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Focus on WordPress, not your WordPress Hosting

We have lots of big and small features in place to make WordPress hosting as easy as possible.

  • One-click WordPress

    Just click the “create BOX” button and you are good to go: A whole new WordPress website will be set up for you.

  • Awesome support

    Our live chat means we have you covered. We reply within an hour and you are in direct contact with our tech team.

  • Default caching

    You won’t need any plugins. We have all the caching handled by default. Get a 14-day free trial!

  • Default security

    We encrypt the security-relevant code in your WordPress core. And we protect your site from brute force attacks.

  • We know how WordPress works

    We only do WordPress and nothing else. We support the community and are experts in our field.

  • Managed updates

    RAIDBOXES automatically manages all WordPress core and security updates for you.

  • Convenient administration

    RAIDBOXES lets you manage billing information, access to your BOXES and owner rights with only one click.

  • Nightly backups

    We backup your BOXES every night — for free and with manual restore points. No backup plugins needed.

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