Year in Review: What we Achieved in 2018 & Our Plans for 2019

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RAIDBOXES  Review of the year 2018

What a "Yeah"! With this play on words we enter directly and say: Again an exciting year has come to an end! 2018 was full of interesting challenges like WordPress 5.0 and the Gutenberg-editor, which as GDPR well as the first co-organization of a WordCamps for 2019. To conclude 2018 in a fitting manner, we have our product developments and personal highlights of the past year as well as our plans for 2019 in our luggage.

Thank you very much for your great motivation

In the past year you have again given us a lot of support in various ways. For your honest feedback, ideas, criticism, praise and the warm attention that reached us in the form of pizza and drink deliveries, parcels, postcards and letters, our whole team says: THANK YOU!

RAIDBOXES WordPress hosting

RAIDBOXES – The WordPress Hosting Specialist no. 1

Since 2014 in a small coworking space in the middle of downtown Münster and with only three people (Marcel, Johannesand me) the first prototype of the RAIDBOXES -Dashboard the first time an WordPress -installation automatically created and delivered, a lot has happened.

RAIDBOXES has been developed with the help of the Financing round by the HTGF in the amount of half a million euros from 2016 onwards to the WordPress Hosting-specialists in Germany, Austria and Switzerland!

More freedom for over 9,500 customers

With over 9,500 customers, we are proud to be able to support internet professionals like agencies, freelancers, (influencer) blogs and WooCommerce shops in their daily work. to provide more freedom and support them.

We are looking for you to join our growing team

Our team is to this day on eleven persons and office dog "Elea and we are planning to create additional positions in 2019 as well System Administrationin support and in the Sales/Consulting to occupy.

WordPress  Gutenberg Editor

WordPress 5.0 and the new Gutenberg-editor

Anyone who works professionally with WordPress us can access the Discussions and introduction of the WordPress Gutenberg-editor does not pass. Comments range from sky-high endorsement of the new WordPress -editor and its modular blocks to devastating feedback. Critics criticize, for example, the project management of the development Gutenberg team, the lack of usability and accessibility, and the hasty release as the standard editor in the still quite new WordPress -version 5.0 End of December 2018.

RAIDBOXES has already involved Gutenberg at an early stagesince we are WordPress Hosting-specialist for all existing BOXES (websites) as well as newly created WordPress -installations always the most current WordPress -version and thus also the new Gutenberg-editor for the use of the project.

Automatic update to 5WordPress .0 planned for end of February 2019

In the meantime, the comprehensive update of all our websites to the then current WordPress version 5.0.X planned for February 2019provided that all known Pluginand Thememanufacturers have agreed on their Gutenbergcompatibility.

When creating a new instance of WordPress -Instance at RAIDBOXES you as a user can now choose whether yours BOX should run on the last WP version with the classic editor or on the latest WordPress -Version 5.0.X.

E-Book Special: The Gutenberg-Editor E-Book with many aids

With the major update to WordPress 5.0, on 06.12.2018, the classic TinyMCE editor was replaced. To help you decide for or against the Gutenberg-editor, we have published an e-book (to download the Gutenberg e-book this way). In six chapters we will show you what the new editor means for WordPress and your business and how you can deal with it.

Gutenberg and WordPress 5 e-books

Support for WordPress 5.0 and the Gutenberg-editor

We have extensive help articles and articles are published in our WP magazine in order to provide all customers and users with the best possible support during the changeover. From fixing the current WP version in the RAIDBOXES dashboard to various methods of Gutenberg-Editor to avoidyou will find the most important Gutenberginformation in this article.

OUT OF THE BOX - The WordPress magazine

With our entry into the hosting market in Austria and Switzerland we also laid the foundation for our German WordPress language magazine "wp unboxed", whose high-quality content is primarily aimed at professional WordPress users in the DACH countries.

In the meantime, our magazine has become a regular feature with over 1,500 subscribers to our free WordPress news and more than 2,000 Push Notification subscribers have become an established source of information. Topics around WordPressbut also Online marketing and web design and the optimization of your Online Business have their firm place in OUT OF THEBOX .   

