use it on unlimited websites. Lifetime Access costs $249 and provides all the Yearly Access features, but it’s only a one-time fee.

6. SiteOrigin Page Builder

The best WordPress  Page Builder

Another WordPress drag and drop editor worth considering is the SiteOrigin Page Builder. This plugin is free and responsive, and offers a robust set of tools for anyone who wants to create a website without having to dive into the code.

Key features:

  • Simple drag and drop page builder interface
  • Compatibility with most WordPress themes
  • Works well with standard WordPress widgets
  • Live, frontend editing
  • History browser

Best WordPress page builder for: developers on a budget. The SiteOrigin Page Builder isn’t as visually appealing as others on this list, but it has features you can take advantage of that will save you time.

Price: SiteOrigin Page Builder is free. However, premium add-ons are available that extend its functionality and add modules like contact forms, block animations, accordions and calls-to-action. The add-ons cost $29 for use on a single website, $49 to use on up to five websites, and $99 for use on unlimited websites.

7. Brizy

The best WordPress  Page Builder

Brizy is another feature-rich WordPress editor plugin. It’s built on React and comes with several templates to jumpstart your creative process.

Key features:

  • Real-time editing
  • Drag and drop WordPress theme interface
  • 400+ templates
  • Visual contact forms
  • Animated sliders
  • Customization for borders, corners, margins, and padding
  • Shadows, image focus and zoom
  • Global styling support

Best WordPress page builder for: anyone who’s interested in drag and drop WordPress themes. Brizy offers several features and tools that other page builders don’t have. Global styling is a major time-saver, for instance.

Price: Brizy starts at $34/year for use on three websites. The Pro plan costs $69/year and can be used on unlimited websites. Lastly, you can pay a one-time fee of $299 for lifetime access to the plugin.

8. Thrive Architect

The best WordPress  Page Builder

As far as drag and drop WordPress themes and plugins go, Thrive Architect streamlines the creation process of custom website pages and landing pages.

Key features:

  • Full drag and drop editing
  • 278 landing page templates
  • Several conversion elements to grow your business
  • Blog post styling to improve social shares
  • Flexible column layouts
  • Text and image combinations
  • Font customization

Best WordPress page builder for: those who want to build a sales-focused website. Whether you want to build your email list, sell products, or encourage shares, Thrive Architect makes those goals easier to accomplish.

Price: One license for Thrive Architect costs $67 and five licenses cost $97. You can also pay $19/month for 25 licenses to the plugin, plus access to all other Thrive Themes plugins.

9. WP Page Builder

The best WordPress  Page Builder

WP Page Builder is perhaps the best WordPress page builder for developers. This free option streamlines the page building process with a fully visual editor.

Key features:

  • Drag and drop live page building system
  • Mobile-optimized and responsive pages
  • Pre-designed templates and blocks
  • Widget support
  • Undo/redo options
  • Customize fonts, styles, colors, and layouts

Best WordPress page builder for: beginners and experienced developers alike.

Price: WP Page Builder is free. However, you can upgrade to the Pro version. The Pro version is available in three license packs priced at $39 for one website license, $59 for five website licenses and $99 for unlimited licenses. Each pack comes with one year of support and updates.

10. Oxygen

The best WordPress  Page Builder

The Oxygen visual editor is a unique inclusion on this list. Oxygen offers similar features to page builders presented in this guide, but the organization of tools and features is focused on three key areas:

  1. Visual website building
  2. WooCommerce store management
  3. Website performance and search engine optimization (SEO)

Key features:

  • Drag and drop visual editing
  • Visual control of WooCommerce
  • Custom header builder
  • Global colors
  • Fully extendible for developers
  • Dynamic data

Best WordPress page builder for: Developers. As far as drag and drop WordPress themes and plugins go, Oxygen could easily be used by novices. But its advanced features work well for developers who want to offer their clients more.

Price: Oxygen’s plans start at a one-time fee of $99. The Basic plan includes an unlimited lifetime license but offers no support for WooCommerce or Gutenberg. The WooCommerce plan costs $149 and includes support for the e-commerce plugin. Lastly, the Agency plan costs $169 and includes an edit mode and support for Gutenberg.

11. MotoPress Content Editor

The best WordPress  Page Builder

MotoPress Content Editor makes it easy to visually design pages and posts.

Key features:

  • Front-end editing
  • Pre-defined layouts
  • Style builder
  • Pre-made drag and drop WordPress themes
  • Compatible with multisite and WPML
  • Ready-to-use content elements
  • Extendable via addons

Best WordPress page builder for: those who want straightforward content editing features and developers who want to white label the client-side experience.

Price: MotoPress Content editor has three plans. Personal costs $39/year for one website, Business costs $69 for use on five websites, and Developer is priced at $139 for use on unlimited websites.

12. Page Builder Sandwich

The best WordPress  Page Builder

Page Builder Sandwich is one of the newest free drag and drop WordPress themes and plugins currently available. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worthy of consideration. It offers a healthy set of features, and that’s noteworthy as an open-source WordPress page builder.

Key features:

  • Live editing
  • Fully customizable
  • Back-end and front-end editing
  • Full page templates
  • Global shortcodes
  • Compatible with most popular plugins and themes

Best WordPress page builder for: New website owners. Since it has a robust free option available and a wide feature set, you can build pages visually without extra features in the way.

Price: This plugin is free, but a premium version is available that adds more page templates, elements and design options. Premium pricing starts at $39 for a single website standard license and goes up to $89 for an unlimited standard license.

13. GeneratePress

The best WordPress  Page Builder

GeneratePress is a lightweight drag and drop WordPress theme that prioritizes performance with fast load times and small file sizes.

Key features:

  • Backed by secure and stable code
  • Search engine optimized
  • Prioritizes accessibility
  • Custom colors and typography
  • Page builder compatible
  • Layout control

Best WordPress page builder for: all developers. Though technically a theme, GeneratePress supercharges WordPress and allows for in-depth customization and optimization.

Price: The base theme is free, but you can upgrade to the Premium version to add a website library, custom elements, WooCommerce support and secondary navigation. GeneratePress Premium is $44/year or a one-time payment of $219.

14. Genesis Pro

The best WordPress  Page Builder

Last on our list is Genesis Pro. Developed by StudioPress, Genesis Pro adds a robust set of website-building tools to WordPress.

Key features:

  • Prebuilt content sections
  • Full page layouts
  • Enhancements to the Gutenberg block editor
  • Access to Genesis Framework and child themes
  • Custom layouts and elements that can be saved to a library

Best WordPress page builder for: Developers. The features included in Genesis Pro are performance-based and emphasize client-side interaction.

Price: Genesis Pro costs $360/year and provides access to the Genesis Framework, all child themes, layouts, a block library, 24/7 support and use on unlimited websites.

Final thoughts: best WordPress page builders

You can use page builder plugins no matter what stage of your developer career you’re in.

The functionality of drag and drop WordPress themes and overall time-saving qualities make them a helpful resource for all developers. At least one of the page builders discussed here is sure to be useful.

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