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What keeps us motivated every day is to support agencies, freelancers and shop operators by covering their backs while hosting and managing their WordPress projects. With RAIDBOXES you can fully concentrate on what really matters: your business.

Today, we are immensely proud to be able to offer you a great deal more than “simple” WordPress hosting. With our server-side caching, automated backups and updates, staging and more, our RAIDBOXES Dashboard makes developing and managing your websites a piece of cake.

How it all began ...

Dark times for German WP users. Specialized hosting is provided only in the USA. Those who prefer domestic servers are regularly forced to waste several hours on the installation and maintenance of their websites.


We have a mission: Bringing easy WordPress hosting for the benefit of better performance and security to Europe. Hence, in 2014, the first RAIDBOXES prototype was launched.


The breakthrough comes 2016: After two years of intensified development, RAIDBOXES receives a seed investment by Europe’s biggest early-stage investor, the High-Tech-Gründerfonds.


Due to the funding, an awesome team and the WordPress community having our back, RAIDBOXES has become a powerful WordPress management solution over the last year.

Our mission

Then as now: Make agencies, web designers and WordPress professionals even more productive by supporting them with easy, fast and secure hosting coupled with convenient managing and DEV tools.


Due to our first-hand agency experience, we know exactly what you need as WordPress professional to save time in management, improve productivity in development and lead your WordPress business towards success.

See for yourself what we can do for you. Get started with our service right away, for free and without further obligations!

"To us, RAIDBOXES has become more of a team partner than a mere hosting service provider by now." – Patrick Posner from Pressonauten
More freedom

Always have all your WordPress projects under control with our RAIDBOXES Dashboard and manage your backups, updates, SSL and domains conveniently in one central place.

More productivity

As a web design professional, not only do you get to host for free during the development process, you also benefit from our DEV tools, such as staging, WordPress templates, SSH (including WP-CLI & Git) and many more.

Blazing fast web servers

Due to our server-side caching, our NGINX servers specifically optimized for WordPress and latest hardware technologies, your websites will run up to 400 percent faster at RAIDBOXES.

Safe & always up-to-date

We protect all your websites against the biggest WordPress threats. In addition, our managed updates ensure that your themes, plugins and WP installations are always kept on the latest version.

Personally & individually

No call centers and no annoying waiting queues – all our WordPress experts assist you in person and according to your individual concerns.

See it with your own eyes

Migrate your website to us for free or start a new WordPress installation with a single click. Test our hosting including all features entirely for free without any further obligations.

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We comply fully with the standards of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) and guarantee safe servers which are exclusively located in Germany and have ISO 27001 certification.

First-class Service

Should any questions or problems with your website arise, we're there for you. We're also happy to receive any kind of feedback, criticism and positive reviews.

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