wordpress news: Google changes "nofollow", WordPress  5.2.3, the new RB Login Protector and more

WP News: Google changes "nofollow" attribute & important info on VAT reform

Today there are again some news to report: Google introduces new link attributes, there are new developments in the privacy debate about Facebook fanpages and WordPress gets a security update. We also introduce a new Raidboxes security feature, explain the most important changes of the EU VAT reform and show you how to evaluate the quality of WP plugins.

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13 tips for the correct selection of WordPress plugins

What would WordPress be without Plugins? In the official directory there are already over 50,000 different extensions for your WordPress website. But it's like the proverbial search for a needle in a haystack to make the right choice among thousands of Plugins . Torsten Landsiedel has 13 important tips to help you evaluate the quality (and safety!) of WordPress -Plugins.

EU VAT reform quick fixes

Quick fixes from 2020: the start of EU VAT reform

The current VAT regulations in the EU are indeed only a temporary solution - although they have been in place for decades. With an action plan of the Union, the so-called "Quick Fixes", it now wants to meet the new requirements of international networking and digitalization. Dominik Larcher from hellotax explains what this changes for you as an online trader and what advantages the new regulations bring.

Advantages of managed WordPress hosting

What are the benefits of managed WordPress hosting?

One of the great benefits of managed WP hosting: as a freelancer, agency or business, you gain valuable time that you previously had to spend on managing your WordPress website (n) before. But how do you recognize the right hosting package for you? How much power do you really need? And is everything that says "WordPress Hosting" the same? We clear the jungle for you and show you what you should look for when choosing the right hosting.

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New WordPress security update
Last week a minor WP update came out. WordPress 5.2.3 fixes 29 bugs and addresses, among other things. Security issues that leave your site vulnerable to cross-site scripting. As a Raidboxes customer you don't have to take action, we have already updated your BOX(EN) as usual. More information about the release can be found here.

This is how the WordPress of the future might look like
So far you can only edit the main content, i.e. posts and pages, of your WordPress-site with Gutenberg . But that will change soon. In an exciting blog post and demo video Matias Ventura shows how Gutenberg could become the editor for all content areas (header, footer, sidebar, ...) in WordPress in the future.

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Google develops "nofollow" further
The "nofollow" attribute was introduced 15 years ago to combat comment spam. Now Google has announced that in the future there will be two more link attributes to make user-generated content and advertising links recognizable. Another important change: Google's algorithm will no longer completely ignore"nofollow" links.

Facebook fan pages can be prohibited
The German Federal Administrative Court has ruled that data protection authorities may prohibit the operation of Facebook fan pages if there are serious deficiencies in data protection law. The basis for this is, among other things, an ECJ ruling that attributes joint responsibility for data processing(including for Like buttons) to operators of commercial Facebook pages.


New Raidboxes Security feature
Our hardworking dev team has developed several new features this summer. Among them the new RB Login Protector. The security feature protects your BOX(EN) from brute force attacks, replaces the plugin Limit Login Attempts, reduces the load on your server and adds more features like a whitelist or email notifications. More info here.

Pictures: Hello I'm Nik | Unsplash, Raidboxes

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