Website Status Monitoring at RAIDBOXES with the BOX Status

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What are the CPU usage and RAM consumption of your site ? How much memory is actually still free? Which cron jobs are currently running and what do your logfiles actually look like? The answers to these and other questions provide important information about the state of your website. We show what these values mean and introduce our website monitoring - the BOX status.

No matter whether you are an agency or freelancer looking after websites for clients or "only" responsible for your own website - the right monitoring is essential. With an overview of the most important information about your website status, you can react faster if a problem should occur. 

After many of our customers have requested website monitoring, it is now here: the BOX status. The monitoring feature is fully included in all our hosting plans. In this article we will explain how to work with the BOX status and interpret the displayed data correctly. 

The BOX status at a glance

The status area gives you a lot of information about your website, its behaviour and the server. You can access it with a few clicks via the RAIDBOXES dashboard - either via the list view of your BOXES or via the BOXoverview of the corresponding BOX.

Website Status Monitoring at RAIDBOXES with the BOX Status

The following values and information about the state of your website can be seen in the BOX status. We will go into some of them in more detail in a moment:

  • CPU usage: This value shows if your site current CPU is overloaded. You can then use your BOX logs to determine exactly what is causing the overload.
  • RAM usage: The RAM usage shows you the current memory usage of your vServer. This value is also an important indicator for the overload of your website.
  • SSD assignment: In our Website Monitoring you can also see how much storage space your BOX currently uses or is still free. For more details about memory usage, we recommend our Plugin Disk Usage Sunburst
  • Cronjobs: The BOX status also gives you an overview of the cronjobs of your site . If a cronjob hangs up, you can delete it directly via the BOX status.
  • BOX-History: The changelog (or change log) in your website status shows you all server-side changes that have been made on your BOX website so far.
  • Logfiles: Via the BOX status you have access to all logs of your site : The Error Log, the Debug Log and the Access Log. These are important for debugging errors or
  • WordPress -Version: Our website status shows you on which WordPress version yours is BOX running. You can also check the WordPress -Fix versionto prevent automatic WP updates.

How do I read the graphs in BOX Status?

CPU and RAM usage are the two most important values in the status overview of your BOX. The graphs show you if yours is site overloaded and help you to analyze errors and problems.

Website Status Monitoring at RAIDBOXES with the BOX Status

You can filter and customize both graphs - CPU and RAM usage - in BOX status according to your needs. They work exactly identically:

  • The graphs show the measured values of the last 24 hours
  • The measuring points are one minute apart and are average values
  • You can view a desired period in more detail by drawing a frame around the desired period within the graph. The view will then be enlarged accordingly.
  • For clarity, the time at 00:00 is marked by a fine grey line (vertical) on the time axis.
  • In addition, there are two colored (orange and red) horizontal markings. These are exclusively reading aids. The presence of the lines themselves does not indicate a potential overload of yourssite .
  • If you click on the arrow symbol in the upper right corner and then click on the graph, you can hold down the left mouse button and drag the view to the left or right.

CPU usage - What does this mean? 

The number of vCores of yours BOX always depends on the selected plan one. A STARTER BOX for example, has one vCore, one in BOX the PRO XL plan has four. 

Website Status Monitoring at RAIDBOXES with the BOX Status

The y-axis (the vertical axis) shows the CPU usage in percent. The x-axis (the horizontal axis) shows the time history. The orange line marks the 100% utilization limit at any given time, the red line the 200% utilization limit.

Important is the blue graph

The red and orange lines are reading aids. They do not mean that yours BOX was at a time in the past. The blue graph shows the real values of CPU usage.

How do I interpret the CPU value correctly? 

The CPU value describes the load on your BOX virtual processor cores as a percentage. A high value means that a BOX lot of calculation is required, a low value means that little calculation is required. The value results from all processes that must be calculated by the CPU.

Too much CPU usage can cause yours site to stop working properly. The most common error that occurs in this context is a 504 timeout.

The CPU usage of your BOX can exceed the one hundred percent hurdle significantly. This is not necessarily a sign that an error is BOX occurring on yours, but it does indicate that an event on yours BOX has created an extremely high CPU load.

If you want to see the exact value at a certain point in time, simply move the cursor over the graph at the desired time. As soon as you are inside the graph with the cursor, lines appear parallel to both axes, showing you the exact axis values (time and CPU usage) of the respective point.  

My CPU load is high - what is the reason and what can I do?

There are several reasons why the graph of your CPU shows a high workload. In general, this is not an indication that yours site is not available or that it is not working properly. It simply means that your CPU is working very hard at certain times. Reasons for this can be, for example, many accesses to your site or cron jobs. 

What is an overload?

Isolated load peaks do not mean that your CPU is overloaded. You can only speak of overload if the CPU load is well over 100 percent over a long period of time. 

If the CPU load is above the range of high or very high utilization for a longer period of time, this is called a high CPU load. Even a high CPU load is not necessarily a cause for concern, but simply indicates that there is a lot of computing to do on yourssite . In periods of high traffic, a high load is even to be expected.

