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Great managed WordPress hosting saves you time and money

Today's RAIDBOXES® was born out of an agency business. That's why we know exactly what you need to make your WordPress business even more successful: Time! Time to make your WordPress projects even better, to acquire new customers and to scale your business.

Save hours of work every month

It takes several hours of work every month to look for and configure plugins by yourself. RAIDBOXES frees you from these chores and lets you focus on your core business. We take care of all necessary WordPress, plugin and theme updates for you. What's more, we handle your website's caching, backups and development environment as well.

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Up to 80 percent faster websites

We've checked the numbers. After migrating to dedicated WordPress hosting from RAIDBOXES, our customers' websites run up to 80 percent faster - without any further optimization measures! If we take additional measures into account, the speed often doubles, triples or even quadruples.

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More security for your websites

Our credo is the fewer the plugins, the better. That's why we integrate all vital functions directly into our hosting dashboard. You don't only save yourself the updates, you can get rid of many bulky, expensive, and complicated plugins entirely. The biggest security issues are prevented before they even arise thanks to our server-side security measures and managed updates.

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13 advantages of managed WordPress hosting

Managed WordPress hosting gives your websites a real boost. But how much power do you actually need? We shed some light on what dedicated managed hosting really means.

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How to save hours of work every month

We know from first-hand experience that time is the most vital resource for creatives. RAIDBOXES saves you several hours of work every month managing and optimizing your websites. This buys you more time to focus on what really brings your business forward: optimizing your shops, developing websites and creating exciting content.

How it works:

  • You only need seconds to create new websites with us. Including SSL, caching, a complete backup system and developer tools.
  • No optimization hassle anymore. Caching, server-side compression, HTTP/2 and PHP7 are already pre-installed.
  • No more searching for and configuring complicated caching, backup and security plugins.
  • Thanks to our WordPress staging and template function, you'll become more productive and finish new WordPress projects even faster.
  • We take care of all updates for you.
Make your websites up to four times faster

Time is money, especially for conversion optimization. The faster your website loads, the better the user experience is and the higher your conversion rates and search engine ranking will be. At RAIDBOXES your site will run up to 80 percent faster than with other hosts. And that's even before any additional optimization measures.

How it works:

  • Our server-side caching is faster than most plugins.
  • Our Nginx servers with PHP7 and HTTP/2 are fully designed for WordPress performance.
  • We compress your website according to the most up-to-date Brotli standard.
  • Your site runs 100% on SSD hard drives as fast as an arrow.
  • Our servers achieve outstandingly fast response times.
Make your websites slimmer and safer

Less is more, especially when it comes to plugins. The fewer plugins your website uses, the less vulnerable it is to attacks. You don't only save a huge number of plugins with RAIDBOXES, you ensure your WordPress installation is on the most current version.

We protect your sites against the biggest threats:

  • All known security gaps are closed immediately thanks to fully managed core, plugin and theme updates.
  • Our built-in login protection shields you from Brute Force attacks.
  • Our WordPress backup system always keeps the latest version of your website ready.
  • In emergency situations you can restore a backup of your website with a single click.
  • Install a free SSL certificate with one click.


What is managed WordPress hosting?

As a managed WordPress web host, RAIDBOXES takes care of all the technical details of hosting your website so you can do what you love again: be creative and grow your business. We believe the following core principles are what make a specialized managed WordPress host like RAIDBOXES stand out from the rest:

  1. High Performance WordPress hosting: We wouldn't confidently call RAIDBOXES the fastest managed WordPress host in Europe if we couldn't prove it with over 250 performance tests.
  2. Server-side WordPress caching: Our server-side cache becomes active before WordPress takes over. This allows us to deliver your site without slowing down WordPress. Another benefit on top of increased performance? You no longer need a caching plugin.
  3. Guaranteed security: We proactively scan for and block malware and hacking attempts around the clock. This is all done at the server level, without any WordPress plugins or configuration needed on your WP site. In the unlikely event that your website gets hacked, we'll be happy to fix it for you.
  4. Automatic WordPress updates: We make sure your website is always running the latest WordPress software. We perform official WordPress security updates within 24 hours. Major version updates are rolled out within 14 days, once we're certain the new WordPress version is stable.
  5. Specialized WordPress support: Whether you have serious problems with your website, need GDPR tips or general plugin recommendations - we're there for you within minutes. This principle is reflected in our high customer satisfaction. If you have any questions, please reach out to us!
How does RAIDBOXES® differ from other managed WordPress hosts?

There are a number of things that set RAIDBOXES apart from other managed WordPress hosting providers on the market:

  1. We only host WordPress sites: We're specialized in WordPress and that's all we do - with full conviction! Our servers are specifically tuned to WordPress, our support team is staffed only with WordPress experts and our resources are all optimized for WordPress.
  2. No obligation consultation: Free migrations and demo period, free 1-click SSL, malware removal as well as WordPress staging. Each RAIDBOXES plan includes a number of benefits. Our hosting plans start as low as 9 euros (net) per month. For more information about our different hosting plans, just reach out.
  3. RAIDBOXES offers much more than a hosting platform: We have a range of tools specifically for agencies, freelancers and internet professionals. From automated billing to special dev tools, we offer a range of features that will make your clients happier and your work easier.
  4. Dedicated resources: You do not share your server with other customers from the STARTER plan upwards. This means significantly better performance and more security. In addition, we have 99.99 percent uptime per year - you can't get much better than that!
  5. Support: Our team of WordPress experts is available all day, seven days a week. In our live chat, you'll get an answer to all of your WordPress hosting questions within minutes.
  6. Ease of Use: We designed the RAIDBOXES Dashboard with the goal of providing a user-friendly and intuitive interface rich in features instead of a clunky cPanel.

Still not convinced? Take a look at our current customer reviews now and let our more than 11,000 customers speak for us!

Will RAIDBOXES help me migrate my WordPress website(s)?

Yes, gladly! We know how nerve racking it can be to move a WordPress site from one host to another. That’s why we help you migrate your websites - for free!

a) Simply fill out our secure form with the details of your previous hosting account and we'll handle your migration with our free migration service. Migration requests are processed in the order in which they reach us and are completed within two business days.

b) as an alternative to our free migration service, you are welcome to migrate your site to us yourself. You can either copy your site's data manaually via FTP and database management or use a plugin like Migrate Guru.

We'll create a clone of your WP site on our servers and set it up as a free demo site on your RAIDBOXES account. In the next step you can check if everything works and test our performance and features.

Is your managed WordPress hosting plan right for me?

RAIDBOXES offers single plans, BULK plans for agencies and freelancers, and rates for WooCommerce shops. On our single plan page you'll also find a dynamic widget to find out which plan best suits your current needs. The recommendations are based on our experience.

For WordPress sites with high traffic, we also offer special high-traffic rates with particularly strong performance. The specifications and technical details of our managed WordPress hosting plans are listed underneath the tables on our pricing pages.

If you're still unsure about the specifications and features of our various WordPress hosting plans or have any further questions, feel free to contact us now via live chat or by phone on: +49251 1498 2002.

Will my website be faster with RAIDBOXES®?

After moving to our servers, 80 percent of all websites run up to four times faster. We look forward to migrating your WordPress site to us so you can compare our hosting with your current provider. If you're satisfied with the performance, we'll be happy to help you choose the right hosting plan. Check out our plan page for comprehensive technical details and specifications.

Need our WordPress advice?

Open a chat, send us an email or simply call us on +49 251 1498 2000.

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