The 10 most popular OUT OF THE BOXarticles in 2018

In order, the ten most popular articles of our OOTB readers of 2018:

  1. GDPR & WordPress: Technical Measures You Should Implement Now
  2. The 5 Most Popular GDPR Plugins for WordPress in Comparison
  3. Optimizing Images for WordPress: 5 Popular Plugins To Compress Your Images
  4. WordPress 5.0 vs. 4.9 – The Performance Test
  5. WordPress Analytics Without Tracking Cookie – Statify in Focus
  6. WordPress 5 and the Gutenberg Editor: These Things You Should Pay Attention to
  7. Web design trends 2018 and how we have successfully implemented them
  8. 4 Factors To Consider When Choosing Hosting for Your WooCommerce Website
  9. WordPress Hosting-Compare with 250+ Website Speed Test results
  10. Why the New York Times only has a PageSpeed Insights score of 52

The GDPR and our learnings from the implementation

Particularly challenging, but also instructive, was the cross-departmental preparation and implementation of the GDPR cross-national Basic data protection regulation (GDPR) had strict procedures in place to protect your privacy online.

Interestingly, only a quarter (24 percent) of the companies in Germany have fully implemented this so GDPR far. A further 40 percent have implemented the rules for the most part, while three out of ten (30 percent) have only partially implemented them. Since May 2018, a total of more than 70.000 inquiries and complaints with the data protection authority.

GDPR -Guide for WP agencies, freelancers and website operators

Our accumulated experience during the implementation of the GDPR , including technological measures for you as a website operator, we have summarized in a more than 30 sites strong e-book, which you can easily understand download here can.

Free GDPR Guide for agencies, freelancers & website operators

WordCamp sponsoring and co-organization

Further highlights in 2018 were certainly the participation in WordCamps - be it as sponsor, speaker or co-organizer. A personal highlight was definitely the WordCamp Retreat in Soltauwhich has brought a completely new WordCamp concept to life. Why the WordCamp Retreat was so special, you can in our recap .

Besides the WordCamp Retreat, we were also a silver sponsor at the beginning of the year at the WordCamp Zaragoza represented. As Gold Sponsor and with two workshops held by Matthias, our Senior Web Developer, we were able to organize the WordCamp Cologne 2018 experience. As at the WordCamp Retreat, our RAIDBOXES slush machine with mixed drinks that are not quite "G-rated" was of course there. 😉

WordCamp Cologne 2018

Further WordCamps are also planned for 2019. One of them is the first WordCamp Osnabrück in March, in whose organisation Johannesand Leefke from the RAIDBOXES -team are involved. We are looking forward to a WordCamp for all WordPress friends from the region of Münster, Osnabrück, the Emsland as well as all over Germany and the world.

In 2019 we would also like to continue our mission "maximizing your freedom" and our corporate visionIn a workshop with the entire team, which is now recurring regularly, we will be able to deepen our knowledge of this topic. A summary of our first workshops with a first aid for your own implementation, you will find here.

Fun-Facts infographics of our year 2018

To RAIDBOXES give you a comprehensive overview of the year 2018, we have compiled the most important figures of the year for you in an infographic.

RAIDBOXES  Fun Facts 2018


Our product features and improvements in 2018

With a click on the feedback forum in the RB-Dashboard every RB-user can give his feedback and/or suggestions for improvement of RAIDBOXES independently and discuss and vote on the ideas of other users.

We take the ideas and criticism of our users very seriously and regularly include this information in our product development. Even the features from 2018 were not excluded from this, so here is a list of the features and improvements that we have implemented with the help of the RB community:

Tools for a better workflow

Free hosting of charge for agencies and freelancers

For all those who implement WordPress projects for customers, we have developed our exclusive FREE DEV Program ...into being. With this program you can develop as a freelancer or agency up to three parallel WordPress projects each for 90 days free of charge. More information and registration you will now find here.

SSH environment

Using Secure Shell (SSH), you can establish a secure network connection with our servers. SSH uses a unique encryption in the form of a key that you receive from us store in the RB-Dashboard can. You will then be able to establish a secure connection to your WordPress websites with us and accelerate the development of your WP projects.

WordPress -templates for recurring use

In 2018 we integrated the template function in the RAIDBOXES dashboard. From your saved WordPress-templates can then be created in a flash - and already preconfigured with all your favorite settings - as many additional WordPress sites create. More info you will find here.

Features for better working with WordPress

WordPress reset with one click

From now on you can restore each of your BOXES to their original state with one click. This will delete allPlugins, Themes and content from the file system and database and you can continue working with a completely empty BOX one.