My site is overloaded, what can I do?

If yours is site overloaded, i.e. shows a CPU load of well over 100 percent over a long period of time, then errors and failures may occur on yourssite .

In this context the following is important to understand: Overloading site is never the actual problem, but only a symptom of the actual problem, for example of too much traffic.

So if your site is overloaded, you need to start looking for the real problem straight away. Typical issues include:

  • high traffic (can be analyzed via the access log)
  • a lot of traffic from undesired bots (can be analyzed via the access log)
  • a large arithmetic operation on the BOX, e.g. an export of data
  • hanging cron jobs

More CPU cores = More power?

A possible optimization measure in case of (expected) high load due to high traffic - e.g. due to a TV appearance or a large advertising campaign - is to increase the CPU cores. After all, the server must be able to handle more load when there are many visitors and corresponding database queries (for example, displaying products according to different filters). We like to use the example of a chip shop to explain the principle:

Imagine the server of your WordPress site is a chip shop. Each employee in the chip shop represents a CPU core. If there's only one person behind the counter, only one request can be processed at a time. When you only have a few visitors, this isn't going to causes any issues.

However, if the number of visitors becomes so high that the French fries seller is overwhelmed with the requests, more employees (i.e. more CPU cores) are required. The more employees there are in the French fries shop, the more orders can be processed at the same time. In other words: If there is too little CPU capacity and increased traffic, the system may be overloaded. You can see this in the BOX status.

In this context, it's important to understand that having more CPU cores doesn't automatically improve the page speed - after all, the individual cores work equally fast. Increasing the number of cores rather ensures that more requests can be processed simultaneously and your shop doesn't get overloaded.

You expecting a lot of traffic?

Our Head of Development Matthias explains how to prepare your WordPress website for high traffic in this article.

RAM utilization

How much RAM you have at your disposal also depends on plan yoursBOX . For example, one STARTER BOX has 2 gigabytes of RAM, while one has 8 gigabytes in BOX the PRO XLplan . 

Website Status Monitoring at RAIDBOXES with the BOX Status

The x-axis (the horizontal axis) of the RAM graph shows the selected time period. The y-axis (the vertical axis) shows the RAM utilization value in GB. The markings for a 70% and 85% utilization are only reading aids. They do not indicate that your RAM was currently or in the past used at a certain level. Otherwise, this graph works exactly like the one for CPU usage. 

My RAM usage is high - what is the reason and what can I do?

The fact that the graph of your RAM usage shows a high value can have several reasons. In general, a high usage of your RAM is not an indication that yours site is not available or that it is not working properly. It just means that your RAM has to work extra hard at certain times. Reasons for this can Themes bePlugins , for example, that you need a lot of memory to work.

What is an overload?

Isolated consumption peaks do not mean that yours site is overloaded. One can only speak of an overload if the RAM load is at 100 percent over a longer period of time. For example, an overload can be caused by parallel working in the WordPress Admin Dashboard - especially when working with page building is worked - or in the case of larger imports.

What is high utilization?

If the RAM usage is in the range of high or very high for a longer period of time, this is called high RAM usage. Also a high RAM usage is not necessarily a reason for concern, but only indicates that many processes have to be processed on yourssite . This can happen, for example, if you are working with Plugins or Themes on processes that require a lot of PHP memory.

If the RAM on yours is site used to full capacity, i.e. is at 100 percent over a long period of time, then errors and failures may occur on yourssite .

High workload is only a symptom

In this context is important to understand: A high RAM usage is never the real problem, but only a symptom of the actual problem, for example of an import with too large import files.

WordPress cron jobs

In your BOX status all cronjobs of yours BOX are also displayed. So you can check directly if problems with yours site might be related to the cronjobs. The list does not only show you all running cron jobs, you can also quit individual cron jobs directly. 

If you are unsure what cronjobs are, how they work or how to find out if cronjobs cause problems on yourssite , read our Background article on the topic of cron jobs by and ask a web design professional for help.

Website Status Monitoring at RAIDBOXES with the BOX Status

Change log of your BOX

The change log is a new feature that you can only view in your BOX status. It shows you at which time which user BOX performed which action on the user. 

Important: These logs only show changes at the server level or in the RAIDBOXES dashboard, not changes made in WordPress .

Website Status Monitoring at RAIDBOXES with the BOX Status

In the example above, we turned SSL on for a testBOX and turned it off again about five minutes later.

If you make changes from the user RAIDBOXES in your BOX-Change Log, these changes were made by a RAIDBOXES Super Admin. Entries with the User SYSTEM are automatic changes to our system.

log files

The BOX Status gives you direct access to the Access-, Error- and WP Debug Log of yoursite . Important: To use the WP Debug Log, you must first activate it.

Website Status Monitoring at RAIDBOXES with the BOX Status

We appreciate your input!

If you have any questions or feedback about our website status or monitoring data, please feel free to leave us a comment. If you have specific questions about yoursBOX, please contact the colleagues in the support chat or under

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