WordPress Change database prefix

For various reasons, it can happen that the table prefix (Table_prefix) wp_which is created by default during WordPress installation, must be replaced or changed. No matter if it serves the clarity of your database or the security, this is now possible for each of your websites under "Settings".

Add special entries in the wp-config.php

It is now also possible to add special entries to wp-config.php. Our write protection remains active and successfully prevents hackers and malware from using your wp-config.php for criminal activities.

Set PHP Max Execution Time

From now on you BOXcan change the PHP max_execution_time yourself. You can set separate values for the frontend and the WP dashboard. The setting is available for all activated BOXES from the STARTER plan .

Integrated cronjob management

In the settings of your BOX(EN) you can now view all cronjobs and, if necessary, delete them directly.

IP Blocking - Black- and Whitelisting

The 'IP Blocking' setting implemented in 2018 allows the creation of black and white lists. So you can control exactly which IP addresses should have access to yours site and which should not.

General Data Protection Regulation

Special GDPR measures

Change Login Audit Log settings

Under the profile settings in the RAIDBOXES dashboard you can now set whether your visits are saved, only encrypted or not saved at all. By default, according to the EU GDPR , we do not store your visits.

WordPress Gravatars removed from the RB dashboard

The service Gravatar used by us, which shows your avatar and those of your colleagues in the RB dashboard, is GDPR no longer allowed after that, because data is sent to Gravatar without your consent. In the course of this we have removed the service up to a GDPR -conform alternative and provided the administrators with the first letters of their first and last name.

WP Session Eraser Setting

The WP Session Eraser takes you one step closer to GDPR compliance and is unique! The background: WordPress stores session data of logged-in users until they explicitly log out. This can result in the data being stored in the database even though there is no longer any purpose for processing this data. With our WP Session Eraser you decide in which interval these data are deleted.

WordCamp Soltau 2018

Our planned projects in 2019

New planned positions in the RB-Team

In 2019, we are also planning to create additional jobs in the System Administrationin support and sales/consulting. As soon as there are new job offers, you will find further information in our overview of open job advertisements.

RAIDBOXES sponsors the WordCamp Europe 2019 in Berlin

To the delight of us all, this year's WordCamp Europe 2019 will take place in the German capital Berlin. This makes it interesting not only because of the short journey, but also because we are proud to be there as official sponsor for the first time.

RAIDBOXES will there present your own booth and so we are looking forward to meet many friends again and to get to know new WordPress fans from all over Europe. We would be happy if you visit us at the RB-Booth for a personal chat! By the way, tickets are now available be ordered here.

Planned product features in 2019

WordPress Multisite

A frequently requested product feature from the Feedback forum is the use of WordPress -multisites on our BOXES. Through the necessary measures in GDPR and with the launch of WordPress 5.0, this feature will now be implemented in the first and second quarter of 2019 instead of 2018 as planned.

Create e-mail accounts

Another wish of the RB-Community from the feedback forum is besides the possibility Domains (which we implemented in 2018), the offer of e-mail accounts. Due to our specialization in the WordPress Hosting we have long struggled with our own implementation of mails. But: email inboxes are a perfect example for the involvement of the RB community in the ongoing process of desired features and improvements.

The first release of our e-mail service is scheduled for February 2019, which we are planning with the help of our cooperation partner - a German e-mail provider specializing in secure e-mail communication.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

In 2019, we will also finalize the development of CDN integration, which has already been started. Here, too, the actual roadmap has been postponed due to the necessary measures in the area of GDPR and 5WordPress .0. Unfortunately, there is no exact date of release of this feature at this time.

Detailed status overview of a BOX

In the first version of the status overview of a BOX, the utilization of the CPU and the RAM can be read out. Further information, such as detailed log files, will be added in subsequent versions. Again, the exact time of release is not yet known.

Planned features without fixed deadline

  • Optional password entry when deleting a BOX
  • Optional two-factor authentication of the RB account
  • Images are automatically compressed during upload
  • NGINX Cache is available in the professional settings of individual
  • RAIDBOXES -Bulk plans can be booked more flexibly than before
  • Discount on annual billing
  • Space-saving list view selectable in RB dashboard

"Be free and wild and creative"

This was our Recap of the year 2018 and the first outlook for the current year 2019. we are sure that 2019 will be at least as exciting as 2018 and we start with the goal to support you this year as well, so that you can be a part of the world in accordance with our slogan "Be free and wild and creative!" you can pursue your passion: your business!

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